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Questions to Think About


To enter into the mystery demands that we not be afraid of reality: that we not be locked into ourselves, that we not flee from what we fail to understand, that we not close our eyes to problems or deny them, that we not dismiss our questions...

                                                                                                                                                 Pope Francis

                                                                                        Some questions to ponder ...

So this page is just for some questions to ponder. It seems to me that we are, in this world, at a tipping or choosing point, and which way are we going to go? Do we continue to ignore or avoid the tough questions or do we just keep on going the best we can, learning all the way?

I’m not trying to form any opinions or  pass any judgments here but only to pose some very important questions to ponder a bit, discuss with others, listen to ourselves and others and see and hear what happens.

Are these questions loaded with emotions and do they push buttons? – Sure they do, but can we continue to avoid some of these questions?


This country is all about freedom to choose and that is very important to all of us.

Here is a site with some interesting questions, presentations and such:

             Here is one video I found interesting and thought provoking about the issue of modesty:

Personal choice and the freedoms that come with it are hugely important, especially in this country, as they should be, but like raising a child, we sometimes have to look at tough issues.

Can we even discuss these questions or others like them or should we let the chips fall where they may?

So I have a question or two or more:

1.    Do you think having sex and using birth control are matters of necessity or personal choice?

2.    Do we have to have sex to survive and live life fully?

3.    Do you think that paying for birth control should be part of basic health rights if it is a choice as opposed to a medical necessity? I mean, if we know that having sex or making love can result in pregnancy and that there are safe or safer times of the month to have sex, then we do have the choice, hard as it may be at times, to not engage in relations that will result in the conceiving of a child. We also have the right to choose or not to choose to use birth control.

4.   If so, then if having sex and using birth control are a matter of choice, generally speaking in most instances, then how come people want to force those who do not believe in paying for birth control because it violates their religious beliefs, to pay for something that is not, at least in most instances, a medical necessity or necessary to save a life?


Most insurance companies do not pay for items or procedures that they consider to be a personal choice, such as dental implants instead of dentures or plastic surgery for purely cosmetic reasons like liposuction, breast implants and face lifts, when it is not medically necessary.

So why might birth control be considered to be a right instead of a choice and why do you feel that way? Just asking.

Or, like having children, do we just do the best we can and let things happen as they will?


Where do we draw the line, or can we, when it comes to issues of personal responsibility to others versus a personal choice in life?

Do we have the right to push our personal choices on others?

If someone believes something to be true does that make it true?

                For example, even if you believe the Earth is flat, does that make it true?

   Even if someone believes that a fetus does not yet have a soul and that it is only bits and pieces of tissue, does that make it true?

 Can we be pro-life and pro-choice at the same time when the practice of abortion is for the taking of a life? 

      What started this page was that someone sent me a poster of a woman's body with a wire hanger next to it which read "This should never be a surgical instrument. We will not go back." While I do not feel that wire hangers should  be a surgical instrument for women, meaning back-alley and self-induced abortions, the practice of abortion takes the life of an unborn child and that a soul lives in the growing fetus. I have been shown this again and again and again by God, not always in a pleasant manner, by experiencing my own intense struggles for life in this world. At the same time, He has shown me again and again and again, the value of my life to Him and how much I am loved.

God has shown me again and again and again how valuable each and every life is and I have had to fight for my own life in many ways and for a long time because of my choices and the damage I did to myself out of those choices, no matter the reason. Life came around to teach me how to value my own life and have respect for myself and for others as a result. I learned some very valuable lessons about life and love along the way but I never could have done it without God's help and ever-loving support.

God was trying also, I feel, to teach me how to love others and myself when I got pregnant, something I obviously missed at the time but only realized years later. What might be the reason you have gotten pregnant and what might God be trying to show you or teach you at the same time?

Anyone else out there feel the same way or had some similar experiences?

Has anyone else  who chose abortion had to fight for their life or feel that God has shown them the value of their life by having to fight for it against cancer, heart disease, depression, sadness, accidents, trauma, a death, an illness or injury to or in a child or anything else?

Has anyone that has chosen to have an abortion experienced any endometriosis, fibroid tumors, intense cramping, ovarian cancer, cervical cancer, breast cancer or any problems with any of your reproductive organs? This is because this is the area of the body that the abortion will affect for the most part, but also and especially, any actions like this can affect the heart. Any heart problems anyone after an abortion? Of course everyone is different but my symptoms  showed up as fibroid tumors and pain, leaving only after I let God help me release the pain and emotional issues and some nutritional and other work. 

We might very well, if we do not take some steps in a more loving direction, have to fight as a country, a world or individually, for our very lives, in some way, shape or form as a result of the practice of abortion. 


The photo below has not been altered in any way except to add digital and visual watermarks so that the images can be traced back to this site. It was taken at a local clinic where abortions are done. I asked God to help me and show us something that would let us know that He cares about us and the children being aborted. Looking at this photo, does anyone think that God has something to say and that He cares very much about our souls and our lives, as well as the lives of unborn children?

     Consider that we do have the right to a personal choice in this matter but if the practice involves the taking of a life or killing an unborn child, as I have been shown, do we want to continue as a society to approve of murder and the violation of a right to life for all of us?


  How many people feel that we only die once as stated in the Bible or otherwise?

I know it says in the Bible that it is given to man to die once but does it say anywhere in the Bible that we only live once? … 

What if we can live many lifetimes physically but we can only die once to God? 

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