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Become whole. Become who you are in the here and now.
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Learning to feel energy

Learning to feel energy in your body...

                                                                                                and this will include your feelings.

What kind of shell do you have around you?

Hard, soft, spiky, borrowed, white, orange, small, large, loose, tight, round...?

Mine was hard and it had a lot of spikes to keep people away.



Concerning matter, we have been all wrong. What we have called matter is energy, whose vibration has been so lowered as to be perceptible to the senses. There is no matter.

                                                                                        -Albert Einstein

Everything is energy. Even feelings have an energy, a sound, a color. We have color around us. We emit color. We emit sound. We are energy. We are so much more than our physical bodies. We are spirit. We are souls.

Fear is energy and vibration. Love is energy and vibration. Feelings are energy and vibration. Health is energy and vibration. Disease is energy and vibration.

What kinds of energy do you feel from yourself? Can you feel any energy?

Try looking at some of the images on this page and think about what kind of energy you might feel from each image. Where do you feel it? What sound do you think that this feeling might make, if any?

Energy has color and sound as well as a feel.

Energy can be clear, vibrant and full of life like these photos show:


or it can be cloudy and dull and mucked up like these photos show:


Clear, vibrant energies, including love, in the body and energetic fields promote health and wellness while dirty and mucked up energies, including feelings such as grief, sadness, depression, fear, revenge, resentment and rage, as well as acidic body tissues and fluids can create and contribute to disease in the body.                                                                  




“Problems cannot be solved

at the same level of consciousness that created them.”

                                                                                  -Albert Einstein

Sometimes it is easier to have hope when you can see that there are other choices, other solutions, other ways of thinking, behaving and believing. I felt that I could not recover if I stayed in the same mindset and ways of thinking which contributed to my illness, my being a victim and lack of self-esteem, a lack of confidence and superficial relationships. I had to learn new things  and new ways of thinking, believing and behaving if I wanted my life to get better.

Try experimenting with saying different words and using different pitches and tones to your voice. Try words such as: love, hate, no, yes...

Try one word in different languages such as "good' and "bueno."

Try saying "No" in several different languages. Look it up on the internet if you need to.

Try saying love in different languages. Can you ever make this word sound mean?

Sadness: “Tristesse – Chopin” by giulianazulay.

Joy: “Leonard Bernstein performs Beethoven’s Ode to Joy.”


What feelings are you comfortable with in your life?

What feelings are you uncomfortable with in your life?

Do you feel okay to be real and express what you are feeling?

...or do you feel that you have to hide who you are and what you feel because you might not be loved, you might be abandoned, the other person might not like you, you cannot survive on your own, you need money......?


“There is only one pure emotion. That is love. All other emotions are an expression of love or of fear of losing love.

Some people believe that pure love is the essential energy
of all creation, the primal God stuff that all things are made of.”

“God is love, and those who abide in love abide in God.”

                                                                              John 4:7-21


The closet is twofold, outer and inner, material and spiritual; the material place is of wood and stone, the spiritual closet is the heart or mind…the inner spiritual closet…holds God and all the Kingdom of heaven.[1]

                                                        St. Dimitri of Rostov

[1] Consiglio, Cyprian, Prayer in the Cave of the Heart; The Universal Call to Contemplation, Liturgical Press, Collegeville, MN, 2010, pp.20.


Please do not do energy work without praying for and asking for God's love and protection. In doing it without God's protection you leave yourself open to the influence of the dark side. I know that there are many, many people working with energy and with Reiki and spirit guides and angels and such so be careful. While I feel that energy, sound and color are neutral, I also feel that there are many out there who are working with "spiritual guides" and "angels" who are not who they appear to be. They may have or are being fooled as I was by not so nice beings, including fallen angels and demons. They are still putting others before God instead of going to God. I now only "work" with God or Christ and it is really not work at all any more. The healing and recovery come about as part of sharing, love, friendship and relationship with God. While it did start out as work for me because I couldn't feel much of anything but pain anymore, it is no longer that way. Instead, I find a connection with someone bigger than myself that can help me through the ups and downs of life and who gives me some guidance and a new appreciation for the cycles of life, love and feelings.

