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               Suffering ...

Okay, tough subject this suffering, but to start:

I either read somewhere or someone told me that each person has the maximum amount of suffering in their life to help them return to God or to be always dependent upon God or to bring them back to God or something like it.

So, no matter who you are and what level you are at, your life has the maximum amount of suffering for you. That is why you cannot compare yourself to anyone else.

Sometimes there is no place to go except to your knees or face flat on the floor before God. Nothing else will do.

So, ponder on this a bit and I will see what else I can come up with about a very difficult and sometimes confusing subject.


I do know that in my own life, that by and out of sharing my suffering with God and with Christ, they also bring me and give to me the most intense joy. This joy and peace then begins to fill my life and last no matter what is happening to me or around me. It also becomes much easier to get back to and stay in a state of joy, peace and love. Cycles in life remain and suffering remains but it is tempered by the joy of God's presence, the peace of Christ and their healing love. 

I also have discovered in my own life that if I cut out of a difficulty or conflict or some suffering because of fear or another reason, that I not only cheat myself out of healing whatever suffering I am going through, but I also cheat myself of letting God/Christ help me through it and the soothing love and healing that comes from sharing suffering with another. In my fear or selfishness, if I run out on conflict, suffering or even life itself (suicide) early, I also cheat God of the ability to love me, to let them into my heart and to show me what unconditional love and sharing the ups and downs of life with another looks like. I learn how to receive and how to give love in a new and expanded way. There is no place I would rather be.

I have also learned some very valuable lessons from my suffering and I have become stronger and even closer to God than ever before as a result of my suffering. Given my stubbornness and tendency to wander at times, suffering also helps hold me close to God and that is ever where I would like to be. I am very grateful for where I am in my life so I would not remove any of the suffering if it would take me away from where I am now. As a result of my suffering I found myself closer to God  and to Christ and to more love than I ever knew was possible.


Consider the possibility that an illness such as cancer or other suffering, or crucifixion of the self, is a way to share in the sufferings of Jesus Christ. As each of us strives to be saintly and live closer to and with God, we take on a portion of the world's suffering, as did Christ, for us and for humanity. Suffering then, is a very precious gift and a blessing which allows our souls to share in the sufferings of Christ and become a son or daughter or God.  We seem to live in a society or a world where suffering is seen as something to be avoided and we want to be happy all the time. However, by denying or avoiding our suffering, we are also missing out on the blessed and beautiful cycles of life and the tremendous joy that can be found out of suffering with God and for God and for the sins of humanity and self. All too often though, our difficulty in looking totally at our lives and the difficult situations we daily face, has become something to run away from instead of going to, through and embracing. 

What if we learn to embrace the suffering in our lives?

I have learned in my own life that with the most intense suffering of any kind - physical, emotional, mental or spiritual - comes the most intense joy, peace and freedom with life itself, with Christ and with the Father. It comes with letting them into my life and into my heart and sharing life - ALL of life - with them and surrendering my heart to this great love they offer.

In my own life, I have seen that it is in going through this suffering, sharing and going to the Father that these rewards are realized. Seen in this way, chronic pain and suffering, take on a whole new meaning and become then, part of the way we walk with God and part of our way Home. Each and every suffering that I give to my Father and to Christ brings me more in touch and closer to God. Who then, wants to miss out on this by leaving early? In God's grace and mercy, He helps me to be stronger through every trial, able to bear more and more each day, yet my strength comes from leaning on God and letting Him into my heart, not running away from suffering, from life, from love or from Him.


I am here to tell you that Jesus is Lord, that Jesus does not disappoint. "Father," one of you may tell me, "he disappointed me because I lost my house, I lost my family, I lost everything I had, I am sick." What you say is true and I respect your feelings, but I see him there, nailed to the cross, and from there he does not disappoint us. He was consecrated Lord on that throne, and there he experienced all the disasters we experience. Jesus is Lord! And he is Lord from the cross, from there he reigned. That is why ... he can understand us; he became like us in every way. So we have a Lord who is able to weep with us, who can be at our side through life's most difficult moments ...
                                                                                                                                                                Pope Francis
                                                                                                                                                                as quoted from Magnificat, Sept. 2015, pg. 367.


God has healed me at times and comforted me at many others ... never leaving me alone.

