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Dedicated to helping you get in touch with your spirit and with life again.
Dedicated to promoting wellness and a sense of being whole in all areas of our lives.
Dedicated to helping people live their lives joyfully, strongly, fully and freely.

Become whole. Become who you are in the here and now.
Become who you were created to be - a reflection of love.
   Heal your body.      Heal your mind.      Heal your soul.

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Return to your heart


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Annette Dinelli

Copyright © 2014 Annette Dinelli

All rights reserved.

ISBN-13: 978-1497452176

for Father







My sincere thanks to Everyone


I wouldn’t change a thing that has happened in my life if it would take me away from where I am now.

I could not have done it without everyone who has been a part of my life. You are all very much appreciated. I am grateful for lessons learned, love and support. I am grateful to the giver of my life for second chances and another and another and … always so much love.





my sister, Jennifer, and her oldest son, James.

Both died by suicide at the age of 24.




My own journey


This book and my efforts are dedicated to all who suffer emotionally or from psychological wounds, anyone who has a loved one who suffers and anyone who has died as a result of emotional suffering or psychological wounds.[1]




When you feel surrounded by darkness remember that God always holds your heart in His hands.





Subtle grades of depression kill more people than all the other diseases of mankind combined. There is no antidepressant that will cure a depression which is spiritually based, because the malaise does not originate from brain dysfunction but from an accurate response to the desecration of life. The body is the reflection of the spirit in its physical expression, and its problems are the dramatization of the struggles of the spirit which gives it life. [2]


                                                                          -David R. Hawkins

Table of Contents

Instructions on how to access web sites. iii

Foreward. v

Author’s Introduction. vii

When it all started. 1

Some thoughts about being real. 11

WHY?   15

Some ideas, tips and suggestions. 27

Quotes about suicide. 37

Some thoughts on the issues of suicide, emotional suffering and depression. 43

For the very desperate or suicidal person. 47

Guidelines for people who wish to follow a basic program to reduce depression and get in touch with their spirit as well as for those that would like to design their own path to becoming whole. 53

What feeds your spirit and gives it life?   79

Pioneer spirit is in you. 93





I have been most interested in the information Annette has put together for helping people look at the many choices available in their climb out of depression.  I am looking at the material from the perspective of a mental health counselor. I have been working in the mental health field for over 25 years and it has been one of my biggest frustrations that people have to look in so many places for help.  Many clients have been given medication and nothing else. Medication can be extremely useful but it does not address all of the facets of depression. When one is feeling like they can barely navigate getting up, or taking a shower, or eating a meal, it can be so very overwhelming.


I believe Annette has done an amazing job of collecting many useful resources for the person interested in looking at the mind, body and spirit components of depression. She has shared her own recovery process in a vulnerable and useful way and combined it with many resources that helped her reach a place of peace and empowerment in her own life. I could spend days looking at the information she has gathered, putting it together with my own belief system and developing a plan for myself that would begin moving me in the direction of mental health.


I have had many clients who, I believe, would have found this book extremely useful, easy to use, and who would have been given some hope and resources they needed to get them moving in a direction they very much wanted to go.


The material speaks to the passion Annette felt as she put this material together. Passion for one’s subject is something that a depressed person can feel and draw on. Passion is needed to keep going as one moves in the direction of a different relationship with one’s life with depression.


I endorse the book Annette put together. It gives wonderful choices and extremely useful information. It puts in one place many resources that could take time and energy to search out on one’s own. It is time and energy that are at a premium when one is depressed, feels hopeless, and feels no sense of choice. There is positive energy in this book of choices. I believe that it is a useful resource.

                                               Barbara Tonn, MA, LPG, CACIII,

                                               Colorado Springs, CO


DISCLAIMER: This publication contains the opinions and ideas of its author. It is intended to provide helpful and informative material on the subjects addressed in the publication. It is sold with the understanding that the author, Barb Tonn and the publisher are not engaged in rendering medical, health or any other kind of personal professional services or advice in the book. The reader should consult his or her medical, health or other competent professional before using any method, adopting any of the suggestions in this book or drawing inferences from it. The author, Barb Tonn and the publisher specifically disclaim all responsibility for any liability, loss or risk, personal or otherwise, which is incurred as a consequence, directly or indirectly, of the use and application of any of the contents of this book.


