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Become whole. Become who you are in the here and now.
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Thoughts and such...


You won't find any lists of statistics or symptoms here. I feel that you already know "what is depression" and how you are feeling. I think you can find plenty of information in that regard on other sites and I would like to give you some different information that maybe you have not heard yet that might help. I would like to help you to know that there are new choices and new opportunities in the way that mental illness is looked at and treated.

I am going to do my best to put some practical solutions or new choices on this site for you so that you know that there are other ways than recovering than using only medication and/or counseling. While those may be helpful methods I think that there are many ways that the symptoms can be treated and much of the treatment depends upon what each individual person needs or requires to recover.


You are not alone....millions of others are suffering as well....

The World Health Organization predicts that within 20 years more people will be affected by depression than any other health problem.

I know that many of you are suffering these days. I can also tell you that depression is rapidly increasing in this country and in the world and the World Health Organization is predicting that it will be the first or second most common killer by 2020. [1]


Depression knows no boundaries - not gender, not race, not economic status, not age group....

Pain is what tells us that our spirits or our body is hurting and that there is something that needs to be looked into and attended to in some way. Many times, powerful changes and benefits come about in many ways as a result of big pain in our lives.

If we never had pain, we would never need to change anything. The pain is part of our warning system that something is not working somewhere in our lives.

First of all, please know that I realize that all of you are doing the best that you can in your life. I know just how HARD life can be when you are in the depths of emotional pain that you cannot or do not know how to handle. I do know that taking your medication or drinking or drugs or whatever it is that you are doing is the best way that you know how to handle what is happening in your life. I know how hard it can be just to get up and brush your teeth, comb your hair, take a shower and get dressed so that you can do the best you can to face your day. Some of the things that I have to say may be a little harsh at times but this is not done with the intent to hurt anyone's feelings or make anyone feel guilty that they are not doing enough. I too, am still doing the best I can to get out what I feel is some very important information and I am a little rough around the edges at times.

My apologies if I seem uncaring or not sensitive to your situation. I do care about each and every one of you. That is why this site is up. I do know that people become trapped by life, by circumstances, by lack of money, by lack of choices and for other reasons that may make life seem very difficult or too challenging to overcome. Maybe we just try to be happy no matter what because that is the best that we can do in our lives. That's okay. If and when anyone wants to make some changes, then maybe this site can help.

The loneliness and isolation of depression are not fun in any way.

What if you could turn that depression and pain into joy and living instead?

I once had a counselor tell me that the joy I was capable of feeling was just as intense as the despair and depression that I felt. I have since found this out to be true.

The depression was the hardest part of my life but it was also one of the best things that happened to me because it helped bring me back to myself, to my own spirit.

I firmly believe that for most of us the depression is our spirits that are in pain and they are trying to tell us that something is very, very wrong. A scary thought indeed, that we might need to take a look into our own hearts instead of just taking that pill...

             ...then we might have to change something in our life that isn't working...

            ...we might have to face some things that are not pleasant...

            ...maybe we feel that no changes are possible...

            ...and we might not think we can because of fear, hopelessness, safety, love...or other reasons.

            ...but you can do it and you can be happier and living instead of just surviving.

What if I told you that there was treasure to be found by making friends with your spirit instead of continuing to stuff it down?


You already have the key inside of you but it involves learning to really listen to your spirit and then to allow and enable your spirit to express itself and not be limited by outside influences. This means to allow your spirit to not be compromised, abused, neglected, raped, stuffed down, hidden or restrained in any way. It also means that you  learn to be able to comfortably express yourself and who you really are, to be able to be confident, have self-esteem and to be able to stand up for yourself and protect yourself from harm.  Try to do these things to the best of your ability. Not what others think you should do or by comparing yourself to others and what they are doing, but to the best of your ability on any given day. Maybe you cannot change some things in your life or turn back the clock but you can begin to be in touch with your spirit and listen to its guidance. I promise you that the rewards are many if you do.

In addition to finding a connection with my own spirit again, this connection and the depression also naturally brought me back to God, the giver of life to my spirit. I did a lot of things to help myself recover but the one thing that I found that I could not do without was God. I never felt real life in what I was doing or how I was feeling until I was able to make that connection with Him in the spirit of love. It is His love that gives me life - without this connection I was better but I was also still dying, or felt that I was still dying. Now, I feel like I have more life and more passion and energy than I have ever really felt in my life. I'm not twenty anymore but I feel "life" in me and that only happened in the connection with Father.

