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Miscellaneous Resources

            "Choose to inhale, don't breathe just to exist."

                                                                                                                              -Mattie J.T. Stepanek

CLEANSING, DIET, NUTRITION, etc. (videos and articles)

I found that an alkaline diet (mostly fruits and vegetables, especially green, leafy vegetables) promotes calmness, clear thinking and stability. Eating acidic (sugar, dairy, meat, coffee, processed foods) and comfort foods for the most part contributes to anxiety and a chaotic state of mind. While sugar and other acidic foods may blunt what you don't want to feel they also produce anxiety, unbalance the mind and stress the body. Alkaline foods and especially green leafy vegetables, calm and heal the body and the mind. Eat an 80% alkaline and 20% acid diet plus sea vegetables or fresh vegetable juices for minerals to balance and rebuild the body. Add some essential oils, such as omega 3, 6, 9's to your diet. Think about what acid does to a battery and how baking soda gets rid of the acid. That is the most basic explanation that I can give to you at this time.    Longevity site by David Wolfe.
“pH Balance - The Key To Vibrant Health - Acid Alkaline Diet” by PhionBalance. 
"The pH Miracle for Weight Loss” by phmiracleliving. 
“The pH scale and you” by klyons731.

Don't feel like you have to make a diet and nutrition transition overnight. Pay attention to how you feel and what your body and your spirit are telling you. Just this month, after nine years of cleansing, detoxifying and juicing, I was able to go for almost three weeks eating all raw foods, which is something I have not been able to do yet. I have done many juice fasts of ten days or so but never all raw foods. This feels right for my body now but I pay attention. I do not eat all raw at this time. A lot of the time was spent getting out the old energies, fear and trauma that I was holding on to and learning new skills to be stronger emotionally. Pace yourself and do not feel that you have to do anything on a schedule.         "All About Juicing."
"Shirley’s Wellness Cafe – “The Health Benefits of Cayenne Pepper.”

Just by cutting meat out of my diet for three months and dairy out for one month, I was able to get rid of much of the inflammation in parts of my body. I was taking high dose anti-inflammatory medication, much of it for most of the month, especially for one week out of the month due to severe fibroids. Now I do not have to take them at all. None this month at all. I even feel like the swelling has gone down and at least 95% of the pain is gone. This varies from month to month but generally, I don't have to take the anti-inflammatory medication any more than 2-3 days out of the month. This is far better than the two to three weeks out of the month that I was taking them. If I add dairy or meat back into my diet then my symptoms get worse and I have to take more medicine. Thus, I find that I much prefer to change my diet than to feel the pain, inflammation, swelling or to face a surgery that could otherwise be avoided with nutrition and diet. Saves me money.

In the same area please note this info: 

"Researchers have identified cholesterol’s partner in crime as inflammation—the flood of white blood cells and chemicals that our immune system unleashes to ward off damage or infection. Cholesterol wouldn’t be nearly as dangerous without this process, which is thought to play an essential role in atherosclerosis, the hardening that occurs when low-density lipoprotein (LDL), also known as bad cholesterol, builds up in the arteries.",,20232652,00.html        
Raw food nutrition before and after photos of men and women.

FOR FUN (Youtube videos):
“Extraordinary Toroidal Vortices” by Evasius.


The following video shows how our thoughts can affect water.
Since we are mostly water, how might our thoughts affect our bodies, our very cells even, our minds and our environment? How might all of our collective thoughts affect the world? The weather? The oceans?  Who knows?

"How Consciousness Affects Water" by Dr. Masuro Emoto.


“10 Products the World Honestly Didn’t Need” by alltime10s.

                        “360 degree panorama from the summit of Mount Everest” by timmymosedale.

                                                                                           “Mount Everest Sunrise” by Vassi1.

                                                                        “Amazon Rainforest (No Music)” by jkilts.

“Basket making with Willow Materials Part 1” by Pathfinder. 

“The Beauty of Sit-Spot” by wildearthschildren.

                                                                         How to connect with nature in a closer way.

From the movie BIG  - “Chopsticks.”

                                                                        “The Blue Hole – Belize” by blackheart31594.

                                                      “Big Holes in The Earth (with descriptions)” by oldcreppy.

“Body Worlds Exposition: Part 1” by WatchMojo.

                                                                                    “CN Freight Train” by Brenton81.

                                                                        “The Crow and the Canary” by arniethelip1.

“Cyclops Shark Discovered in Sea of Cortez” by MysteryHistorydotTV.

“Dalai Lama: ‘Lesser [sic] hair means more wisdom’” by URsamtiden.  

