Save Our Spirits

Dedicated to helping you get in touch with your spirit and with life again.
Dedicated to promoting wellness and a sense of being whole in all areas of our lives.
Dedicated to helping people live their lives joyfully, strongly, fully and freely.

Become whole. Become who you are in the here and now.
Become who you were created to be - a reflection of love.
   Heal your body.      Heal your mind.      Heal your soul.



Many, many times it felt painful when I was shattering old belief systems or habits that no longer served me well. However, there was relief and freedom on the other side of the shattering. It is like breaking out of a shell. It seemed like I had lots of shells or that I kept shattering them for a long time but I was working on recovering and learning on a daily basis for years. Many days I wondered if all of the old stuff would ever stop coming up but I was very focused and determined to get rid of all of the old stuff and learn in the process. I grew to enjoy working with the energies so much that I didn't mind. I also had love and support to help me in this effort and that alone was healing. I was learning a great deal about myself, about life and about others as a result. Eventually, I stopped feeling like I was getting rid of the shells I had put around me for protection. I still release energies and there is a freedom and a release in this but it no longer feels like I am shattering anything. It has become more of a blending instead. I feel safe, protected and guided with God and sharing makes it all the more easier.

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