                                                    He even gave me more time to live.

He helps me overcome my fears. He strengthens me and shows me all that I need to know for the journey.


Jesus lost everything in this world. He gave up his life and died for us, freely giving up all in this world to do so, so that we could have eternal life.


I don't know all the reasons for suffering but here might be some possible reasons for suffering:

        -    to bring a soul closer to God 

        -    to hold us close if we are prone to wandering when all is well.

        -     to share in the suffering of Jesus/Yeshua/Christ.

        -     Life happens. Accidents and illnesses and things happen. We cannot control life and other people and so suffering
              happens. But, God does seem to be able to manage to help me through it all and come up with a way out even if I 
              have messed things up in a very large way or made some poor choices or had things happen due to the choices 
              of others.

        -     It is the result of sin or falling away from God. In my own life, the suffering got worse the more I had fallen away
              from God and from life because of some kind of fear mostly.

        -    Redemption and atonement for the sins of self.
        -    Redemption and atonement for the sins of humanity.

        -    Without suffering we would not know what true joy would feel like. We would have nothing to compare it to.

        -    It propels or pushes us to new heights and has helped to bring about powerful changes in this world.

        -    To learn how to give, and for many of us, to learn how to receive love. Lots of us do very well at giving but maybe
             are not so receptive, open or able to receiving love. Illness and being taken care of gives a person a chance to 
             learn how to receive love.

        -    It helps us to realize that we cannot do it all by ourselves and that we do not have to go through life alone.

            - It helps us to develop mercy and compassion for the suffering of others.

            - It helps us learn how to walk in another person's shoes.

           -  It helps to bring us to a larger understanding of life and of ourselves and others.

        -    To learn that a person can be joyful in the midst of intense suffering. After a certain point of suffering and sharing
             with God, joy seems to burst spontaneously out at times, eventually coming to rest more and more in the person 
             as the suffering is shared with God. It isn't the same if we try to handle it all on our own and sharing pain and 
             suffering with another can be a very important part of the spiritual healing of the person. Ultimately, it isn't about
             money or material goods because we cannot and do not take those with us. God seems to be ultimately more 
             concerned with our heart and soul and where they are in relation to Him and others. So many times we seem to
             be more concerned with the physical symptoms of our illnesses, forgetting then, about the heart and soul inside 
             the person that might be growing in leaps and bounds as a result of suffering, as well as eternal salvation and life.

So, now go here to Christ Crucified for Us


                 Do you want a worldly life or eternal life?



Then said Jesus unto his disciples, If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow me.

                                                                                                                            Matthew 16:24


                                                    On the altar of my heart Lord ...

         Do you see the heart God sent?


Sometimes ... there is no road ... and God is then our only guide for the journey.


In a world that once taught me how to run away from life and into death by leaving God out, Jesus has taught and continues to teach me every day, not only how to live and embrace life fully, but also how to embrace suffering and how to die, even if painfully, as he did by example. He teaches me how not to run out on or away from pain, suffering, love and life itself and in so doing, find eternal life and peace.  He teaches me how, in the daily dying of the self and all its suffering,  as well as in sharing these sufferings and His sufferings with Him, how to die an undignified death with dignity and honor.

Christ went into His crucifixion and left us with the most beautiful example of love that there is – suffering and dying for another – so that we could have life. For me, He gave the best example of not only how to live, but also how to die, showing that dying might involve great suffering, not only for ourselves but for others at the same time, and in doing so, we will gain freedom for our souls and eternal life. Christ may not have died a dignified death in this world as he suffered greatly and died a criminal’s death for our sake, and our sins, yet in my heart and soul, I feel that he deserves the utmost honor and respect that I can offer.


            See the two little saints at the bottom of the window, dancing happily. Maybe something to try to be like in this life.

Louis Armstrong - When The Saints Go Marching In

When the Saints Go Marching In - in 10 styles

[jazz] When the Saints Go Marching In - US Navy Seventh Fleet Band




Oh Lord, my strength, and my fortress, and my refuge in the day of affliction ...

    Jeremiah 16:19 (KJV)





One thing remains

                                                       Your love never fails

                                                                   It never gives up

                                                                            It never runs out on me …



                                If we have died with him, we shall also live with him.