                                                                 “Discovering Bird Language” by wildearthschildren.

                                                                “Atlantis Waterpark Dubai” by harrietgib.
                                                                  “ATLANTIS HOTEL, DUBAI PART 1 OF 2” BY SuperAhsaleh.
                                                                                               “Atlantis,The Palm, Dubai” by prashartny.
                                                        “Dubailand Promotional Video – Part 1” by qtrinh.
                                                                 “Dubai Rotating Tower” by Letsdoit2011.
I think these are some pretty cool special effects and concepts.

                                                                              “Ducks having a conversation” by Bubbaist.

 “Earth HD| Time Lapse View from Space, Fly Over | NASA, ISS” by xRobG.

“Enjoy Gliding” by JurgenReider.

“Cool Glider Video” by 211fletcher.

“Extraordinary Toroidal Vortices” by Evasius.
                                                                          “Ferrofluid Demo 1” by garyleejohns.

“Funny Bird” by punjabiis12. 
                       “Guiness World Record -  Longest/Biggest Domino Line Ever” by ShanesDominoez.

“The Sonimod” by FlippyCatsDominoes

“ Quadrino Witespy Quadcopter Review MikeysRC” by MikeysRC. 
                                                  “How Consciousness Affects Water” by Dr. Masuro Emoto.
                                        “How to Wire-Wrap Beach Glass the Easy Way” by Nightingayle.
                         “Kuroshio Sea – 2nd largest aquarium tank in the world…” by TheDreamwhispers. 
                     “The World’s Largest Aquarium // Georgia Aquarium // Atlanta GA”  by LightbulbEnt.
                                                             “Monterey Bay Aquarium” by perfectlittlelife. 
                           “Dubai Mall Aquarium (LARGEST AQUARIUM IN THE WORLD)” by yamenad
                                                                                           “Dubai Mall Aquarium” by Nartin1986.
“World’s Largest Aquarium Big Tank, Atlanta” by sassoongirl. 
                                                          “Barcelona Aquarium” by Pestemarisitari.

“Laughter Really Makes Good Medicine” by iHealthTube.

“Laughter Increases Joy” by alicefarthur.

“The Lion Sleeps Tonight [The Beauty of Africa]” by M3GISTANES.

                                                                                “Listening to Northern Lights” by hearvox.

“Long Beach Sunrise Time-Lapse Video” by cfactorstout.

“The Magic of Making  - Church Bells” by magicofmaking.

                                                       “Westminster Abbey Bell Ringers” by ebethgrace

                                      “Christ Church Bells – hot house flowers” by orangeblueandlaverda.

“Metropolis – a K’nex ball machine” by Kairah89.

                                                            “NASA/The Mystery of the Aurora” by NASAexplorer.

                                                                                          “Niagara at Night” by jitendragneogi.

                                           “One Year Time Lapse, Oak Tree Timelapse” by mikebrown320.

“ORIGINAL Elephant Painting [watch an elephant paint]” by ExoticWorldGifts.
                                                                   “Otters Holding Hands” by Manatofus. 
                                          “Peace All Over The World / Playing For Change” by PlayingForChange.

“Planet Earth: Amazing nature scenery (1080p HD) “ by RobertLVI .

                                                                                                “Sound of Sun” by RaverTV.

                     “Spectacular Venus Transit [2012] Photos" by msn.                                                                         

“Stereo View of the Sun” by VideoFromSpace.

                                                                        “Sunset Time Lapse HD” by Visual Stillness.

“Top 10 Funny Baby Videos” by BestTVvideo.


“Unbelievable Freestyle Soccer/Football Tricks [HQ]” by 876Area.

“Unique Houses” by tinhyeybanme.

“Top 10 Weird Houses” by alltime10s.

                               “Victoria Falls the Largest Waterfall in the World” by victoriafallsguide.

“Whitney Houston – I Wanna Dance with Somebody” by WhitneyHoustonVEVO. 

           Wildearthschildren home page. Nature awareness and primitive living.


HEALTH AND MEDICINE: "Inside the Brain."

Increasingly, in the medical press, articles are being published about the high cost of the negative emotions. Cancer, in particular, has been connected to the negative states of grief or anger or fear. It makes little sense to suppose that emotions exact only penalties and confer no benefits. At any rate, long before my own [Norman Cousins] illness, I became convinced that creativity, the will to live, hope, faith, and love had biochemical significance and contribute strongly to healing and to well-being
World network of users and survivors of psychiatry. Videos and resources.


                 "BLOOD IS A VERY SPECIAL FLUID"

                                                     -- (Goethe's Faust). The Occult [hidden] significance of blood” by Rudolph Steiner.


