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Become whole. Become who you are in the here and now.
Become who you were created to be - a reflection of love.
   Heal your body.      Heal your mind.      Heal your soul.

Thoughts on this world

        Some of my thoughts about this world and how it might work....

Here are a few of my thoughts on the subject of religion, faith and truth. These are only my personal beliefs though and not meant for anyone in particular or as some kind of teaching. Each and every one of you is perfectly able to connect with God and your own heart and come to your own decisions about what is truth for you.

Some people do not believe in God but they still have a heart and a spirit that they can touch. I do feel that most us us have at least some belief or some opinion about God but it's easy to see why many do not feel that God exists. I mean, there is so much pain and violence and such in this world as well as individual suffering that is is no wonder many do not believe. I do feel though that it is because of the suffering that we finally turn to Him and seek His help. Of course there are many other reasons for not believing in God but I do feel that the issue of suffering is one that is so hard for many of us to understand.

I recognize that we all need help sometimes and that includes spiritual help but I do feel that being friends with God is a good way to start. I know that for a long time I looked to others to be strong in my life as well as to help me get to God because I did not feel worthy or strong enough to go there myself. I should have gone directly to God from the start instead of looking to others. I would have been better off doing so and had a lot less pain and confusion.

I also know that I learn something new every day and so some days I think I don't know anything at all for sure.

Do not consider what I say to be absolute truth. Go within yourself and do your own research and study.

Have a personal relationship with God.

Much of the new age is about finding more meaning in your spiritual life and not feeling confined to any certain religion or teaching. I think so many of us are thirsty in our spiritual lives as well as for more God in our lives. Much of the new age seems to also be about blending many religions and beliefs and a seeking of the truth and healing in so many ways.

I do feel that since God, man and the fallen angels are part of this world that all are reflected in this crazy, beautiful, prison, hell, delightful, agonizing, wonderful world.

We, in this world, seem to be the reflection and many times, a murky and muddy reflection most of the time. Our fear, anger, sorrow, conflict and everything else seem to make for some tough days at times. Love seems to be the great healer of all wounds, all fear, all sorrow and what ails us  - if we could only find more of love in this world. It seems to be what we are all looking for more than anything else in this world.

Here are some of the things I like about this wonderful world...

For Christianity - I believe in God and I believe in Christ.

I love the Jewish faith and culture. I like the way that they live their lives centered around God and include Him so much in their daily lives.

I believe that we have a soul and a spirit and that our spiritual side has been stuffed down in this world. I feel that a balance of all parts of our being or our minds, our bodies and our spirits, helps us to be healthier and well.

One needs only love to connect with God and have a relationship with Him. Only love. No knowledge, special skills, initiations or smarts needed. God seems to give His love freely to ALL of His children.

Here are some other things that I also like:

I love the way that the Muslims pray and how they don’t forget about God during their day. I like how they stop to remind themselves that He is never far away and that they make time for Him during the day.

I love how the Native Americans are in touch with the whole world and the spirits of the plants, animals, man and the Great Spirit.

I love the New Age in its desire to seek the truth, give life and meaning to the spirit of the person and help to develop a side of us that has long been neglected, forgotten and abused by many. I love all of the help, the different ways to explore the spirit and the sense of fellowship and community in that space. I like the teachings on how to be a better disciple, clean the body and the mind, find wholeness and such, but I also feel that the ascended masters are the fallen angels in disguise. I also feel that they speak much truth in the teachings.

I love that the Mormons live as though the physical body is the “temple’" of God here on earth, for I feel that it is. The cleaner our bodies, our minds, our hearts and our lives in general, the larger and more complete or whole the connection we can feel with God.

I love the Buddhist teachings on mindfulness and the noble truths as taught by Buddha. These help bring peace and calm to my day.

I like Scientology and its scientific approach to healing, a natural way of life and a practical way to God.

