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What Harms Our Spirits

                      "When a great ship is in harbor and moored,
                                  it is safe,
there can be no doubt.

But that is not what great ships are built for."[1]

                                                                 - Clarissa Pinkola Estes

[1], Clarissa Pinkola Estes, “You Were Made For This."


What kind of ship would you be...?                                                                                                      
       Describe yourself...

You are all worth more than you know.                                                            

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“Problems cannot be solved

at the same level of consciousness that created them.”

-Albert Einstein

Sometimes it is easier to have hope when you can see that there are other choices, other solutions, other possibilities.... new ways of thinking, behaving and believing. I felt that I could not recover if I stayed in the same mindset and ways of thinking which contributed to my illness. I had to learn new things and new ways of thinking, believing and behaving if I wanted my life to change and to get better.


Some would have us believe that millions of us are missing some chemical in our brains or that there is some kind of imbalance. I don't believe it and especially now after all of the work that I have done over the better part of the last fifteen years. I quite simply do not feel that I was ever missing any chemical in my brain or that I had any kind of chemical imbalance or brain disorder. What I was missing was love, emotional support, healthy coping and communication skills and a connection with our Creator.

There is nothing wrong with us or our spirits.                                 They are working just fine as God intended.         


Tell me then or show me how current methods and medications are working to improve "mental" illness in our society or world. I don't see it happening. I see things getting worse instead of better. How far down that rabbit hole are we going to go? Are you going to start trying to change our genes or give us brain transplants or something when I see other alternatives that have not been tried yet such as better coping and communication skills being taught in schools or offered to the public in an affordable manner? We have more and more people on medication and very few workable, low-cost or free alternatives to help prevent or treat these illnesses.  Maybe it is not even an illness so much as our selves trying to talk to us. It is the spiritual part of the person that I see is in distress and that reflects in the physical. We are even putting small children on medications because they don't seem to fit in some kind of "box" or qualify as "normal" in some way. People are not supposed to be all alike. That is what makes us who we are. Maybe looking at the issues from a different perspective will help us all figure out better or healthier ways of living that address the whole being.


            The “unmasking" of bipolar illness in children soon speeded up. [because some doctors reasoned that 
            the psych drugs “unmasked” bipolar illness] The prescribing of Ritalin and antidepressants took off in the 
            late 1980s and early 1990s, and as this occurred, the bipolar epidemic erupted. The number of hostile, 
            aggressive, and out-of-control children admitted to psychiatric wards soared …

            Whitaker, Robert, Anatomy of an Epidemic: Magic Bullets, Psychiatric Drugs, and the Astonishing Rise 
            of Mental Illness in America,
New York, NY, Broadway Paperbacks, 2010, pg. 235.

We are taught from an early age that when we talk to God it is called "prayer," but when 
          God talks to us, it is called…"schizophrenia." If you were to enter a psychiatric office today 
          and report that God speaks to you, what would be the reaction? You would be diagnosed with 
          mental illness and walk out with a prescription for psychotropic drugs.


Do you want someone to tell you the truth

                    or would you prefer that they tell you only what you want to hear?


In times of crises, the world often has seen great leadership. But we now approach a time in history when humanity will need not just great leadership, but leadership above any that has come before - leadership that will arise from personal sacrifice based on long-range vision, credibility, respect for others and divine wisdom. You can be such a leader. GN

What Is True Leadership?


If I were weak-minded I would have been dead a long time ago. It took a lot of strength for me to find my way through the maze and get through the programming that other people fostered in me. I get stronger every day.

Perhaps there is a possibility of madness inside all of us. I actually found that listening to my own madness had a lot to say to me about my life if I cared to listen.

Silence and secrets do not serve anyone well and are dangerous. These things also erode and destroy trust, foster anger and resentment and tear down relationships insteading of building them up. Tearing down the other person, shaming their soul, calling them names and destroying them in some other manner does not serve anyone either.

Where are we as a society if we cannot find it in our hearts to help teach those who are suffering a better way instead of medicating them away, locking them in prison, crushing their souls or otherwise treating them as inferior or with scorn or anger. Maybe some of us are just in tune more with our emotions and we don't know how to deal with them or how to do well in this world. Others seem to be more in tune with their physical strength and handle it well. Both emotional and physical health are important. Both are necessary, as well as a healthy spiritual life.

The stronger of us in any area of life should be examples to those who are weaker for we are only as strong as our weakest links. If the weak links break in the battle all of us suffer, so why not show them how to be open, honest, brave, strong and full of love in the heart instead of kicking them to the curb ? Most of us suffering do not know how to be strong because we were raised with fear, ignorance and a disregard for our souls because most of us do not know how to do things differently as far as matters of our emotional or spiritual health. It doesn’t mean that we cannot learn a better way or that we should be cast away because of our "weaknesses." Why not show us the better way or the higher road by being those examples? Many of us would probably gladly welcome the chance to learn how to become stronger, feel better and to change the way we are feeling or thinking. Even Spartans were trained from the time they were young. They didn’t just automatically become Spartans.  Maybe some were stronger than others but they were all trained in some manner.

Each one of us is made in the image of God. If so, then how can any of us be any less than strong, fearless, gentle, loving, kind, compassionate and yet rock-solid and fierce when necessary if we learn from example how to be so?


I just feel that different ways of approaching the patient and their treatment needs could be considered in addition to what is already being used. Perhaps other methods of treatment could slowly be added into the current curriculum so that all aspects of the person are supported. Perhaps psychiatry and psychology could expand into other areas such as prevention by helping people to learn better skills when they are young, starting these programs in schools or exploring the science of the spirit and the energetic bodies.

