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Post Traumatic Stress

Please know that Post-Traumatic Stress Injury or PTSD (formerly Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) is no longer limited to veterans or military situations. It now applies to any situation where a person feels extreme terror and believes that they are going to die such as rape, beatings, stalking, domestic violence, physical and sexual abuse, car accidents, military situations and more.

Ask a counselor for information since the effects of Post-Traumatic Stress Injury can affect your life dramatically.

My own PTSD was not diagnosed until twenty-five years after the fact for many reasons but it created so much fear that it pretty much ruined friendships and relationships because I was afraid to let anyone get close to me again for fear of being killed.

I can laugh about this now...but at the time it wasn't funny at all. Thank God I had to work and take care of myself. I would have stayed inside and never gone out because the fear had gotten that bad. I remember thinking at one time about the panic attacks - well, they can have my purse but pleaseeee.... don't take my tranquilizers. That is how bad the fear was when I started taking the medication. Still, no diagnosis of anything other than panic disorder and a few hours of talk therapy but no other referrals. Lots and lots of blur time. I don't know how I made it through to tell you the truth.

You might not even be consciously aware of what is happening and why in some instances. You know something is wrong but you don't know how to fix it.

I will be adding to this page so check back for more information.

Please remember that I am not a doctor or any kind of medical or mental health professional. The information posted on this site is based upon my own personal experience and research. I do not give
mental health or medical advice nor should any information on this site be taken as any kind of medical advice. This is only an attempt to make you aware of new developments, different options and other choices so that you can decide for yourself how you want to handle your recovery.

I recommend that you have emotional support and guidance available at all times if possible. I also suggest consulting a qualified professional that can help guide you through the emotional releases, setting up a program and other issues.

There are so many qualified professionals out there who have done some great books, web sites and videos for anyone seeking help. I prefer to send you to their sites because I feel that you will be better served by these professionals rather than me trying to explain any of it when they do such a great job. I give you my experiences in my section of articles and in the book but the following articles, books, web sites and videos are done by others, many who are experts in their own right and areas of expertise. I would give them credit for their hard work and send you to information from qualified professionals so that you can better make fully informed decisions about your health.

You would never know anything was wrong. Even I didn't know how much the trauma and the fear was really affecting me and my relationships.

I had learned that well to hide my real feelings!!!

Here I can tell that there is something wrong but I didn't know how to fix it. See my shoulders hunched in trying to protect myself and my heart from danger.

Here I am a few years later smoking, drinking and high on drugs at a wedding. There were three years of self-medication because the psych drugs were not helping any longer and I really didn't know what to do.

No referrals or suggestions whatsoever from my doctors for any other kind of treatment other than a couple hours of talk a month, anti-depressants and tranquilizers in over ten years.

(9/12 - I remember  some now. I was too scared and I didn't trust anyone so I may not have even considered any other forms of treatment. I was that far gone with fear and the pain was too big for me to deal with at that point. I didn't have the skills and I didn't have the support. I also think that the meds were damaging to me.)

I was very desperate to get well so I took matters into my own hands and went looking for solutions.


"There is no one type of trauma that can lead to PTSD. Rather, there are several different kinds of traumatic situations that can do this, all of which have certain common elements:

  1. The trauma was life threatening or it led to an actual or potentially serious injury
  2. The individual reacted to the trauma with intense fear, helplessness, or horror." "What is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder?"


Gen. Peter Chiarelli, Now Running Non-Profit in Seattle, Wants New Name for PTSD


Talking with Seattle Weekly from L.A., he [Gen. Chiarelli] gives what he says is a common reaction of a young solider told he should see a therapist.

"The kid says: 'I don't want to be diagnosed with a disorder. What I'm suffering from is a direct result of a traumatic experience in combat.' "…Disorder' implies that something is something is wrong with the person, Chiarelli suggests, whereas 'injury' would put PTSD on a par with other wounds of war. "We call it Traumatic Brain Injury, don't we?" he asks.


From my own experience, I suggest talking with a counselor with experience in helping people with PTSD.

Reason: there is something called a "trauma box" or a trauma model and we can get stuck in this box for years and years without knowing how to get out. I was stuck and didn't know how to get out until my counselor with experience in helping people with PTSD explained it to me and others in the outpatient program. Just knowing what was happening helped a great deal even if I wasn't able to go into the trauma situation and deal with it.