“The label ‘mentally ill’ is outdated and harmful” by gercacn.

[2]Hawkins, David R., Power vs. Force: An Anatomy of Consciousness, The Hidden Determinants of Human Behavior, West Sedona, AZ, Veritas Publishing, 2004, pg. 231.

Hello everyone.

I would like to welcome you and say thank you for your interest in my efforts to help bring awareness to others about depression, suicide and other mental health issues.  I hope that you find some meaning, some hope and some way to get back in touch with your heart and spirit. If this work helps you or you find some merit and some hope in this work I would only ask that you share it with others who may need help.  I know that I have a lot to say in the pages of the long version of this book about why I want to work on this project but I would really like to say a few things to you in more of a personal way.

During my journey I discovered that my depression and other symptoms of “mental” illness were not of a physical nature but of a spiritual nature. The symptoms were my heart and my spirit trying to tell me that something was not working in my life. Until I paid attention to what my spirit was trying to tell me the depression and other symptoms only got worse over the years. This effort for you contains information about how to better your physical, emotional, spiritual and mental well-being because I believe that I needed to look at all of me and my whole life instead of just one part of me. I also felt that God did not make a mistake and make me defective or wrong in any way. This point of view included my very firm belief that He did not make me with a need to take medication for the rest of my life for my depression or any other mental symptom. I am not against taking medication for what ails us but I simply did not feel that I should have to take it for the rest of my life. That just didn’t ring true or make sense to me in any way so I went looking for how to get rid of the causes of my distress, pain and suffering.

I feel that there are many aspects or sides of what one might call spirituality other than our connection with God in a way that works for us. I feel that spirituality is also about whether or not we feel comfortable being ourselves, with being in touch with our own hearts, expressing ourselves, having respect for ourselves and others, having healthy self-esteem or self-confidence, feeling loved by another or being able to love others in return, our physical health, strength of body and character and our emotional and mental health, among other things. I feel that our spirits are healthy if they are healthy in all ways and not just one way. There is a lot of emphasis and focus on the way that we look physically in the world today and it seems to me that the inside of us, our spirits and our hearts, have taken a beating and that there is not much that feels sacred in life anymore, including ourselves. What becomes so special about life if we do not feel inside that we matter to anyone? How does life become special in a culture that seems to focus on material goods, a physical view of life and so much emphasis on how we look physically but not enough of a focus about the condition of our hearts or about our spirituality in life? That is where I feel that the depression and other mental illnesses serve as a way of us protecting ourselves in some way in a world that we either don’t know how to live in or in one where we no longer want to live.

This effort contains a lot of facts or information about the different aspects or parts of spirituality because I believe my depression was all about my spirit trying to get my attention. On my journey I discovered that the depression was about my spirit trying to help me get my life back, get out of my mind and get in touch with my heart again. I am still learning to this day about life, love, my spirit and God and how they all work together. I have done my best to put in information that helped me find my way Home and to present some areas in which my spirit was damaged.  I don’t know if the information will apply or appeal to you in any way but since it has been such an important part of my journey of discovery I have included that information and my experiences.

Your spiritual practices and your belief in God, or lack of belief in God, are your business and up to each person in an individual and personal way. If you do not believe in God then perhaps some of the other information I have given to you will benefit you in some way and help you get in touch with your spirit and your heart. Perhaps it will help you get to the causes of your depression and help you to get better as I do feel that getting to know ourselves is a needed and necessary part of the healing journey.


Ultimately though, the most healing part of my journey has been the reunion of my spirit and soul with that of God and His love. 



    To read more the book can be ordered from


Awaken Joy: Return to your heart, a series of three books will be available in stages.

They are:

    Volume One - The short and condensed version of Volume Two in an easy to follow format which
                          is much less intense than the web site. The basic foundation in a simple format. 
                          Approximately 150 pages. 


                      Here is the link to purchase for Kindle: 

                      Awaken Joy: Return to your heart [Volume One of Three] [Kindle Edition] $7.99

                      Here is the link for the paperback:



      Volume Two - The long version of the book, including my story, the steps I followed and details
                             of those steps as well as other useful information. Approximately 250-300 pages.

                            In the process of being completed.

     Volume Three - The Resource Guide which is almost 600 pages of resources covering various

                               Being completed at this time.



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