As time passes I am no longer ruled by my feelings and different emotional states because I am comfortable with them and not controlled by them. Some affect me more than others at times but still, I am more comfortable with my feelings than ever before and this makes life a lot easier. I feel like I have more of a balance between my mind and my heart now and that is a blessing all by itself.

Just getting rid of the energy didn't help me to be stronger and more able to handle my feelings, my relationships or my life. Learning how to be comfortable with what I was feeling helped me to be stronger. Please know that for many years I was not learning new skills at the same time so feeling what was inside of me helped me learn to be stronger. I think that if one is learning new skills at the same time then it is not necessary to pull all of the energy out of the body. As someone gets stronger by learning new skills and using them in their life, then they will get emotionally stronger naturally. As a person learns new skills and lets love into their life then they will get stronger and the old stuff may fall away without any conscious effort. Perhaps. I don't know but this is a guess and something to consider. I didn't really trust others so I was learning how to feel so that I could feel God's love and that took me some time to learn to feel and to learn to listen to Him.  I don't feel that it is necessary to go into all of the old energies and feelings if you can let love into your life in some way. Just something to consider.

Anyone can have this kind of close relationship with God but like any relationship it requires time, effort and commitment. It requires only love and a desire to share your life with God. I think that maybe I didn't have to do all of the things that I did to find God but I knew of no other way at the time. I had to learn how to be friends and share with someone in a deep way. The one thing that made it all easier was that I figured that God already knew everything and so there was nothing that I had to hide. I found forgiveness, acceptance, love, support, truth, strength and safety with Him. I wanted and needed God to be real because I didn't feel safe in this world and so I went looking for Him. All of these things are given to you so that maybe you can find your own way if you so choose or at least get in touch with your own spirit in a deeper way.

While learning new skills, eating better, exercise and other methods helped me to feel better, I found that the most powerful healing forces in my life were love and emotional support. Because I really didn't have anyone here that I could turn to for assistance, I chose God. Who and what you choose are up to you.

The one reason that I find it so hard to hate the dark side even though they deceived me, was that I found love and support there when I could not find it anywhere else. Even if they were stealing my life energy, I didn't know it at the time and I FELT so much love and support.  I did a lot of healing during that time period and when it was time to move on I found out the truth. Perhaps this is similar to a situation where one still loves the abuser but because nothing was ever really defined for me when I was young and I never really learned about boundaries and how to protect myself this is what happened along the way. I got trapped by what I thought was love but it was not a healthy sort of love. I think that this has happened to many people who are looking for love and attention. I didn't really know what emotional abuse or neglect looked like in relationships.  I mean I knew some things like violence were not okay for me but I didn't know what real love looked like and so I had to learn.

I do not love my abusers any longer but neither do I hate them. I recognize why these things happened and why I felt the way that I did at the time. Still, I will not let them continue to abuse me or anyone else if I can help it. I will do my best to warn others that these beings are out there and that they are not our friends. I learned that God was and is my friend and that He loves us no matter what we have done or think we have done. I found forgiveness there.

                                “You change your life by changing your heart.” 

                                                                                                                         -Max Lucado

Here is an article on how to clear the heart chakra or the energy center for the heart, lungs and chest area:     "The sound of ah?"        
“The ‘AH’ [heart] Sound.” This sound helps to clear the heart, among other things. Give it a try and see how it feels. Notice that this sound is in the words God, Allah, Yeshua, Yahweh and many others. Do you think this is a coincidence?

Try sounding out the vowels "a, e, i, o, u" and seeing where you feel those in your body, if you can.

“Your pain is the breaking of the shell that encloses your understanding... And could you keep your heart in wonder at the daily miracles of your life, your pain would not seem less wondrous than your joy”
Khalil Gibran

Here are a couple of really good articles about learning how to feel your feelings:       "Learning to feel."
"Learning to Feel" by Walter Last  Some practical exercises for learning to feel your feeling, how we build amor around us to protect us, mirror exercises, feeling exercises, letting go exercises, emotions and body language and much, much more. Give this a go.