Also check out Peter Levine's work, Waking the Tiger, and his Somatic Experiencing technique. This is a way of releasing the energy from the trauma without reliving the event. See Dr. Levine's web site at

I worked extensively with the energies of my body and I found that once I released the energy, the trauma no longer mattered, even though it was still floating around in my head like a jigsaw puzzle that I still couldn't put together. The pieces and the memories were still that jumbled in my mind. The fear from the trauma and the fear of dying was lodged in my heart and chest and was preventing fully one-half of my life force energy from getting into my heart and parts of my body, but mostly my heart, my lungs and chest area, the throat and the brain and head areas. Obviously, this was no bueno!

After I released the fear, over the next few weeks and months, the life energy slowly returned to my upper body. This relieved the physical congestion and the sluggishness of my mental processes which had been affected by the reduction of energy flowing to the brain. I now feel much more clear energetically and physically since that trauma energy was released. The how of this is explained in much more detail in my book.


Try starting with these articles:
One of the best articles that I have read on trauma causes, symptoms, resolving trauma, resources and more.
U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. “Dealing with the Effects of Trauma - A Self-Help Guide.”
One of the best articles that I have read about PTSD.     An article on the stigma [disgrace] of mental illness or suicide. “Seeking help is a sign of profound courage and strength.” Don’t let your pride or your ego stop you from getting help.



The fear created during weeks of stalking and several beatings created such a large blockage in my heart that when it finally released I felt that it had been blocking at least one-half of my life force energy. The energy was also then able to flow upward from the heart into my chest, neck and head areas. I didn’t realize until then just how much the flow had been blocked. The fear from the trauma was by far the worst aspect. It clouded every relationship, created panic every time I saw someone that looked like my attacker and never really seemed to leave until the energy cleared and I got counseling to help me get out of the “trauma box.”

I suggest anyone suffering from any kind of trauma seek help from a counselor trained in helping people with PTSD or someone qualified to help you release the energy and help you to recover from  the wounds.

I don’t know that the trauma changed my brain chemistry so much as it created an atmosphere of fear and a tremendous feeling of helplessness that it was almost impossible for me to overcome without help. Energy releases and love helped me to get rid of the fear because I had a safe place to release the fear. New skills and other factors helped me to overcome the helpless state that I seemed to be trapped inside.

I spent some time with a counselor qualified to help people recover from PTSD. I found that it did help me become more comfortable with the trauma and to understand my symptoms such as high anxiety, hyper-arousal, panic and the triggers for these symptoms. The counseling also helped me to begin to put together the pieces of this “puzzle” that were floating around in my head. I could not put the stalking and the trauma (which lasted for weeks) into any kind of order. It was instead, like pieces of a puzzle that needed to be put together. In the meantime I was learning new skills, becoming stronger emotionally and continuing my energy work.

A few years later, and just recently, I was in a situation that triggered the original trauma. Intense anger, flashbacks, panic and other symptoms were surfacing. While the whole situation was still in puzzle pieces floating around in my brain, I was able to release all of the energy from the trauma. It wasn’t easy but it wasn’t too difficult either. Anyways, once the energy released from my heart and lungs (mostly an intense, intense fear of dying or being killed) the trauma faded away. I felt new life energy surge into my heart and into my lungs and it started to move into the upper body. Although the trauma was never resolved in my mind, with the release of the energy and fear, the trauma no longer has any effect on me in any way. I am no longer bothered at the moment by the past, by intense fear, by flashbacks nor do I feel a need to put the puzzle pieces together in any kind of logical order.


Just a few days ago and some months after I wrote the above paragraphs I noticed that something triggered some remaining fear from the trauma which I didn't know was still there. It was more of a threat of a direct confrontation with my attacker. This won't happen because he is in prison for murdering his father-in-law, but something did trigger that fear in me, so I still have a little work to do, but nothing like before. This is what I mean when I talk about releasing layers of trauma or feelings sometimes. Like an onion, one layer at a time and I am stronger now to handle the fear of a direct confrontation threat - hopefully.

I think that better communication skills on both sides could maybe have prevented what happened but I'm not sure to tell you the truth. I saw his anger and his temper get worse as time went by before I left. There was no physical violence or emotional abuse towards me until after I was gone. His anger and his frustration kept escalating for one reason or another until years later when someone was killed. I honestly don't know the answer but I would like to say that less violence in the home he grew up in, no physical or emotional abuse in his childhood and better communication on both sides might have made a huge difference for many people, including a little girl who tragically and traumatically lost her father and her grandfather all in one night right in front of her.

None of this makes what happened to me or the others okay or any less tragic. Perhaps if people could learn healthier skills then we might have far less violence, rapes, murder and other situations like these in our world.