Things are not always great. I still struggle releasing energies that I have inside of me and I am dealing with the very issues that were responsible for the symptoms of illness. I still want to eat comfort foods when this gets tough. The more time goes by, the more the issues have become “core” issues, or affecting the core of my body, like my back, my spine, my heart, my lungs and these are things like for me, mostly fear, and more specifically, fear related to the trauma. This is okay for the most part now. When I first started out, I was working with things that were much less traumatic but when I was strong enough and able enough to deal with those things then the tougher stuff started to come up. But then I got used to that and then stronger stuff than that came to the surface…and I got used to that…and so on. The more time that passes, the stronger I become. That is why I never wanted to just get rid of the energy. Just getting rid of the energy doesn’t make me stronger. It just leaves me without any skills to handle the tough stuff. It doesn’t mean that sometimes I don’t just get rid of the energy. Sometimes I do and sometimes that is what needs to happen, but for the most part, I learn so much from my feelings and how to be stronger and more
compassionate and understanding with others, that I’m okay with feeling it all. I don’t need to just whisk it away and shove it under the rug anymore.

I do find myself much more free and happy but it doesn’t mean that I don’t have cycles. Things are not always great but they are not always sad either. I have a full range of emotions like I feel a person should have. I am not locked up in fear but I’m not stuck in the abyss of depression and sadness either. I don’t always jump for joy but I have days when I am as calm as the water can be and everything is smooth. I struggle with a mind that doesn't work so well sometimes after years and years of medications, stress and who knows what else. I have days like now, when I am fighting what is coming up so that I don’t have to look at what is surfacing. I know that it is fear of some kind and it does go back to my fear of letting anyone get too close to me for fear of being killed. I don’t want to look at this fear but I know that I have to in order to get it out and there is a big part of me that doesn't want to live with this fear anymore. I know that I am not alone. I still get confused and I still struggle with my lack of skills but I still do better than I ever did before in my relationships.

There will always be sharks in the pool. It’s the nature of this world. We can however, protect ourselves and our children by becoming stronger emotionally and mentally, as well as physically and spiritually. As I see it, depression and other forms of mental illness are not necessarily a weakness of mind so much as a lack of some very necessary skills needed to live in this world. We also need love and emotional support as well. I think that if someone helped us learn to be strong when we were young that our lives could have been a lot different. I think that if we got a healthy amount of love and emotional support when we were little that would make a huge difference. Many of us have been taken care of physically but we never really had anyone that we could just sit down and talk with for a time about life. About the real life and not just the weather so to speak.  If we can start earlier with our children and learn to be strong and capable and protect ourselves earlier in life, then we need not worry about the sharks so much. We could then live in a world ruled by love and strength instead of fear. Chances are, like bullies, many of the sharks would run when they saw you coming if you were strong or you would never become a victim. Some sharks would stay because they are sharks and they like being sharks, but you would be able to stand up to the sharks and protect yourself at least.

Although I am still clearing out some fear and other things inside of me which relate to a couple of relationships, there is this small smile that appears on my face as the bigger part of me laughs with excitement that this pain is finally going away and that I am finding relief. The big part of me, my spirit, knows sees the bigger picture and is okay with it all. It is the smaller part of me, the ego, which still hurts a lot sometimes. There is however, that smile and the laughter underneath that makes even the little me smile through the hurt and fear. Many times, I find a peace and a calmness that I have never felt in my life and although I have cycles of my emotional life, I feel freedom and relief.

Learning to talk to your own spirit also is amazing and fun as well as difficult at times. Sure, we have more difficult stuff to look at because that is what we hold on to. The happy, fun stuff we feel and then we don't hold on to it so much as the painful things. Anyways, I found that getting in touch with my own spirit and spending time with myself was a lot of fun. I got to really figure out what I liked, what I didn't like, where my boundaries were, how I wanted to spend my time, where I wanted to go, where I wanted to live and many, many other wonderful aspects about my life. I started to smile again, laugh again, dance again and love again as more and more time passed. That was pretty spectacular in itself considering it had been some time since I even listened to music or really laughed.

I think that if we can learn how to have a connection with ourself and our Creator when we are young and learn good skills, then we don't have to worry about holding on to a lot of stuff. I also think that maybe one can learn new skills and not have to go into all the pain in order to recover. These are only some thoughts. I cannot go back and do my journey over again and so I just want to put these ideas down in case anyone wants to try a different way and see what happens. Maybe if  I could have let love into my life first then I would not have had to go through what I did in order to recover. It could be much easier for you than for me but I did it in the way that I needed to for myself. Only you can figure out what you need.

You can do this. You can survive the pain and come through it. You can find love and life in the midst of that pain and through it. You can make changes in your life. You can taste life in a deep and satisfying way and not just the dirt of it all.

You can be free. You can laugh. You can love again.