                                                                                                             2 Timothy 11


If he gives his life as an offering for sin, he shall see his descendants in a long life, and the will of the Lord shall be accomplished through him.  Because of his affliction he shall see the light in fullness of days; through his suffering, my servant shall justify many, and their guilt he shall bear.

                                                                                                            Isaiah 53:10-11


The Spirit itself bears witness with our spirit that we are children of God, and if children, then heirs, heirs of god and joint heirs with Christ, if only we suffer with him so that we may also be glorified with him.

                                                                                                                    Romans 8:-16-18



(10) Now He was teaching in one of the synagogues on the Sabbath. (11) And behold, there was a woman who had a spirit of infirmity eighteen years, and was bent over and could in no way raise herself up.
New King James Version   Change your email Bible version


How many blessings do people give up when they skip going to church? Spiritually and physically, we benefit by regularly attending where we can hear God's Word and worship Him in spirit and in truth (John 4:23-24 ). This woman learns that the best help she can give her body is to be first concerned about her spiritual health. Had she not been concerned enough about her spiritual needs to be in the synagogue in spite of her condition, she would never have been healed. As Jesus promises, “Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you” (Matthew 6:33 ).

— Martin G. Collins

To learn more, see:
The Miracles of Jesus Christ: Healing a Stooped Woman (Part One)


Matthew 20:22

 But Jesus answered and said, Ye know not what ye ask. Are ye able to drink of the cup that I shall drink of, and to be baptized with the baptism that I am baptized with? They say unto him, We are able.


… are ye able to drink of the cup that I shall drink of, and to be baptized with the baptism I am baptized with? meaning his reproaches, sorrows, sufferings, and death; which because of the disagreeableness of them, he compares to a bitter cup of vengeance, wrath, fury, and indignation; and because they were appointed to him, and allotted for him, they were his portion, therefore he expresses them by a "cup"; and because they were so many and great, of such an overwhelming nature, that he seemed to be plunged into them, and covered with them, therefore he likens them to a "baptism" and which the ordinance of water baptism, performed by immersion, is a lively representation of. Now Christ suggests to these disciples, that instead of indulging their ambitious desires of worldly grandeur, that they would do well to consider what a bitter cup he had to drink of, and what a sea of sorrows and sufferings he was about to be plunged into, and drenched in; and whether they could think of enduring anything of the like kind, for his sake, which was most likely to be in a short time, what they would be called unto, and not to honours, ease, and pleasure; and what they must be sure, more or less, to undergo, before they entered the everlasting kingdom of glory:


                                                Joy is grinning from the inside.

                                                                                                                                                               Fortune Cookie

   They drank the chalice of the Lord, and became friends of God.
    Magnificat, July 2015, pg. 362


Want some sweetness in your life - GOD is the great jar of honey. 

                     His love helps me to be able to bear all things...                                                                       


My God, people do not know you! If they did, you would be loved far more than you are. If people only knew your wisdom, power, goodness, beauty, and all your divine attributes, they would all have become seraphim consumed with the fire of your divine love. This is my aim: to make you known, so that you may be loved and served by all. O my God and my Father, may I know you and make you known; love you and make you loved; serve you and make you served; praise you and make all creatures praise you. Grant, my Father, that all sinners be converted, all the just persevere in grace, and all of us attain to eternal glory.

                                                                                                                                                                    St. Anthony Claret


  Heard yesterday at the AFSP (American Foundation for Suicide Prevention) Out of the Darkness walk.

Somewhere over the Rainbow (50 FIRST DATES SOUNDTRACK)


Steve Stern – “Numbered”





                                         "Because  you suffer with me, I rise in you."


                                        Will you choose to be one of the children numbered by God?



In Haiti just as in England, Spain, Italy, or India – there are unhappy people everywhere. Not only because they don’t have any bread to eat. No, they hunger for love, understanding, and companionship. They suffer from loneliness, the feeling of being unwanted and rejected, a poverty of the soul. These are the things that can be far worse than being hungry or not having enough material goods ….

Let’s not live distracted lives. Let us know ourselves so that we can better understand our brothers and sisters. If we want to understand those with whom we live, we need to understand ourselves first of all.