The trauma doesn’t matter anymore now that the energy from the trauma is gone.

There are the memories of what I can remember, but there is no charge to the memories.

The memories no longer provoke panic or anxiety. They have become neutral with no charge.[1]

I wanted to be able to stand up to an angry man and not run away. You may not feel that you need to do this much. It may not be necessary for you to learn to stand and fight. You may feel that all you need to do is to get rid of the energy from the trauma. I respect that and as such, I think that you might start out by looking at Peter Levine’s Somatic Experiencing@ or EMDR, EFT or some of the other methods that allow you to release the energy without reliving the trauma. Once I was strong enough to “confront” my attacker in my mind and in my heart energetically and I got the energy from the trauma out I no longer cared that I could not put all the pieces of the trauma together again. It just doesn’t matter as I write this down.

Take a look at the options and think about what you think might work best for you and then explore those options. Everyone is different. Find what you think might work best. There also might be other ways that I am not aware of out there. This is an expanding area and worthy of research and consideration. Good luck everyone.

I think that if people learned better coping, communication and other skills and had emotional support growing up that they might be able to handle life situations that could potentially create trauma in a much healthier way. These skills and support might even possibly prevent PTS from even occurring or even lessen the impact upon the person. Just a thought to consider.


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[1] See the works of Peter Levine and Candace Pert in this section.

See the following videos also:
       “Trauma, Somatic Experiencing and Peter A. Levine PhD” by drpeterpal.

                                   “Polar Bear Tremoring after a stressful event” by jonlir.
                         “Rebounding from Trauma with Peter Levine [online course]” by SoundsTrueVideos.


        The Fukushima dogs' handicaps in trainability echo learning problems in human trauma survivors with 
       post-traumatic stress disorder, the researchers wrote. They suggested that similar brain chemicals could be 
        at play in dogs and humans. Trauma-impaired humans can also struggle to bond with others, similar to the 
        Fukushima dogs' lack of attachment to their caregivers. 
        “Japan Earthquake caused long-lasting stress in dogs [abandoned after the disaster].

Here is some information for those suffering from physical brain and spinal cord injuries but not necessarily post traumatic stress:

      Brain & Spinal    Resources and information for Brain and Spinal Cord Injury and Survivors.

SOME WEB SITES:     “Vulnerability and Self-Protection.” This articles gives some tips on how to protect yourself and help yourself be stronger.     An article on mind/body healing and the fight, flight, freeze dynamic. Myofascial release works with the connective tissues of the body to release contractures and tissue which help the body to return to normal health.     
“New treatment helps soldiers battle post-traumatic stress disorder.” This treatment involves simulated battle and a controlled, safe environment to help resolve the trauma or injury.     Candace Pert is the author of Molecules of Emotion, an excellent book about how our emotions get stored in the tissues of our physical body if we do not release the feelings. I have found this to be true in my personal life and have seen it expressed in others. 
    An article on “Breaking the Trauma-anxiety-anger PTSD loop.” 
    EMDR. Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing. EMDR is effective in treatment for trauma. This method can be combined with HMR.

As I worked with the energies in my body over the years I noticed that when was done working with my feelings or the energy of those feelings that my eyes would begin to twitch and react or respond to the release of energy, even if it was elsewhere in the body. The energy release does not necessarily have to relate to trauma.

It has been said that the eyes are the window to the soul and I can see why that may be true. It seems that the energy of the body is reflected in the eye area and more specifically, the muscles of the eyes. Lately, the most dramatic releases have come about as I deal with and release the trauma, especially the fear of being attacked. I lie back and I let my eyes release the energy they have been holding. It is a “not wanting to see what is happening” kind of energy and a reviewing of the event as my eyes release. Strangely enough, it is also a reflection of the events that happened for as the energy releases, the memories play like a movie through my mind. Actually this is not strange since I have long believed that the trauma is stored in the body tissues. This belief comes from my own research as well as what I have read by Louise Hay, Peter Levine and Candace Pert.

At this time the releases do not create any additional trauma or distress because I have already released most of the trauma energy from the gross [whole] physical body. That does not mean that I did not relive the trauma when I was releasing the energy and that it was not difficult. Because I did not ever feel comfortable with what I was feeling, I was determined to feel what happened and know exactly what my body and mind were feeling and thinking, I actually attempted to “feel” these events on purpose This may not be desired or wanted by many people and I feel that the energies can be released without living the trauma. However, I learn much from my own feelings and since I stuffed them for so long, even the difficult releases provide much insight for me. Someone else may wish to do it differently. They may wish to just release the energy and move on.

