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What my FEAR looked like

@2012 SaveOurSpirits

October 2010

By this time I had worked through a lot of the fear but I was as yet unable to get to the fear resulting in the PTSD. This is a drawing of my how my fear felt. I still didn’t feel strong enough to face the trauma and the feelings at that time. See the man in the drawing. That is the man responsible and the one that caused the injuries. After the trauma I was afraid of angry men, anger in general from anyone and dark-haired men in particular. This fear would cause me to run away from anyone that was angry, especially men, or anyone that reminded me of him in any way. This was not helpful in relationships to say the least. Fear was clouding my whole life and making relationships very scary indeed.

This fear also prevented me from going through many “doorways” in my life and sabotaged my relationships. I also came to realize in December 2011 just how much that fear was preventing me from going into the “doorway of the heart.” When I was finally able to release the energy I realized that it was preventing at least one-half of my life force energy from getting into my heart and my other vital organs, especially in the upper chest.  Hello COPD. This is how intense fear or feelings if not released, including fear of dying, can potentially affect our bodies. It blocks the flow of life force, helping to create disease in the body.

I was not afraid to do everything. I learned new things like how to sail and I took my first glider ride. I moved a couple of times to new cities and towns. I changed jobs and many other things that I was not afraid to do. Mostly I had a fear of people and close relationships.

There is a door into the fear now that I can see it. Dare I open it? The only way tor remove or release the fear is to look at it or confront it in some way. Many times the fear felt bigger than it really was, but this time, the fear came from the fear of being almost killed by an angry man.

Love and support  and facing my fears are what heals the fear for me as well as learning new communication and relationship skills.

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