Sometimes we see how joy returns to the lives of the most destitute when they realize that many among us are concerned about them and show them our love. Even their health improves if they are sick. After all, was it not Christ himself who said, Every time you did it to the least of my brethren, you did it to me? You are not to be indifferent to the suffering of others, but it is meant to affect you deeply.

                                                                                                                                                            Blessed Teresa of Calcutta


God can and does heal me immediately sometimes. He seems to hold me in the highest possible state of love, forgiveness and cleanliness. Perhaps some people can hold on to this immediately, and some do, but it seems to take me some time to work out the changes in my heart, my mind and my body even though I know that it can be done right away. Sometimes though, physical healing may not be in the best interests of my heart and soul and this seems to come first over any physical healing. Daily though, he renews my heart, my mind, my body and my soul, always with love.


                         I Surrender - Hillsong Live (Cornerstone 2012 DVD Album) Lyrics/Subtitles (Best Worship Song)


… But the inescapable suffering of our lives has a purpose. We can try to run from it, or we can accept it and allow it to transform us in unimaginable ways. We can allow it to make us angry, or we can let it teach us how to love more fully.

                                                                                                                                                Matthew Kelly

From Kelly, Matthew, Rediscovering Jesus, United States of America, Beacon Publishing, 2015, pg. 74.


The Reparation Society of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, An Unpublished Manuscript on Purgatory, Baltimore, MD, 1967.

*based upon alleged conversations between a nun and a soul in Purgatory, which is a place where souls go before Heaven to be purged of any remaining sins so that they can then pass to Heaven.


I have felt this fire of hell on a few occasions. It really is not something that I would ever like to feel again. It burns the soul without burning up the body.

            I very much prefer to feel the fire of the love of God in its soothing, releasing and sharing way.


I feel that I should mention that not all of being face to the floor or on my knees is suffering. Many, many times, it is my worship and love for a Heavenly Father that loves us all so very dearly and so much more than many people realize. There is peace in that place at the feet of God and at the feet of Christ.  No matter what belief or faith system, our Father loves all of us very much.

Peace, Love, Joy, Service, Freedom and many other things are found at the feet of God.


Since it is perfectly normal for human nature to seek the cheerful and joyous, we shrink from suffering and sadness.

Thus, it seems paradoxical that Jesus calls those who mourn "blessed"! One commentator wryly suggests that it is as if Jesus is saying, "Happy are the unhappy!" This strikingly highlights how different God's perception of human well-being is from mankind's. One might ask, "If the Christian is blessed, why does he mourn?" Or, "If he mourns, how can he be considered blessed?"

This beatitude is almost completely contrary to the world's logic.


I can feel so much in my own body when something goes against life or against God now. Foods, music, energies, words, thoughts, actions, etc.

This is how I know and how I have been show that some things are against God. Certain thoughts that can pop into our minds, such as fear, anger, sadness, suicide, illness and such can be built into our bodies if we focus on them. Any thoughts of death or anything else sets up a response or a reaction which goes against love and against God and He shows me that these things are against His wishes for His children and that they can and do hurt us very much.

These kinds of thoughts, when I was trying to get rid of the fear and other negativity, bring about the strongest reaction or response or plea from God that I have ever felt. Every fiber of God said "no" to these kinds of thoughts and actually helped pull me through some very difficult times. Our Father's response and caring helped me see things differently, think differently, feel different and want to live in harmony with Him.

Our thoughts, especially, can and do have an impact on our bodies, our minds and our hearts.

Negative or not of God thoughts can be very harmful while those of love, gratitude, joy, peace, sharing, caring, compassion and such bring us into a higher state and closer to God. Love seems to bring us closer to God.

Similarly, thoughts of joy, peace, forgiveness, love, caring, compassion, laughter and others similar thoughts also build our bodies into a higher state.


Suicide, assisted suicide and the taking of our life or another sets up a huge reaction in me (like being shaken violently) and seems to very much go against God's wishes for His children. Nothing seems to set off a stronger response in God and I feel Him around me in the most powerful way as He seems to plead with all His heart that I/we not do anything that will harm ourselves and take us further away from Him.

I think that God understands that we might want to be in control of our lives or want to avoid pain and suffering or many other possible reasons that a person might have for wanting to exit early but everything I have seen and felt tells me that suicide, assisted or not, is against His will, which is love.