I love the science of energy and the energy centers and systems of the body. I love working with color, sound and energy to connect with myself, with God, with Christ and to help myself grow spiritually.

I love the simple aspect of FAITH and how it is so powerful on its own.

I love Tibetan prayer flags and the way that prayers fly out on the wind and up to God.

I love how science and religion seem to be coming together and that science is now starting to prove that God is real. Maybe science will never take that last step and take the leap faith that is required but it might help prove some things true, including some of those "stories" in the Bible and other holy books.

I enjoy and appreciate the teaching of the Bhagavad Gita in how it describes the battleground of life.

When I saw Christ as the guardian of this world I didn't see any other gods and goddesses with Him. It was only Christ and the presence of God. I didn't see God but I felt Him. I also know from my experiences that it is Christ that evil is afraid of and that it has no power over Him at all.

I think God did the best He could in creating this world with the situation between mankind and the fallen angels. I think He did the best He could to give everyone a chance to decide where their heart would be and who they would serve.

I do not feel that in our natural spiritual state in complete connection with God that there is any darkness in us at all. None. Maybe I just want to think that way so I'm not sure about this one. Maybe at least here, we need some darkness in our lives so that we can see the light better. Don't know all the answers. Maybe there is a seed of darkness in us all as well as a seed of goodness or light in those whose have truly lost the way and that there is ALWAYS hope.

I think it best to look inside of ourselves instead of waiting for someone outside of us to save us. If we are made in God's image then that is a very powerful image and state of being. How can we get there?

There is more…much more.. but for me, after all that I have experienced…I believe in ONE God and Christ. I have a Father and friend in God and a friend and companion in Christ.

I believe in love again.

I love the diversity of people and how there are so many wonderful ways for us to express and be ourselves in this world. I love the creativity of people and their spirits. There is so much beauty in this world and its people as well as so much selfishness, greed, evil and suffering.

Ultimately, I believe that all I need is to choose God and that it is His love that heals my spirit. I don't need anything else. Not the science, not the religions, not anything else but only a personal relationship with God.

I have no idea what "God" looks like or is supposed to look like. Perhaps it is up to each one of us to find out. I try not to put any limitations or images about this being into my mind because I want "God" to show me who this being is and not what this world says that the Creator is.

God and man must come together to fight darkness.The kettle is boiling, steam is rising and it is time to come together if you want to be free. We cannot do it alone nor do we have to try to do it all ourselves. The dark side is too strong and too smart. We need God to help us.

I have no idea what is to come or what will be. The only way that you can find out is with whatever choices you make and what direction you decide to go. It is not a journey that anyone else can make for you.



Have you ever had or do you ever have one of those “If I died today, I would be okay with it” moments? I never used to have these kinds of thoughts, but now I have them all the time. It’s a great feeling to be so comfortable with where I am in my life that I can feel this way. It doesn't mean that I have stopped living or growing. It only means that I have found some measure of peace in my life in many ways and that it is very satisfying.


No matter what our faith or belief system we are all children of God and we are the same inside. We want to be loved, to have enough food for ourselves and our families, to be happy, to be free, to be at peace, to have our children be happy and to grow and live, to have no more wars or poverty or starving or killing.

Don't we pretty much want the same things no matter where we live and who we are?


I give you lots and lots of information in this web site and in my materials, but you don't need any of it except to know that you can go directly to God and His son. Go inside yourself and make that connection in the heart when it all comes down to nothing else or when you have nothing left. That is all you will ever need and don't listen to anyone who tells you otherwise.



                  Out beyond ideas of wrong-doing and right-doing, there is a field.

                                                                                    I'll meet you there.








think that each one of us is a musical note in a wonderful symphony that God has created or is creating. We each have a part in that symphony or bit of music that is life. Each of us has a musical note that is unique. Find the musical note that is you and make music in your life. Seeking is part of the fun and it is one of the most amazing things I have ever done in my life.


We are each Reflections of Love or Reflections of God as children of God. 