Were man endowed with only a brain, he would only be able to reproduce pictures of the outer world within himself, and to experience them within himself: be would then only be able to say: "The outer world is reflected in me as in a mirror." If, however, he is able to build up a new form for this reflection of the external world, this form is no longer merely the external world reflected, it is "I." A creature possessed of a sympathetic nervous system only reflects the world which surrounds it; it does not perceive that outer world as itself, as its inner life. A being possessed of a spinal cord and a brain perceives the reflection as its inner life.But when a creature possesses blood, it experiences its inner life as its own form. By means of the blood, assisted by the oxygen of the external world, the individual body is formed according to the pictures of the inner life. This formation is expressed as the perception of the "I."


Here are a few sites for those interested in options other than or in addition to chemotherapy and radiation for treating cancer and other diseases.     Healing Cancer Naturally.                         Gerson therapy/center.                       Cancer Tutor.

Whether or not you submit to the standard treatments for cancer (surgery, radiation and chemotherapy), there are things you can do for yourself. Some patients undergoing the standard treatments become too weak to complete their treatment. The program you will find on this page and elsewhere in this website may help you build your strength to finish the treatment while helping to minimize side effects.

There is plenty of research showing the link between acidic pH and cancer. Cancer thrives in an acidic environment, and doesn't survive in an normal, more alkaline environment. Cancer cells make your body even more acidic as they produce lactic acid. So if you have cancer, your pH levels are low and your body is too acidic.


As you learn about pH and cancer, you find there is a long history of reversing cancer simply by alkalinizing the body. It is one of the basic strategies in the battle against cancer and for improving your health in general.
The Mesothelioma Group - information on the diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment of cancer ( The Mesothelioma Group also donates to local charities and provides scholarships to victims and their families.

Candlelighters helps children battle and overcome cancer (


Applying his technique for measuring wavelengths directly to human beings, Simoneton found that the normal healthy person gives off a radiance of about 6,500 [angstroms] or a little higher, whereas the radiations given off by tobacco smokers, alcohol imbibers, and carrion eaters are uniformly lower. Bovis claimed that cancer patients give off a wavelength of 4,875, which, he noted, was the same wavelength as that of over-refined French bread before the Second World War.

However, because a cancer victim will radiate this low level long before any overt symptoms of his disease is in evidence, Bovis pointed out that it is possible to take remedial steps well before the ailment has made serious inroads into the body’s cellular tissue.

Tompkins, Peter and Bird, Christopher, The Secret Life of Plants: A Fascinating Account of the Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual Relations Between Plants and Man, New York, NY HarperCollins Publishers, Inc., 1973, pg. 306.



    1 cup of milk [cow's] contains 276 mg calcium vs. 1 cup Almond Breeze original
     almond milk contains 455 mg calcium. Milk data from USDA National Nutrient
     Database for Standard Reference. Release 24 (2011).*

*Taken from the nutrition information on the side of a 1/2 gallon container of almond milk by Almond Breeze.R


Let's go deeper. In general, so-called contagious diseases are caused, not by germs, but by IMMUNE SYSTEMS THAT ARE TOO WEAK TO FIGHT OFF THOSE GERMS.
                                                                        Jon Rappoport


According to Dr. Royal R. Rife, every disease has a frequency. He found that certain frequencies can prevent the development of disease and that others would destroy disease. Substances with higher frequency will destroy diseases of a lower frequency. The study of frequencies raises an important question, concerning the frequencies of substances we eat, breathe and absorb. Many pollutants lower healthy frequency. Processed/canned food has a frequency of zero. Fresh produce has up to 15 Hz, dried herbs from 12 to 22 Hz and fresh herbs from 20 to 27 Hz.

Info on drugs and medical devices.

Our goal at DrugDangers is to keep the public educated and informed of all defective medical devices and dangerous medications that are currently on the market. As an online resource sponsored by Seeger Weiss LLP, DrugDangers strives to provide accurate, relevant medical information all in one place. - See more at:



“Fear of Loving Who You Are” by burtharding

“How To Love YOU!  (webcam #15)” by burtharding

“5 Ways to LOVE Yourself, OVER/OVER!...” by TonyaTko. 

“Relationship Dating Techniques: How To Love Yourself” by expertvillage

“83 #1 Self Image and Love Yourself Faster EFT” by HealingMagic

“Michael Jackson – Man In the Mirror” by MichaelJacksonVEVO

“Whitney Houston – Greatest Love of All” by WhitneyHoustonVEVO.