Also, it is because of letting God into my heart and into my life and sharing my life with Him that I find release from all of my pains and suffering. He helps me every step of the way and even if I do suffer at times, He is always there and never gives me any more than I can handle, for various reasons. This sharing helps to deepen my relationship with Jesus and with our Heavenly Father. This relationship is priceless to me and it also helps bring me to a much larger understanding of life and love and what God might be all about for us.


This killing of ourselves, of others and unborn children all seems to be very much against God's will for His children. I don't know what happens on the other side of death except for a few experiences of my own, but I do know that in everything I have done and felt, these choices as I might have made or thought them, were or are not in harmony with love or with God. I feel this keenly in my body from thoughts, literature, music, movies or actions not in harmony with God for these kinds of energies set up a very uncomfortable vibration in my body and soul. Even suffering is a choice that brings me or helps bring me closer to God and is not something to be avoided. 

Maybe we could rethink our views on this subject but perhaps most importantly, ask God to show you what His will is for your life, including how suffering might be a part of yours and why. 


In California:

For other states or in other countries please contact your elected representatives or government offices.

Among other reasons ----

       The pain-management resources are available for the most difficult of cancers, and now more widely 
        than at any time in human history.  Oregon studies have admitted that intentional self-killing is not even
       employed to treat pain, but to treat fear of the unknown future, underscoring that the suicide is in reaction
       to one of the 4 stages of Denial/Anger/Bargaining or Despair.

        For more information, visit:


                                                     "Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls; 
                                           the most massive characters are seared with scars."

Kahlil Gibran



   Almost one year ago (early 2015) I was close to death. The smile - it is because even though I may have been physically close to death - Our Father and Jesus Christ never let go of me. They walked with me through this valley, pulled me out and spiritually my heart and soul feel joy and peace.

 Our Father and Jesus are with me every day.                                                    

Of course, I was eating as healthy as I could, drinking lots of vegetable juices and mineral broths and lots of vegetables and fruits and things, but it was Our Father and Jesus that brought me out of this state and into being alive again.  Without them and their help I would no longer be alive in this world.


Peter R. Breggin, MD: How to Help Deeply Disturbed Persons—Fourth in the" Simple Truth

There are very, very good solutions to helping disturbed people, but they run counter to the drug companies, to the government programs, to organized medicine. We need the public to be demanding these things. [like Soteria House].


and they have a saying that schizophrenia exists between the members of the family and they [open diaglogues and caring, family-oriented] are so effective that they rarely use psychiatric drugs …. They have been so effective that the rate of schizophrenia is down to almost zero.


We are not ignorant about how to help people. …. But we need you, the public, to say “this is what we want, we want caring havens to go to when we are in desperation.” [emphasis added]

                                                                                                                                                Peter Breggin

Go to 16:00 in the video and listen to the rest.


In the end, it all comes down to what is ethically right. If we are just accidental unplanned assemblages of matter where consciousness and the “self” (i.e., when you say “I am”) is merely a delusion then ultimately questions about life and death have minimal value and are ultimately of no consequence.  This is the presumption that is taken into Canadian legislations; those of pernicious unreflective secular dogmas.  North America is turning into a greater mess every day.   It reflects an ongoing celebration of the culture of death, at both extremes of human life. It is an abolishment of the human person and our supposed dignity. One will only begin to understand how society will slowly devolve into the depths of nihilism as things move more and more towards this direction.  It is also a culture of relativism (which is impossible to live out consistently) where slogans such as “that’s his/her choice, it has nothing with me” are mindlessly repeated. - See more at:


Of course, Christ Himself did not ‘need’ to suffer, and Saint Thomas declares with logical clarity that He could have redeemed us some other way.  However, the Way He did choose was the most fitting, the most perfect, both to redeem all of our own ‘evils’ at their very root, and to offer us a way to follow that He Himself trod, in all the weakness of His humanity. Again Saint Peter: - See more at:


 No, we must be clear and confident in our response to physician-assisted suicide: it is no improvement on suicide. Assisted suicide is morally worse, for it involves more people in evil, and brings greater evils in its wake. We should bear in mind, too, that it is good for evil actions such as suicide to be difficult. That it can sometimes be difficult to do evil is a great mercy. It would only be good for us to be equal to God in power if we were also equal to him in his goodness.


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