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Become whole. Become who you are in the here and now.
Become who you were created to be - a reflection of love.
   Heal your body.      Heal your mind.      Heal your soul.

Pioneer Spirit is in You



            Don't you just love freshly fallen new snow with no footprints yet?

            How about a spot of ocean with no other boats? Don't you just want to go out on it?
I certainly do anyways. I LOVE going into a place where nobody has been yet or at least where I have not been yet. I love a blank slate.

                        How about your own spirit. Wouldn't you like to get to know it better?  It's a new frontier for most of us.

                                     How about the Creator? Wouldn't you like to talk to Him? Don't you have some things that you would very much like to say? Wouldn't you like to ask him some questions or something?

                                What are you waiting for?         Come on, let's go.

I know that the thought of going within can be quite scary but once you get used to it - pretty amazing.

There is a very loving Creator just waiting for you to turn to Him and excited about you wanting to get to know yourself and Him better. Your own spirit and that of the Creator would very much love to show you the way out of this madness and suffering and pain. What have you got to lose?

Know and believe that there is a Creator. Try going within by learning to know yourself for the truth – as long as one has a connection with oneself and with the Creator and the life inside ---- wake yourself from the dead, give yourself a new tongue to speak with, turn yourself into wine, you can cast out your own demons, get new blood to live and do everything that Christ showed us by example. We do this by having a personal relationship with God.

Just remember that you cannot do any of this by yourself and without going within. We need God's help to do this for it is by His grace that we are saved and allowed redemption.  If you think that you can do it by yourself then you will learn the hard and sometimes very painful way that there is definitely something bigger than you out there and inside of you. Every step into pain or fear is a step away from the something bigger and an attempt to get your attention. Sometimes pain and suffering is the only thing that gets our attention. That is what got mine when it got to be too much. I always thought I had to do everything by myself and so this has been a huge learning experience in having to ask for help and go to God and let Him take care of things.

When you can pull yourself out of the madness of pain, fear, grief, sorrow, rage and all of the lower emotional extremes and find life and so much love in their guidance and that relationship, then your whole life will change for the better. It may be a rough go for a while to get out but there is so much love that is closer than your wildest dreams. This world can be heaven when you can break free of its bonds and live in closer connection with yourself and the Creator. It is so much different. There is so much more freedom, so much more love and so many more possibilities.

Look within yourself and to God in the heart. Clear your heart of anger, rage, jealousy, sadness, grief, fear and everything but love and there you will find God and yourself. Love will clear out the energies of the lower emotions and allow you to connect with love in a more powerful way. It is in the space of love that you will find the truth. The lower emotions veil or cloud the truth and they are filters by which the truth may pass through and then we see dimly or darkly through the glass. Only in a place of pure love will the truth be seen. A personal relationship with yourself and with God will help you clear out the lower energies because that is what sharing love does.

Then, the chaos of this world no longer has any power over you to make you afraid, angry, hurt and all those other things. You will see with new eyes, hear with new ears, touch with new hands, speak with new tongues and live and love from the heart. One can see, feel, touch, live, speak, hear and all right from the heart and not the mind. That is where God lives in us and that is how you can find heaven here instead of living in hell.

Then, you will have safety and security in your life. Nobody will be able to control you, make you afraid, take away your rights and your security or create wars. Then, we can all change the world to a better place. I think our lessons would be of a different nature.  I think that if we could combine the physical and the spiritual and the inner life then we could help this world to be the true jewel that it already is in the universe. Think of the possibilities of such a place when living from the heart and from a space of love. Granted, it will take some time but our children and our children’s children and then on, what a much different life they will have out of the ashes of ours. Maybe we can give them that legacy at least.

                                                                The heart is the center of your being and the bridge or doorway to the spiritual life. Stand up and hold your arms out straight to the side like this image. Where does your heart lie?  Right as it shows on the drawing. The heart is the doorway to love, to life, to answers, to new worlds, to being 3D, 4D, 5D and beyond even, to the Creator and to so many other things.

This is a video from a scientific and a spiritual point of view. Give it a go if even only for the last few minutes to see the photos of what holds our body together in some ways.

“How the BODY is HELD Together - AMAZING Protein Discovery  - Laminin

             ... and then tell me that we are all the result of only evolution and that there is no intelligent design done by a Creator in this world. I don't think evolution by itself could ever put together the symphony of wonders that is in this world all by itself. I think evolution plays a part but there is, to me, definitely something bigger behind all of this when you start to see how everything is working together and how it all fits. I found my own musical note, as others have. Tell me how only evolution can give me my own musical note because I think that it is more than that. Much more than only chance. 

If we can stop “feeding” these beings in the lower dimensions with the food of our fear, rage, jealousy, greed, lust and so on…then they will no longer have any power in this world. They will no longer be able to control us. They might never stop nipping at our heels but this is also what spurs us on to bigger and better things. Without something or someone nipping at us then we grow soft, weak, lazy and we grow content to be where we are at that time. If we are made in the image of God then think of just how far we can go in connection with God.

Now doesn’t that sound like an exciting frontier to be explored? And you thought there was nowhere else to go. Now that we have developed the physical side of us and our thinking enough maybe we can start to explore our hearts and develop the corresponding energetic body which will help us move upward and onward. Think of it. Think of the possibilities and the opportunities. You will be building new bodies and new life just by changing your focus and learning some new skills and having a connection with yourself and the Creator. It goes beyond the physical and life becomes so much more when you realize and can see that we are so much more than these physical bodies. So if God is spirit and we are part spirit then think of how much more can we develop our spiritual side in connection with our Creator and ourselves? Doesn’t that get you excited again? I think it is truly amazing to say the least.

