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                                                                                                                              Buenos Dias!

                                                                                    Here I am Lord with lyrics



                                                                                          *** – Ave Maria


At the same time, government leaders must do everything possible to ensure that all can have the minimum spiritual and material means needed to live in dignity and to create and support a family, which is the primary cell of any social development. In practical terms, this absolute minimum has three names: lodging, labor,and land; and one spiritual name: spiritual freedom, which includes religious freedom, the right to education and other civil rights.

                                                                                                              Pope Francis
                                                                                                              during his visit to the United States and
                                                                                                              in his speech to the United Nations.


for Father

                                                              We Stand

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The manner of receiving holy Communion

To receive the Eucharist on our tongue, he said, is to signify our humility before the Lord and to recognize that it is God himself who feeds us. [emphasis added]




While doing a Bible study about conversation, the heart and speech, I noticed a few differences in a few versions of the Bible. Although I am Catholic and have a Catholic Bible, I favor most times the King James version and the language therein. I actually have about three or four different versions of the Bible and also appreciate that I can go online and get a translation from any or most versions of the Bible at several locations.


Here are a few links that I use:, and


More specifically, our Bible Study is called Conversation Peace [by mary a. kassian [sic], Lifeway Press, Nashville TN, 2015, pg. 39] and is about conversation, learning to speak and listen effectively, tame the tongue and other related matters. While doing the study I needed to read Proverbs 27:19 as it related to the heart and in looking at the Catholic version of one Bible and the King James version I found two very different interpretations or translations that I feel that I should mention.
Here they are from


Proverbs 27:19  New International Version (NIV)

19 As water reflects the face,
    so one’s life reflects the heart.[a]


Proverbs 27:19  King James Version (KJV)

19 As in water face answereth to face, so the heart of man to man.


Proverbs 27:19  Revised Standard Version Catholic Edition (RSVCE)

19 As in water face answers to face,
    so the mind of man reflects the man.


Do you see where mind is in place of heart in the last translation?


            Check out some other versions if you wish at the above site. These are two very different things so how come the translations are so different. Why do some say heart and one says mind? Two very different meanings …


            The mind is reined in by God through the heart, not the other way around.

Angels live from the heart.



Williamstown, Kentucky, expects a flood of Biblical proportions this summer -- of tourists eager to see a life-size replica of Noah's Ark.

The small town, which lies roughly 30 miles south of Cincinnati along I-75 in Northern Kentucky's scenic river region, is home to Ark Encounter, a theme park set to open July 7 whose centerpiece is a faithful reconstruction of the world's most famous lifeboat.

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