The Kingdom of God is inside us when “we keep in ourselves the seeds and principles of truth that have been sowed in our soul….Thus, e)nto\j u(mw=n is understood as “in the interiority of your soul.” In his Homilies on Luke, 36, preserved in Latin, Origen specifically deals with Luke 17:21 and interprets e)nto\j u(mw=n as “inside you,” and precisely “in your heart:”[1]

Please consider the following:

         The difference in power between a loving thought (10-35 million microwatts) and a fearful 
          thought (10-750 million microwatts) is so enormous as to be beyond the capacity of the human 
          mind to comprehend. We can see from the analysis above, however, that even a few 
          loving thoughts during the course of the day more than counterbalance all of our 
          negative thoughts.

           Hawkins, David R., Power vs. Force: An Anatomy of Consciousness, The Hidden Determinants of 
            Human Behavior
, West Sedona, AZ, Veritas Publishing, 2004, pg. 235.

We all know that love is a very powerful force, if not the most powerful force there is in the world. I honestly have never experienced a more healing force in my life than sharing life with God and His love. It's not the same if I try to do it all by myself as love is always better if you have someone to share. If one looks at the above mathematical information as far as the power of a loving thought versus a negative thought, then how much could we change the world from a place of fear to a place of love by eliminating the fear from our hearts? Think about it. This can be done starting with each of us individually. We could eliminate at the very least, most of the fear in the world by changing what is in our own bodies and our own hearts. Whether you see God as energy or as a loving Father or friend, if God is love, and He is, then we literally could change the world one person at a time, one heart at a time.


I do know that energies such as fear and grief and love all have their own qualities and exist without "being or personality." I also know that I found God in a space of love. If God is not real then explain to me how this energy has a state of "being" or a "personality" outside of being this tremendous feeling of safety, love, joy, strength and such. Explain its intelligence. Explain how it knows so much about me and more than I know myself at times. Explain that science. After what amounts to thousands of hours of working with my own energies and those of others and other beings, I think I can tell the difference between some of the energies. I don't pretend to know it all by any means but explain how this power of love has a presence that cannot be denied.

Actually, I'm not asking for an explanation. I'm trying to tell science that there is a being that perhaps cannot be explained but that He is real in my personal experience and opinion. There is true evil and there is Christ and there is God in my experience. God, Christ and evil things are not just energies. They are beings and they are quite real.


When we release energies from the body there can also be an accompanying release of emotions and toxins from the physical tissues. Thus, I feel it is necessary to support the healing of the body and the mind. I eat as well as possible to help the body heal and release the toxins in the tissues from the energy that was held inside. I also suggest that we support ourselves through the release of pent up feelings and energies, some of which can be painful as they release. I found that once the old energies and feelings were released that they no longer affected me for the most part. These releases can come in layers. As we release the energy we also heal the wounds. This can be a release without anything else or even any emotion or pain involved or it can involve working through what happened, what you are/were feeling and then incorporating those resolutions and insights into our psyche. This can take some time for the most part. Sometimes energies release and they are gone. Period. Most of the time I found that the energies release in layers like an onion. As you release and get stronger then more energies surface to be released if you are making an effort to recover.


TIP: LOVE makes the energy releases easier and especially if sharing with God. Sharing any kind of love with anyone will help the energy releases smoother and more healing. I had lots and lots of fear inside of me and my heart and so I was resistant to sharing as opposed to being enthusiastic.  This made the emotional releases more difficult. Share love and friendship – much easier and nicer to release the energies from the heart and the energetic and physical bodies.


You might be wondering what this thing is...


This is the little device that I used to help me learn how to feel the energy in my body. I made this from copper mesh and copper wire. The instructions for this come from the Biocircuits book by Leslie and Terry Patten. Basically, there are six pads of copper mesh: two large and four smaller ones. The two large ones are connected to each other with copper wire (speaker wire) and there are two sets of the smaller pads also connected with copper wire. The large pad on the left goes behind the neck while the other large pad right below goes under the sacrum. The other pads alternate each foot and hand, thus the left hand to right foot and right hand to left foot. This is based on the polarity and the electrical charges in the body. 

For more information on how biocircuits work, how to build your own set and some instructions see:

I would use it every day for 30 minutes or so and with practice and being still I started to be able to feel the energies move from side to side in my body. 

Using this device I slowly was able to get used to feeling my body’s energy and with practice, I started to be able to feel the energy without it.