Many of us come from a long line of pioneers. Those who came to a new country and who left all familiar things behind. Those who went West. Those who explored new and unknown territories. Those who went and continue to go beyond. We live in a country founded by pioneers and I feel that kind of spirit still lives in this country and in its people. You are the descendants of those early pioneers or have been one of your own. This pioneer spirit lives in so many in this country and in the world today. Well, the heart and beyond to a more spiritual and full life  is at least one more frontier or new land to be explored. The pioneer spirit resides inside of you and we each have our own inner frontier to be explored. It is a place of newly fallen snow with no footprints, a stretch of blue ocean with no other boats or our own space to be explored. Adventure awaits each and every one of you if you will but take a chance.

Be your own pioneer. Be your own hero. LIVE your life to the fullest and the best that is inside each and every one of you. Since you are made in the image of God then that is where your best guide will be and you will find Him inside each and every one of you. Look inside the heart and do this by getting to know yourself. Yes, it is scary but it is a delight and a wonder all on its own at the same time.






Space is not the only frontier left to be explored. We have our own inner space to be explored which can lead to new and different frontiers and maybe more out into space but not necessarily in a physical way.

Try to go within. God is inside the heart of everyone. Get to know and love yourself and seek God as well by sharing that love. Let God love you. Love and give to others.

                                                                                    GODSPEED – each and every one of you.

Give this movie a watch. Ignite your heart and your spirit. There are plenty of new horizons out there for everyone.



(2012) – “Based on the amazing true adventure of Thor Heyerdahl, Kon-Tiki is the tale of a Norwegian explorer in 1947 who embarks on the voyage of a lifetime to prove a point. When the scientific community rejects his theory that South Americans were the first to settle in the Polynesian Islands, Heyerdahl resolves to prove its validity – and save his reputation – by embarking on the voyage himself. Recruiting a group of five men who are just bold enough to tackle the seemingly impossible trip, he builds a simple raft to original pre-Columbian specifications and sets off on the epic 101 day-long journey across the treacherous ocean to meet his fate, while the world watches.”




Be a part of the current and future generations that are breaking the cycles – of abuse, of pollution, of addiction, of violence, of cancer, of …… whatever cycle it is that is causing suffering for yourself and others.



Be a part of the new generations that boldly go into new frontiers of the inner self and thus, of a personal relationship with God, of medicine, of energy, of weather, of nutrition, of the heart, of the psyche, of healing, of boundaries, of limitations, of so many new horizons in every way of life.



Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed

by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did.

So throw off the bowlines.

Sail away from the safe harbor.

Catch the trade winds in your sails.

Explore. Dream. Discover.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              -Mark Twain



When you learn about yourself and your own inner life then the bigger picture will become more and more clear as time passes. The microcosm of humanity and each spirit really seems to be a smaller version of the macrocosm in many ways.

When you start to learn more about your own inner energies and how they work and feel then you will start to have a much bigger understanding of the cosmos as well that you will probably never get if you continue to look only outside yourself for answers. What if we all start to explore our own inner frontiers and then start to put everything we discover into the pool of life to help each other and this world? Think how the world could change in so many ways and areas of life.



                                Yield My Heart (Live) by Kim Walker-Smith



            What about letting God show us the way?


The Genesis Code (movie) (fee-based service). Also, buy or rent at


An entertaining movie about science and religion combined. From 1:08:36 to 1:38:05 Creation is explained as it relates to science. Basically, the movie explains that 6 days of Genesis in the Bible = 15,760,000,000 years given the different rates of experiencing time from different perspectives. God created the world in 6 days of His time and it took 15 plus billion years here on earth in our time given currently known physics applications. To me this explanation makes perfect sense the way it is presented. I think this is exciting. I never questioned Genesis but I am thrilled that science explained it in a way that makes sense and especially to those who may not feel that God is real.


Time passes differently in your spiritual body compared to the physical body. Distances can be traveled in the blink of an eye, or seconds, whereas the physical body would take years. For me, the explanation makes perfect sense. When you are out of your physical body time takes on whole new meaning.


For me, in my own experiments and experiences, God = love. Love is a vibration and a frequency which science has already proven. God does exist and He exists in that state of being and love. I need no further explanation for his presence because I can feel Him.


                   Try sharing love with God and Christ. 

                                                                                                                     Surrender. Let them into your life.


                                                            Blossom before the Lord our God ....


My God, people do not know you! If they did, you would be loved far more than you are. If people only knew your wisdom, power, goodness, beauty, and all your divine attributes, they would all have become seraphim consumed with the fire of your divine love. this is my aim: to make you known, so that you may be loved and served by all. O my God and my Father, may I know you and make you known; love you and make you loved; serve you and make you served; praise you and make all creatures praise you. Grant, my Father, that all sinners be converted, all the just persevere in grace, and all of us attain to eternal glory.

                                                                                                St. Anthony Claret



                                Spirit Break Out - Kim Walker - CD Still Believe - Jesus Culture


"I'm so pleased that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are spending today raising awareness of suicide" - Jonny Benjamin blogs

Rethink  mental illness (UK)

We see through the work that we do with addiction, homelessness and knife crime that a lot of it stems back to childhood," said the royal mom, 34, ....

William and Kate, just back from a brief
ski break with son Prince George, 2, and Princess Charlotte, 10 months, have increasingly been immersing themselves in the bid to tackle mental health challenges, and understanding suicide and its prevention – and the bereavement that follows – is the next step.



What Does It Mean That We Live In A Secular Age?


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