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Life without God

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March 2009

This is how I was feeling when my ego got it the way and an example of the pain and separation it can create in life.

I felt very unworthy of God’s love before this moment and my ego thought it could do a better job of handling my life because of those feelings of unworthiness and my belief that I was not worthy of God’s love.  I have never been so bereft and heartbroken in all my life  Those are the huge doors into Heaven and the Lake of Fire outside. Those small spots are very small beings on those steps who are shut out of Heaven either temporarily or permanently. God did not shut me out. I shut myself out with my pride and feelings of unworthiness, fear, anger, pride and other things which led to me thinking I could do it all by myself. It is my ego that prevents me from being closer to Father if I let it get in the way of the connection.

I don’t know how it all works. I just know how I felt in that very moment.  I recognize that I got the lesson that my pride would keep me out of Heaven.

What happens when I fall away is that evil is able to get much closer to me. God doesn't have to do anything if I make a mistake or I think that I have to try to do something alone. Evil just comes right in because it's watching and let's me know that I am weaker without God. By it being able to get closer I know that I have made an error in my thinking or my behavior that has created more, and not less, separation from Father and so I have a choice to be closer to Him or at a distance. His love is what helps me to be closer to Him and to want to stay close and obey Him.

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