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Mouth sewn shut

Throat and head chakra meditation


T        This was a meditation that I did on the throat and head  chakra back in 2005 to see what I saw at that time. 
          These things change over the years and daily sometimes.


           See how my throat chakra is small and closed. See also how I feel that I have my mouth sewn shut so that I cannot s         speak. This all relates to a lack of skills and my inability to speak up for myself or to express myself.

  My crown chakra has lots of old energy clogging it up but underneath that core of dark blue pain is my clear mind    
  showing the yellow and the pink of love which balances it out. At that time, my mind was still fairly shut down beause 
  of pain and other clogged energies. These are my own interpretions and feelings.

  I couldn’t see as you can tell from the drawing. That is because of the


Years later, in 2012, I discovered there was indeed a golf-ball size chunk of ungodly pain energy in my brain, just slightly forward of my ears and above. That is what the blue surrounding the yellow and pink represents. This was the pain that finally got so bad after years and years and years that I broke. It has taken a long time for me to get this far but I had to go into it and remove this energy from the head area. Underneath was my spirit, surrounded by all of the pain. I’m still clearing the residue but much of it is gone and I can once again feel my brain pulsing with life energy.


Years later I drew my death wish. Take a look at the colors of my spirit that are breaking free of the physical body and of death and darkness. See the yellow and the pink breaking out? Those are the colors of my spirit and notice in the drawing above that those are the colors that I drew surrounded by the blue of the pain. Now there is less blue and still the pink and yellow of my spirit and soul. I still feel constriction in the tissues in the brain but these are SLOWLY clearing out over the years. This clearing takes time.

How smart we are and we don't even know it sometimes. That is what happens when you are paying attention to your spirit and when you learn to listen to and to know yourself.



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