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The Abortion Tear ...

                                                                                            The Abortion Tear
                                                         October 25, 2015

I might redo this drawing but for the sake of urgency I am posting it now. This is meant to be a white heart with a background of pink for love. The garnet red is for the tear and the scourge marks on the heart and the bleeding of pain and sorrow all blend into the tear as well as God helps me and we share this pain together, resulting in release and healing.


didn't realize just how much energy it was taking from my life and my body to hold this wound down, even though I had already released many layers with God's help. I feel today, after a very rough week, that I could turn cartwheels and dance for joy with God. This wound brings me to God's heart and His feet, as well as to Jesus because it was their love that I needed more than anything else in this world to heal my heart. I cannot even put into words that need so huge is it but yet at the same time, so healing is letting them help me and sharing that love and suffering with them.

It's like when a person releases one single tear, knowing that one tear can mean more than 10,000. This is a tear of gratitude, of love, of suffering and mostly, of sharing that love with the greatest love my heart has ever known. This tear though, comes from the eyes but more importantly, this tear, comes from the heart, and not only mine but from God's as well, as they combine into one single tear. 

God restores me daily to His ideal and brings me back to the love and joy that I felt as a child, but wiser perhaps, and definitely more free than I have been in a very long time. Wow. That's a miracle for me. 


                                                                           Dance with me Jesus.

I got sick at the same time. I knew this was coming as I felt it for at least a week prior. I also felt my energies shift and I felt Jesus and Father helping me the whole time. They never left me alone. When we release huge energies, even with love, healing takes place. It also though, can release toxins and illness from the bodily tissues as emotions suppressed are also held in the body when we do not know how to deal with them. So, I had one of the highest fevers I have ever had. My whole body ached more than ever and I slept the whole night and most of the next day. As usual though, with a healing reaction (not an illness or disease - they are different and a healing reaction usually lasts three days or less) I woke up yesterday morning and felt pretty good. Later that afternoon after some vegetable juices and mineral broth and some fruit, along with the healing that comes from sharing love, I feel like I could dance with even more joy. All of this, thanks to my loving Father and Jesus.




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  God's tear.

There is a jewelry design based upon this image which has been made and will be available soon.

Here is the initial design. I am ordering supplies and will make it available very soon.

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