      A wound in the body of Christ heals every time a son or daughter of God comes Home.




Me personally – I don’t think that God hates anyone. I think that He loves all of His children equally and He does not pick and choose those upon whom He showers His love. He gives it freely to everyone.

                                                                                Isn't everyone a child of God? 

Doesn't this include those who murder, thieves, those who make mistakes and anyone else that society may deem "unworthy" or  ...... ?


 Jesus said the entire law of God could be summarized into a mere two commands:

       Jesus replied: "'Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with 
      all your mind.' This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: 
      'Love your neighbor as yourself.' All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two 
      commandments." (
Matthew 22:37-40)

You might want to verify this:

…They very seldom add that in Darwin's main treatise there is to be found the statement: “I hold that all organic beings that have ever lived on this earth have descended from one primordial form into which the creator breathed the breath of life.” (Origin of Species, Vol. II, chapter XV.) —

REINCARNATION AND KARMA, Concepts Compelled by the Modern Scientific Point of view by Dr. Rudolf Steiner.



There are always a few who stand up in times of communal madness and have the courage to say that what unites us is greater than what divides us.
                                                                                                                                     Geraldine Brooks






I see the Lord [GOD] raising up a new generation that will walk in his kingdom power, not fighting amongst themselves, not fulfilling the lusts of the flesh, not having the personal issues that the enemy has been able to use against individuals in the past, like the need for personal attention to feed insecurity, the need to be liked in the ways of the flesh, the approval of people more than God, these will walk with kingdom power and authority, with the awareness to handle all that comes their way, …






    I think that God would want for each of us to be a leaf on the Tree of Life.




How to teach yourself to be one with life, with yourself, with God…. maybe

Try to learn to FEEL everything that life and this world has to offer. Learn to feel your joy, your sorrow, your grief, your pain, your love, your compassion, your anger, your hate, your laughter, your love. Feel God. Let your body and soul breathe with God. Let your heart beat with God. Learn to hear. Learn to SEE life. LIVE. TASTE. TOUCH ... and all with the heart and with a connection with God. Ask God to come into your life and your heart and your body. Learn to feel the very energy of your body and your feelings. Let your feelings sound out. SMELL the flowers. Watch them grow. Be a part of life that is all around you. See this world and those in it. Engage instead of sitting on the sidelines. Love. Laugh. Hope. Share. Care. Give. SING. Feel the music. HEAR the music. LET GO, let go of pride, of rage, of hurt and all that is not love. This will bring all of your cares and all of your fears and everything to the surface for healing, for cleansing, for love, for laughter, for safety, for sharing, for LETTING GOD LOVE US, for belonging, for service, for payment, for humility, for freedom, for existence, for life, for wholeness, for spirit.

Love is all that you need to have a relationship with God. Try love.



   Christ holds me like a prayer.


An idea from a talk on youtube by Kim Walker-Smith ----- I will see if I can find it again and give you the site address.

Ask God what He was thinking when He made you.

                                                        I was very pleasantly surprised when I got my answer. 


 There are just some things and some times in life for which there is no guide and no roadmap. The only one to turn to is God.


        Each one of us is a flower in God's garden.


Not only do we have our own musical note, it seems we are also a musical instrument. A little discovery is that the spine plays like a xylophone in the hands of God.


                                                                               Yield My Heart (Live) by Kim Walker-Smith



If you get anything from this site, please receive hope and knowing that love and a personal relationship with God were the most important factors in my getting better.  If I had to choose any one thing, it would be a personal relationship with God because everything comes out of that relationship.


The image at the link  belowis a direct representation of what I had the privilege of being shown by God and by Christ in response to my questions: I didn't see God but I felt His presence. I saw Christ and the world for a few wonderful moments almost exactly as pictured at this link:


Free download at

I cannot draw very well but the closest I can get you to what I was shown is in these images. Jesus as guardian of this planet and in a white robe. Size about the same.



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