MUSIC AND SOUND (articles and videos):  
An article on the effect of different types of music such as rock & roll and classical on the human brain, plants and animals.       Information about the Heptatonic scale of music, which uses seven notes, and is the basis for classical music.

I have read information somewhere to the effect that the Pentatonic scale seems to keep our vibration lower or in the lower chakras [below the heart]. Music using the Hepatonic scale seems to keep our vibration in the highest chakras [heart and above], or helps us to be at a higher vibration. I have definitely found the effects of both to be different, but I still enjoy listening to all kinds of music. What about you? What do you think? Try listening to some different kinds of music and notice the difference in how you feel and where you feel the music in your body.            Information about the Pentatonic scale of music, which uses five notes, and is used in rock, jazz, folk music, blues and more.

Try AUM instead of OM.

"Sound, in keeping with all other forces of nature, is not biased toward the production of beneficial or destructive forces. . . . . Depending upon the combination of musical notes, rhythms and instrumentation, music possessed the ability to either enhance the spirituality or the darker side of humanity." 
 “Amazing Grace - Rhema 7yr old Gospel singer plz ‘Share’” by RhemaMarvanne.
Andrea Bocelli - Con Te Partirò” by andreabocelli·
Andrea Bocelli: ‘Dare to live’" by andreabocelli. 
“Bon Jovi – Something For The Pain” by JonBonJoviVEVO.
“Bring Him Home (from Les Miserables)” by ThePianoGuys.
“Bryan Adams – Please Forgive Me” by bryanadams. 
“Christina Perri – A Thousand Years (Piano/Cello Cover) – The Piano Guys” by ThePianoGuys. 
 “CCHR: Big Pharma-Define ‘Better’” by EBChill.
“Christmas Food Court Flash Mob, Hallelujah Chorus – Must See!” byAlphabetPhotography. 
“Didgeridoo-Jeremy Donovan, Aboriginal Artist” by oddmusic.   
“Didgeridoo and Tibetan Singing Bowl - Music for Deep Meditation. 
“David & Steve Gordon -Eagle Dance - Drum Medicine.” 
“Eric Clapton – Pilgrim (Video)” by warnerbrosrecords. 
“Fleetwood Mac – Landslide (Video)” by warnerbrosrecords. 
“Franz Liszt – Liebestraum – Love Dream” by TheWickedNorth.

“Franz Liszt: Liebestraum cello and piano” by SeeliToivio. 
“Groove in G” by PlayingForChange.    
“Handel: Messiah, Hallelujah (Sir Colin Davis, Tenebrae, LSO)” by lso.     
“Handel: Messiah, For unto us a child is born (Sir Colin Davis, Tenebrae, LSO [London Symphony Orchestra])” by lso.
"Lady Gaga – Born This Way"  by LadyGagaVEVO.

"Lady Gaga – Marry the Night (Official Video)" by LadyGagaVEVO.
“Leonard Bernstein performs Beethoven’s Ode to Joy” by ernestalba.
“Michael Jackson-Heal the World” by MichaelJacksonVEVO.

“Michael Jackson; The Cleveland Orchestra – Will You Be There” by MichaelJacksonVEVO. 
“Michael Jackson – They Don’t Care About Us” by michaeljacksonVEVO.

“Music Is My Ammunition / Playing For Change” by PlayingForChange.

“Nickelback – If Everyone Cared” by  nickelbacktv.    
“Nickelback – Savin me” by nickelbacktv.    
“Nickelback – When We Stand Together” by nickelbacktv.
“Queen  - I Want To Break Free” by QueenVEVO.
"Queen – Spread Your Wings” by QueenVEVO.

             “Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery.
                None but ourselves can free our minds.”

                                                                                                                 -Bob Marley, Redemption Song 
 “Redemption Song / Playing For Change” by PlayingForChange. 
 “Rockelbel’s Canon (Pachebel’s Canon in D) – 4 Cellos – The Piano Guys” by ThePianoGuys. 
“Scorpions – Wind of Change” by ScorpionsVEVO.
“’Sparrow’~Beautiful Melancholy, by Adam Hurst” by adamhurststudio.

“Tristesse – Chopin” by giulianazulay.


“Hebrew Psalms make heavenly melodies of music played by the Hebrew letters themselves!

Listen as some of your favorite Scripture verses play themselves!”




PHYSICS - basic demonstrations of energy, sound & vibration.

web sites:  
Animations of different subjects in physics such as a wave, base motion, how the eye works, the vibration of a tuning fork and more fun stuff.


                                                                 “The Colour of Sound - Documentary” by showmethelab.                                

 “The physics of sound creating form” by PeaceHasBegun.



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