In addition to this exercise I would focus on what I was feeling or the energies in my body for about 15-20 minutes per day to start or what felt right. Sometimes more, sometimes less but always I just knew when I had enough and when it was time to stop. The body tells you to stop. Also, do not force any energies into or through the body. This can be harmful. It's okay to focus on an area but do not force the energy. Let it flow on its own and you will find it has a wisdom to its movement through the body. Sometimes this movement might not make sense but it will later. Pretty soon with practice you will be more and more able to feel the difference in the energies, how they are moving and other happenings. Listen to yourself. FEEL the energies and what is happening. FEEL what sounds those energies want to make. FEEL them and release them.

Honestly, I don't know all of the answers here. I did this all on my own so it was very definitely a personal learning experience. This is when the other beings appeared and how I got tricked so be careful. I was tricked by the man in the white suit. He appeared in my mind's vision and I didn't ask closely enough who he was and I let him into my life. While he and other beings did help me they were also hurting me so connect with God and/or Christ in the heart and proceed from there or work on your energies by yourself but ask them for protection. Sharing is healing. Stay focused in your heart, pray for God's protection and if anyone shows up, ask them who they are without hesitation. Tell them to leave if you don't want them around. Try the spirits and do not just blindly trust what they are saying.There are heartless, deceitful beings on the astral plane. They must leave. If you EVER feel that you are in trouble or that you have pushed yourself too hard, ask God and/or Christ for help. Sometimes it just happens and too much energy gets released. They will assist you.

Go slowly. Getting used to feeling energies and energy releasing takes measurable time. Allow the releases to be absorbed into your mind, your psyche, your spirit and your body. Releasing too much at one time is not advised but everyone is different. Don't try to do it all at once. Try to take care of your body with optimal nutrition as energies release. This can be a very intense process at times so just know that ahead of time.

HAVE PATIENCE. This takes time. When I first started learning how to do this my body would release the energies but then the emtional release would not happen until 12 or 24 hours later, sometimes longer. As time went by the time between the energy release and the emotional release started to happen closer and closer together until now they pretty much happen at the same time. Not always, but most of the time. This is so much of an individual process and it just takes time to learn how you and your body will react and respond to the energy work and develop your relationship with God since it is His love that protects and heals.

This effort would be a lifetime commitment. Once you start feeing the energies I don't know if you could turn it off. I don't want to. At first it was hard work to learn how to feel the energies but now it is a normal part of my day. It is a part of my life and although difficult at times, I am glad to feel more whole.

I am going to warn you again not to do this work with anyone but God and/or Christ with their love and with their protection. DO NOT do this work with any energy or Reiki practitioners since you do not know who they are really working with. This is about you and a relationship with your own spirit and with God. Leave everyone else out. If you do not work with God's protection you leave yourself wide open to the dark side. I learned the hard way so learn from my mistakes.

One will learn to tell the difference between "good" and "evil' energies in friendship and companionship with God and Christ. One will learn to removed all dark influences in their life, find their weak spots and their strengths as well. This is a challenge and an opportunity to live more fully in spirit. I have never felt so free and so loved and so whole in expanding my spiritual side. I don't feel that anyone has to do this by any means to go Home but I find that I enjoy living more fully with God in this world than waiting until after I die. It is more of a challenge in my opinion but one which I now welcome. I would not ever go back to the limited way I was living my life before.

When releasing energy it is very important to remember to fill that space with love so that the energies released cannot come back into your body. It is God's love that redeems you but you cannot force God to redeem you. One must go to God and ask for His help. Trying to redeem yourself or make yourself a god without going to God is of the dark side or serving the self only. This filling with love applies whether the energy is fear, pain, sorrow, grief, demonic or any other kind of energy. This will help you to replace the vibrations of the lower emotions with the vibration of love, enhance your connection with Father and help protect you from harm.

Ask God and/or Jesus Christ/Yeshua for their protection, love and support. Pray to them for protection and assistance as you do this work. Try to connect with them in the heart. I recommend that you not have a relationship with anyone other than God and/or Christ since it is very easy for the dark side to trick us. I was fooled myself by so-called "spirit guides" when I was doing Reiki.