Please know that I encourage active participation, learning new skills, giving ourselves some thought and consideration and learning how to talk to our own spirit, which includes facing your pain, your fears and other uncomfortable emotions. This includes taking responsibility for your own health and getting some things done. I have also tried to take into consideration that everyone is unique and likes different music, movies, exercise and stuff in their lives. We also do not need all the same things to get better and I have tried to give you a variety and a selection of choices which you can explore and expand upon to find what will work for you as an individual.

I will do my best to give you a starting point and some guidelines to assist you in your efforts. The things that I am asking you to do cannot be done for you by another. These are things that you must of necessity, do for yourself. This learning and facing things will actually help you to find your own strength inside and get past your fears at the same time.

I felt very weak and I didn't think I had any strength inside of me when I started this effort so many years ago. I did it out of sheer desperation and a desire to keep living. These are not necessarily easy things to do but I can tell you that the effort is worth the potential rewards. If you can muster enough courage and strength, desperation even, to give it another go and help yourself, then I will do as much as I possibly can to help you along the way.

No attempt should be made to cure the body without [curing] the soul,' wrote Plato nearly 
        2,400 years ago. Body and mind are inseparable; they sicken together and must be healed 
        together. Otherwise, chances for success in regaining health will be greatly lessened. Neither 
        the Gerson program nor any other therapeutic method will work effectively if something in the 
        patient's consciousness keeps saying no to life.

             Gerson, Charlotte and Walker, Morton, The Gerson Therapy, The Proven Nutritional Program for Cancer and Other Illnesses, New York, NY, 
             Kensington Publishing Corp., 2006, pg. 259

This statement makes a lot of sense to me. I know that there is power in positive thinking but I found that I was hampered by the old energies of fear and such that I was still holding inside. Until I got rid of or released those old energies from my body, I found that they still influenced my life no matter how much positive thinking or how many affirmations I tried. Once I released the energies my thinking naturally shifted to a more positive outlook and I now really believe what I feel instead of trying to fake it.

At this moment, I feel and I wonder that if one cleared out the heart first by sharing love if everything else would fall away. I tried to clear everything because I guess that is the way that I had to do it for myself but in retrospect and in considering how I feel now that my heart is free, that maybe it might have been a lot easier if I would have focused on that connection in the heart and not worried about all the rest. I don't know the answer to this but it is just a thought for all of you to consider.


The following video shows how our thoughts can affect water. Since we are mostly water, how might our thoughts affect our bodies, our very cells even, our environment and our minds.

“How Consciousness Affects Water” by Dr. Masuro Emoto.


We give control and authority to those we perceive as stronger than ourselves because we do not feel that we have any power or control in our own lives. This is not true. You have more power and control over your own lives than you know. If you choose to explore this then you can make some powerful changes in your life and the world for the better.

                                         "Be the change you wish to see in the world.

It starts with yourself.


FOR NOW: give this some honest thought and really think about it if you can...

What do you feel is in your life that is causing or contributing to your depression - besides a chemical imbalance possibility?

What might there be in your life that is contributing to you feeling suppressed, uneasy, abused, disrespected, neglected or anything else.....?

                            What do you think would get rid of your depression or other symptoms? 

            Do you know what to do or how to help yourself?

If you feel stuck, you may not need to leave a situation when learning some new skills might help you to be stronger mentally and emotionally. New coping or communication skills, among other things, could help you handle the situation in a healthier way.

                        Say         NO


If our lives are going to be at all worthy, it will be because of two factors: What we aim for in life and recognizing who we are. The first may be simply described by saying, "You gotta have high hopes," and we can have no higher aim in life than to do the will of the Father. The second can be understood by grasping why psychologists keep trying to persuade parents to work to build their children's self-esteem. They have observed that, if children do not think they are anything or can do anything, are of no value and unloved, or have absolutely no skills, they will not do anything. They will spend their lives cowering in self-pity and spinning their wheels in ineffective, low-level activity. [emphasis added]



Somewhere over the Rainbow (50 FIRST DATES SOUNDTRACK)


GOD is the great jar of honey. Dip in.




Iz ~ Hokule'a Star of Gladness


          A cheerful heart is good medicine but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.

                                                                                                                        Proverbs 17:22


Peter R. Breggin, MD: How to Help Deeply Disturbed Persons—Fourth in the" Simple Truth"

There are very, very good solutions to helping disturbed people, but they run counter to the drug companies, to the government programs, to organized medicine. We need the public to be demanding these things. [like Soteria House].


and they have a saying that schizophrenia exists between the members of the family and they [open diaglogues and caring, family-oriented programs] are so effective that they rarely use psychiatric drugs …. They have been so effective that the rate of schizophrenia is down to almost zero.


We are not ignorant about how to help people. …. But we need you, the public, to say “this is what we want, we want caring havens to go to when we are in desperation.”

                                                                                                                                                Peter Breggin, M.D. (Psychiatrist)

Go to 16:00 in the video and listen to the rest.

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