Save Our Spirits

Dedicated to helping you get in touch with your spirit and with life again.
Dedicated to promoting wellness and a sense of being whole in all areas of our lives.
Dedicated to helping people live their lives joyfully, strongly, fully and freely.

Become whole. Become who you are in the here and now.
Become who you were created to be - a reflection of love.
   Heal your body.      Heal your mind.      Heal your soul.

Some ideas, tips & ...


Here is a chapter from the first book to help with some new ideas and new directions and horizons maybe in the areas of family emotional health, mental health, freedom from depression and other difficulties.

Some ideas, tips and suggestions.  New ideas are in green.



Please do not ignore the problem, any kind of problem, and think it will just go away. It won’t. Denial, anger or ignoring someone can make things worse. If someone you love dies by suicide, it cannot be changed, fixed or taken back. 



Your child or loved one may not know how to tell you that something is wrong, that they are in pain or having some other difficulty. They might be afraid to talk to you. 


Please pay attention if you see ANY indication that something is wrong. This could be silence, drug or alcohol use, isolation, cutting, withdrawal, anger or rage, ditching school, harming the self or others or – anything unusual. Denial and ways to avoid pain can appear in many forms. It can even show up as working too much, adrenaline rushing, taking extreme risks, exercising too much and other things in addition to drug or alcohol use and other usual, expected and well-known methods of self-harm.


If your child or loved one comes to you, please listen and get help and support. If you are uncomfortable, afraid or you don’t want to talk to your child or loved one, consider seeking outside help.


We can all help change things to a healthier way of living. Not only can we learn new life and emotional skills but we can start to teach our children from day one how to have healthier lives, especially mentally, emotionally and spiritually. This will then help us to be healthier physically as well. It starts with us and there are ways that we can reduce the number of people dying by suicide, addictions and violence. We can change the statistics and we can help people. I am seeing where very young children around 10 and 12 are now killing themselves. This is what is crazy and not people.

We can change what is happening by teaching ourselves and our children some new skills. We can reduce and help to prevent drug and alcohol addiction, food addiction, obesity, anorexia, bulimia, emotional neglect, suicide, murder, rape, physical and sexual abuse, child abuse and neglect, domestic violence, babies being shaken by parents and other difficulties in our society by helping others learn new coping, communication and behavioral skills as well as supporting our spiritual health. 

I’m asking for your help in any small way because we need everyone to help  get the ball rolling and to help get skill learning, spiritual and other classes or programs started or expanded in our neighborhoods and communities. 

Some ideas and things we can do might be: 

Start small.  Only do what you can and what you are comfortable doing in your life.

Change your diet and nutritional habits if only for two weeks to see if that makes a difference in the way that you or your family feel, sleep or think. What changes do you notice after two weeks of a healthier diet and less soda pop, chips, processed or microwave foods, fried foods, sugar and more fresh fruits and vegetables, clean and lean meats and whole grains?

Start support groups in your community. Ask everyone to chip in and hire a counselor to help guide your groups. Start skill learning outreach programs or ask professionals to help you get them started in your neighborhood or community. Get Bible studies or some kind of spiritual studies started in your local church or other holy place. Start life or hobby groups in your church, your home or your neighborhood. Gather others and play music. Start a drum circle and take your circle to a place where others can enjoy the music. Draw together, write, act, read books and discover more about yourself and others in so many ways. Start art classes. Cut hair. Help a shut-in or help a disabled person. Help get kids off of the streets any way you can. 

Have a power out night or family night once a week or once a month with no television, no computers, no video games, no mp3 players or anything else unless you need power for a family discussion or activity. Play games, talk or watch a family movie that you can discuss between yourselves or with your kids. There are movies made specifically for families and children that you can buy with discussion questions at the end of the movie.

Have one night a week where you can bring any conflict, difficulties, pet peeves, anger, sadness, depression, laughter or anything else to the table without any yelling if possible. Learn to listen to each other. Mend fences and broken hearts. Let life get a little messy. 

Start a community garden where everyone can pitch in and then share the harvest with each other. Plant flowers, trees and vegetables to eat. Have everyone in the neighborhood plant a different kind of fruit or nut tree and share the bounty with the neighbors. Give your surplus food to homeless shelters, the needy or to food banks.  Maybe churches could set this example and plant fruit trees, especially in drought-prone areas. Maybe cities could plant fruit and nut trees, especially in drought prone areas and then donate the food to feed the poor or let people pick it themselves.

I read about this idea many years ago - it seems that Las Vegas, NV or somewhere was requiring that new homes only be able to green landscape either the front OR the back yard, but not both, to save on water. How about we start doing this and maybe xeriscaping [very low water requirements for plants like cactus or the use of stone and other materials not requiring water] one of our yards. Farmers would then have more water to grow crops. If we do double duty and plant fruit trees for landscaping and shade, that would also save money by feeding people and getting twice the watering power. 

Feed the birds. Clean the street in front of your home.  Clean the street in front of your neighbor's home.

Teach your kids how to cook something new once a week or once a month. Start a sports group, a recipe club, an art walk or anything that people can do to help get them in touch with their hearts and spirits. Support your own spirit. What kind of needs do you have or do you see that others need? The possibilities are endless.

Reach out to those who are hurting. Ask them what they need. What do YOU need in your life?

Have a personal relationship with God. Tend to the seed of God in your heart, especially if it is broken in so many ways. Learn to let your heart open again. Nurture and take care of yourself. Expand your spiritual side. You are part spirit. What does a healthy spirit look like to you? If we are made in the image of God, then what does that image look like and how can we get there in today’s world? Make time to talk with God every day even if you don’t go to church. If you don’t believe in God, talk to yourself and get to know your own heart better.