This is why I believe the issue of mental illness cannot be addressed on a standard scale in many ways and would hopefully allow flexibility in the recovery process. The individual would benefit from some leeway in the ability to chart his or her own course and make choices, so to speak, even if some of these choices are done on one's own time outside any traditional methods. Indeed, I feel that it is important to do more than only the minimum if the person is willing and able. There is so much more to the spirit part of the person that many of us can even imagine. I still feel like I barely know anything sometimes even after all the effort and the work that I have done over the years. I feel like I know myself quite well but I also feel that I know little to nothing about what is actually around me as far as what I cannot see. 
    Recovering from shame related to trauma. PTSD resources for survivors and caregivers. 
    HMR - Holographic Memory Resolution@ A mind-body technique used to release trauma without having to relive the experience. This technique can be combined with EMDR.     Here is an index to articles and information about the different types of trauma such as natural disasters, emotional and physical trauma, grief and loss, abuse, PTSD, panic and more     
One of the best articles that I have read on trauma causes, symptoms, resolving trauma, resources and more.     Some information about the “fight, flight, freeze” syndrome. This is a martial arts web site. 
    “Shared experiences and support for Veterans.”     An article on how CranioSacral therapy can possibly help PTSD. 
    "The Drama Triangle” which consists of the persecutor, the victim and the rescuer. This article outlines the different roles played by each person. 
    National Alliance on Mental Illness. Family and personal support groups. Peer-to-Peer support.     PTSD information.

        While leaders effectively train their soldiers to accomplish the goal of 
        battle preparedness, these techniques increase psychological trauma 
        experienced in veterans post-combat. [2]     Information about PTSD. 
    Information, resources and products for self-defense. Learn how to stop being a victim. Learn the difference between fighting and protecting yourself and other topics. .     This article by Charles R. Kelley, Ph.D., discusses orgone energy but on page 13 it also has a very good discussion of the “armor” that we put on or carry and how this affects our body and the flow of energy.     “Sense of Self/Personal Identity” and why these are important as we develop and grow in life."     The Psychology of Self-Defense: Self-Affirmation Theory” by David Sherman of UC Santa Barbara.     An article about the benefits of group therapy for PTSD. 
    Depression and PTSD forum. Information and online discussions with other users.     "Military Veterans PTSD Manual.”     
National Center for PTSD.     
“Sexual Assault and Females.”     
National Child Traumatic Stress Network. 
    Mental Health Recovery.
U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. “Dealing with the Effects of Trauma - A Self-Help Guide.” One of the best articles that I have read about PTSD.     “Observations on Traumatic Stress Utilizing the Model of the ‘Whiplash Syndrome.’”

[1] See (1) Hay, Louise L., You Can Heal Your Life, Carlsbad, CA, Hay House, Inc., 1999; (2) Levine, Peter, Healing Trauma, Boulder, CO, Sounds True, Inc., 2005; (3) Levine, Peter with Frederick, Ann, Waking the Tiger: Healing Trauma, Berkeley, CA, North Atlantic Books, 1997; and (4) Pert, Candace B., Molecules of Emotion, New York, NY, Touchstone, 1997.


MORE INFO (videos):

                        “VETERANS AND SUICIDE – AN EPIDEMIC – PART 1" by lscott7224.

                “Alan Downs author of The Velvet Rage speaks on shame [shame-based trauma  and more” by VelvetWarriors.                               
 “Buck [THE Horse Whisperer] - Official Trailer [HD]” by VisoTrailer.

Your horse is a mirror to your soul.

Sometimes you might not like what you see…

Sometimes you will.


                                                                                                                       -Buck Brannaman
                 “EMDR [Eye Desensitization and Reprocessing] Success with Iraqi War Veteran “ by jshafertx.

                                               “Facing Trauma - A Rape Victim’s Scars” by DiscoveryHealth.


                                                                                    “FORGIVENESS” by liferegenerator.

                                                      “10 Things That Forgiveness Is Not” by Mars Hill Church.

                                                            “Feel your feelings and trust in God” by mysticbahai.

“General Peter Chiarelli and War’s Unseen Wounds” by HomefrontHeroes.

“Reassessing the Term PTSD” by WebsEdgeHealth.


                                                                        “Healing from Sexual Abuse” by cata06.

                 “Nicole B. Bromley story Pt. 1 Topic: Childhood sexual abuse” by Producer 175.

          “Male Sexual Abuse / Sexual Abuse / Rape / Incest / FREE MP3" by WCSLdglas.
                               “Healing Stress and Trauma: Safety, Boundaries” by RegalenaMelrose.