Psychiatry is important but maybe it just needs to go in another direction instead of looking only to the physical aspect of the person. The spirit is no less important than the physical and even more important in my opinion. There is much to be learned but don't forget about God and the power of His love in your efforts. If you leave Him out of the relationship there will be Hell to pay, literally. We must be protected by His love and His grace because there are dangers in this world.

            Psychiatry is the medical specialty devoted to the study and treatment of mental disorders. These 
            mental disorders include various
affective, behavioural, cognitive and perceptual abnormalities. The 
            term was first coined by the German
physician Johann Christian Reil in 1808, and literally means the     
            'medical treatment of the soul' [empahsis added]


        So…how about treating the “soul" everyonesince this was apparently the original intent. I do not think that medication only is treating our souls and there are very few choices available for those that wish to get help that are inexpensive, practical and convenient.


There are lots and lots of people who need help but either cannot afford it or will not seek help for one reason or another. Current forms of treatment are very costly, inconvenient for those who work and beyond the reach of the average individual or family. Maybe group programs could be developed that would address these issues and still provide an income for everyone, including the doctors and the pharmaceutical companies. Who needs billions of dollars anyways and especially if it is made off of the suffering of others in a dishonest way. That could be changed when there are other healthier ways. Maybe some of you or the companies will make less money but you could make a living with a clean mind and heart. Programs need to be low cost and affordable though as well as being offered in school for free to our children. I think this will save us tons of money in the long run in better physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health habits. Many, many people need help and assistance but not necessarily medication for the rest of their lives. The time for living off of the backs of others for profit only is ending and life itself screams for a higher and more honest way of living with ourselves and others. Where we go from here is up to all of us.

            …What these examples show is that "mental illness" is simply deviance from what people want or expect in any 
            particular society. 

 , “Does Mental Illness Exist?”

            Calling disapproved thinking, emotions, or behavior a mental illness might be excusable if mental illness was a useful
            myth, but it isn't. Rather than helping us deal with troubled or troublesome persons, the myth of mental illness 
            distracts us from the real problems that need to be faced. …mental illness are the result of difficulties people have 
            getting their needs met and the behavior some people have learned during their lifetimes. The solutions are teaching 
            people how to get their needs met, how to behave…



 Please do your own research in addition to what I have on this site. I do not want you to just blindly believe what I have to say or have presented to you on this site to be true. That is why I have provided so many different resources and places for you to go for answers. Just because something is said on the internet, in a book or on television does not make it true.


I agree so very much with the little girl, Paikea, in the movie Whale Rider. See her speech towards the end of the movie. You can find the movie or the speech on the internet. 

How about we teach everyone how to be a leader
and how to be strong in their own heart


 Below are some of the things that harmed my spirit...and which might harm others...

Try to think about some of the feelings, situations or events in your life when you felt that you
were stuffed down, abused, neglected or harmed in some way. Also try to think about when
when you have compromised yourself, tried to kill, numb or otherwise harmed your spirit...

Why might you have done those things?

What reasons did you have? Safety, fear, control, pain,, love...

Try to remove those things from your life or change what you can change.

Maybe some things or situations cannot be changed but there are always choices you can make in the way that you think or feel about a situation. You can help yourself learn some coping skills or communication skills that would help you deal with a situation in a healthier way. Recognize that we are doing the best that we can in many instances and there are many, many reasons why we would compromise our spirits. Mostly, they are related to love, money, support, affection, shelter and other basic needs in life. I feel that most depression and mental [spiritual] illnesses are caused because people's spirits are compromised, stuffed, hurt or shut down in some way that bothers them.

Some examples of things that could suppress your spirit...

I think the hardest part for me is feeling disconnected from everyone else in this world.
I feel a definite lack of connection with anyone else despite my best efforts.
This is by far the most uncomfortable feeling and why I went looking for God to be real.

An inability to be yourself or express yourself

A disconnection from yourself

An inability to feel, stuffing your feelings or numbing yourself

A disconnection from God

Lack of emotional support

Drugs, alcohol, food or any substance that numbs you

Anger, violence on tv, movies, news, etc.

Poverty, unemployment, homelessness, hunger, thirst...

Compromising your standards or morals for love and affection

FEAR of any kind

                 If you live your life in fear, pretty soon you will be so afraid you won't have any life at all.

Lack of respect in your life

Lack of love, including love of self

Domestic violence

Physical or sexual abuse

Emotional neglect or emotional abuse

                SHAME - what you have done or what has been done to you is not who you are as a person. 
                                                        Your behavior is not who you are as a spirit.

Guilt, insecurity, lack of self-esteem or self-confidence

Not feeling like I mattered or that my opinion mattered

A feeling that life was no longer sacred or special

Lack of communication skills in relationships with others

There seems to be a stunned silence out there.

I'm not quite sure why that is so.


Give the following interview with Robert Whitaker, author of Mad in America, a read for a very short burst of information about the current situation:

        But, in reality, the common thread in all these different treatments [electroshock, lobotomy, 
        insulin coma, and neuroleptic drugs] was the attempt to suppress "
mental illness" by 
        deliberately damaging the higher functions of the brain. The stunning truth is that, behind 
        closed doors, the psychiatric establishment itself labeled these treatments as "brain-damaging 


     The salvation of our world lies in the hands of the maladjusted. Maladjusted as [Thomas] Jefferson ...
     ''All men are created equal; they are endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights…life, 
     liberty and the pursuit of happiness.''… It is through such a maladjustment that we will be able to 
     emerge from the bleak and desolate midnight of man's inhumanity to man to the bright and glittering 
     daybreak of freedom, equality and justice.                                                                                           
Martin Luther King, Jr. 

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