Help get programs started in schools or after school, in churches, in support groups, half-way houses, sober-living homes, veteran’s associations, youth facilities, rec centers, summer camps or anywhere else you can think of where people need help or could benefit from learning some new skills. Hire a counselor or a youth pastor to help get these things started in your neighborhood or community.

Try to make all of these programs free or as low cost, as convenient and as easy to go to as possible for everyone. How about free in schools to our children along with music, physical education, art, sports and a wider range of activities to address the whole person and not only one part. We will have a healthier and happier society for all of our efforts.

How about learning new skills, love and emotional support, a connection with ourselves and the Creator, learning healthier nutritional habits, learning how to talk about and express our needs better, learning to be comfortable with our feelings and expressing those feelings, or more low cost/affordable treatment options besides medication and funding more skill teaching programs for our youth, young adults and adults.

How about not teaching our kids or ourselves that there is something wrong with all of us that would require that we take medication for the rest of our lives? 

How about rethinking the notion or the idea that we are all helpless against physical, emotional, mental and spiritual illnesses? 

Does anyone really think that we are so helpless and weak that we cannot find some answers to these problems or that we have to be at the mercy of these physical, emotional, spiritual or mental illnesses? Do you really think we were made that way? 


How about asking God for help? How about we recognize that we cannot seem to do it all by ourselves? How about we take a step up or in a new direction and evolve into a personal relationship with God. I bet He could show us some answers or help us if we asked for help or admitted that we cannot do it all by ourselves. I learned this the hard way when I got sick and almost died. I wish I would have asked for help earlier. Every day, He shows me His ways and it is sometimes very hard because His ways are not the ways of this world, but I like His ways of doing things and so I stay with Him.

I know that I now get stronger in some way every day. Every day. There are some days when I have a hard time and I struggle but I am able to handle my life much better and in a much healthier manner than ever before. That fact alone tells me that what I have done is working and that we can have a healthier society if we can teach people these life and other skills. I also know that I will not ever be depressed in the way that I was or go as far into the depths of sadness and fear that I was in before because of the things that I have learned. I can set boundaries to help keep me safe, protect myself better and communicate better. I eat healthier because I feel better about myself. My relationships with others are better and healthier. I no longer feel like I am a victim and I know that I am responsible for my life. If something hard or terrible were to happen, I could handle it in a healthier way. I am less stressed, less anxious and happier. I can trust again. I can let others back into my life. I can do all of these things and more. I feel like I am living instead of just trying to survive. These things and the way that I feel tell me that what I have done works, at least for me. The only way you will know is if you try it for yourself. 

The possibilities are many and so many people are so very thirsty for this kind of help. It will take some effort on our parts but there ARE real solutions to our problems, our suffering and our difficulties in this world. We can do this for ourselves, others, our children and the world. We can make these changes and we can be healthier, happier and full of life.

I could not continue on in unhealthy ways of thinking, believing and behaving if I wanted my life to change and get better. I HAD to learn new skills and new ways of thinking, believing and behaving if I wanted my life to change and get better and lessen my emotional pain and suffering. The old habits, patterns and ways of doing things were not working well. Seeing some new choices and learning some new skills made a huge difference for me and helped me to take my life in a new direction. It also helped me to see new horizons in my own life in many different ways, including the inner or spiritual horizon that was just waiting for me to open the door. Opening the window to my depression was one of the best things that I have ever done because it helped me to get to the causes of the depression, sadness and other symptoms. The depression itself led me back to a state of less depression and getting better. I had to really look inside it though and that was uncomfortable at times. However, it was only by going through it that I was able to find healing and resolution and find freedom on the other side of whatever it was that I was dealing with, whether it be fear, depression, sadness, death, anger, rage, pity, trauma or anything else. All led me to joy.

We can help our children, other children, adults and everyone in this world to have happier and healthier lives. We can give future generations a better life out of the ashes of our lives and we can find joy in our own lives. We can save our spirits and our hearts. We can be free.

I do feel that we can have a personal relationship with God if we choose and that if we listen to Him then He can help us change the world for the better.

I don’t think that we can continue to try to do it all by ourselves any longer. Some things aren’t working well and some changes are sorely needed. We are more than just physical beings. We are part spirit and that part of us is crying out for help. Where else do we have to go but to the Creator of life?

We can change this world one person at a time, one neighborhood at a time, one community at a time, one city at a time and one country at a time. We can do this for ourselves, for humanity and the world. Let’s show the world what all of us can do together, one person at a time.


“Problems cannot be solved
at the same level of consciousness that created them.”

-Albert Einstein





                            Let’s open the window to life  …


Stopping people from dying by suicide is no longer enough.

Let’s get to the causes now instead of only covering up the symptoms.


I feel that we now have to go beyond current methods of prevention if we want things to change and if we want to reduce the number of suicides as well as depression and other kinds of mental and emotional suffering in our homes, our communities and in our world. Many are already trying to make these changes in the world but we need to see more efforts or perhaps different efforts. Look inside your own heart. It starts with each one of us and with what we teach our children and those around us. Let’s clear out the fog, break down fences between us and help each other. Let’s bring some love, comfort and healing into this world and into our bodies, our minds, our hearts, our souls and our spirits. Let’s have some spiritual renewal of a long neglected and forgotten part of ourselves.

Let's challenge and go through our fears and help change this world, even if only by making small changes in our own life. Even small changes will help make a huge difference in the world and the lives of everyone else. 


You can make a difference in your own life and thus, the world, one step at a time.



      “Be the change  you want to see in the world.”


                                                                                                        -Mahatma Gandhi                                       



“The best way out is always through.”


--Robert Frost





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