            “Holographic Memory Resolution - Reframe Memories, Release Pa” by Americast.

            “How Can I Tell If I Have PTSD or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder?” by DrQuintal.

“How EMDR [Eye Desensitization and Reprocessing] Can Resolve Traumatic Memories That Formed” by EMDR [Eye Desensitization and Reprocessing]inAction.

                        “How To Start: ‘Tell The Truth and Feel Your Feelings’” by PeaceCanBe.


“Mental Health and Therapy: What Is Group Counseling?” by eHow.

Many people like one-on-one counseling. I did for years; however, I got to the point where I was

ready to learn new skills and start letting people around me so that I could learn to communicate

more effectively and in a healthier manner. I was nervous at first but I found group therapy to be a comforting and supportive environment with others who were having the same difficulties that I was having. Feeling like I was not alone helped quite a bit.

“Introduction to Group Counseling” by GTCounseling.

“Journey Into Self – Carl Rogers” by emzocage.

“Post Traumatic Stress Disorder – 1 of 3 – The Trauma Industry – BBC Panorama Documentary” by RuniScience.

                                                “PTSD: Fallen Soldier Lost to Suicide” by pinkygirl38.

                                                            The path to recovering from PTSD 12,013by VeteransMTC.


Many war veterans and victims of rape know this scenario all too well. They may spend months or even years talking about their experiences, reliving them, expressing their anger, fear, and sorrow, but without passing through the primitive “immobility responses” and releasing the residual energy, they will often remain stuck in the traumatic maze.

. . . .

Fortunately, the same immense energies that create the symptoms of trauma, when properly engaged and mobilized, can transform the trauma and propel us into new heights of healing, mastery and even wisdom. Trauma resolved is a great gift, returning us to the natural world of ebb and flow, harmony, love, and compassion. …[1]         


                        “Self Connection Instantly Releases Trauma” by QuantumHealingCenter.

                                                                        “‘snail model’ for trauma healing” by Dotgovin.

“Something To Believe In” by PoisonVEVO.    

“This is EMDR”  by Jordan Shafter.

                                                “Trauma: Myths about Trauma and PTSD” by BillOHanlon.

                               “Trauma, Somatic Experiencing and Peter A. Levine PhD” by drpeterpal.

“Polar Bear Tremoring after a stressful event” by jonlir.

            “Rebounding from Trauma with Peter Levine [online course]” by SoundsTrueVideos.

“What Is TRE- Trauma Release Exercises – Interview with David Berceli – Part 1.avi” by HOLOWORLDdenmark.

“Self Connection Instantly Releases Trauma” by QuantumHealingCenter.




IT WILL DIE [usually from helplessness or an inability to continue normal life].

“ US Military Suicides Out Number Soldiers Killed By Enemy Fire for 2009" by MoxNewsDot.Com.

                                                        “US troops suffer post-war trauma” by AlJazeeraEnglish.

                        “VETERANS AND SUICIDE – AN EPIDEMIC – PART 1" by lscott7224.

“The Path to Recovery From PTSD [veterans’ voices]” by MakeTheConnection

The War Within 1 of 4” by WRALDocPhotog.

[1] Levine, Peter with Frederick, Ann, Waking the Tiger: Healing Trauma, Berkeley, CA, North Atlantic Books, 1997, pp.20-21.


Soldiers' portraits before, during and after war

Photographer Lalage Snow's powerful series of triptychs titled We Are The Not Dead depict the faces of British servicemen before, during and after (left to right) their deployment to Afghanistan, spanning a period of seven months. The images are as striking as they are revealing, highlighting not only the physical transformations but the emotional ones, as well.


Mental disorders, not combat, tied to military suicide

He said the findings don't mean experiencing combat doesn't have any harmful long-term effects on military personnel - just that how people deal with combat mentally, and their situation and stress level at home, may also be important.

                                    Sneak peeks and at least one full episode of ‘Surviving Evil”

It's one thing to host a show about people surviving horrible attacks and telling their stories. It's another when you've been through it yourself. Charisma Carpenter's new series "Surviving Evil" debuts Wednesday night on Investigation Discovery and her story is the first to be told in the premiere. Steve and Heather asked her what it was like to go back and discuss something most people would try and forget.

"The project itself was so inspiring and empowering to women, it's educational and I think that I thought it was the appropriate time, I had enough distance from the experience...I'm in a healthier place."


Charisma says the show allows her and other victims to come to terms with the past and use it for their futures. "They weren't broken by it, they've gone on, they've survived."







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