An evil spirit can be cast out of a person through the name of Jesus and by the
power of the Holy Spirit. When an evil spirit leaves a person, it is extremely
important that the void within them is filled with the Holy Spirit, lest the evil
spirit return and bring with it seven other spirits more wicked than itself.
(Luke 11:24-26; John 5:14)


Demons cannot just enter people any time they want to. They need a legal opening
to do so. Knowledge of the things that open the door to demons will also give us the
knowledge of how to keep the door shut on them. It is also necessary in order to
maintain our deliverance. What is the point of getting demons out, if they are only
going to be let back in shortly.

This is a Christian based article but I think it provides you with a pretty good idea of what can bring evil or its influences into your life. When I say evil, I am talking about darkness and those that serve only themselves and do not want God in their lives. Perhaps to the dark side we are evil but anyways, that is the difference for me and what I mean by so-called "good" or "evil" on this site. I try to leave judgments out of my personal opinions but I find that I must make our show some differences in some of my examples and give labels to the energies in some way.


Energy releases come in many different forms and types. The releases can appear as laughing, crying, wailing, choking, coughing, vomiting, seizures, muscular shaking, panic attacks, tremors and more. Pay attention to any memories or feelings that come up because they are trying to tell you something. Many times after a big release of energy or emotions, I feel very, very cold. If this happens to you, keep yourself warm, rest and let your body recover.

As I worked with the energies and the feelings in my body over the years, I became able to feel finer and finer energies, much like the difference between getting a massage and having acupuncture. The more that I worked with my feelings I began to feel the differences in the energies of grief, sorrow, fear, anger and the other emotions. I also began to feel where these energies were stored in the body as well as the energetic cause for any pain. A good reference for this is Louise Hay’s book, Heal Your Body, The Mental Causes for Physical Illness and the Metaphysical Way to Overcome Them,



I also began to understand the different sounds of the different feelings as I released them from the body, usually by blowing but letting my body tell me what sound it wanted to make. Then I started using the vowel sounds to help clear energies from the body. For example, the “ah” sound clears the heart and chest area. Then I started to use tuning forks and music and whatever sounded interesting to bring my body into harmony and release energies. I was fascinated by working with the energies and I would work with them for five or six hours a day sometimes. It might be 20 minutes one day or five hours another day. It depended upon what feelings I was working with or clearing out, how I felt and how much time I had to spend.

When I was finished for the day I would connect with God and ask Him to help me fill the areas where I released energy from the body with love, if I was not already talking and sharing with Him in some way. That included LISTENING to God which requires slowing down and being calm most of the time, for me anyways. I also used a technique to help me cleanse the old, released energies from the energetic field. I would give the energies to God since He will know what to do with them. Ask Father what works best for you and Him. There is also some information at the end of this article. My methods have evolved over the years but I also made mistakes as I learned. Now I am closer to Father and I feel than only working with science to clear my energetic fields is not enough and clearly leaves me open to the dark side. I feel His love anyways and that seems to be the most healing part of all.

Basic cleansing technique. Imagine a whirlwind, vortex or tornado moving in a clockwise direction over your head. Left to right in a counterclockwise motion, like looking at a clock over your head, and coming down through your energetic field clearing out the loose debris and old energy and taking it down into the ground for ten feet or so. Do this for three to five minutes or so. Pray to Father and/or Christ and ask them to fill you with their love to bring love into your energetic field and to help protect you. After doing this for some time you will actually be able to feel the clearing process. Taking a shower helps as well. Imagine the old energies being taken down the drain and out and away as you cleanse your energetic field and allow God's love to flow into you.Or, take the energy down to below your feet and then ask for help to dispose of it properly.

DO NOT just let the released energies go out around you and do nothing with them. Use the cleansing technique and give them to God and/or Christ. If all else fails, be safe, since God will know what to do with the energies, especially if it is an entity or a demon attached to you. Don't freak out. Just deal with it as you are safe with God. Many times I give them my pain and let them help me with the energy work. Sharing is healing.  Loose energies can go anywhere and affect others so do something with them. Put them in a bucket and give them to God. Whatever works for you. Trust your instincts. You are a child of God.

My heart rhythm changed three times over the years: death to life, hard to soft and from fear to love. These changes also changed the flow of the energetic bodies and the physical body and tissues as well. While these changes may not be measureable by any doctor I felt them in my body and I felt the energy in the tissues change.

Standard procedure is to take the energies released into the ground about 12 feet or so. Sharing love is what is healing and where true healing happens, not by just getting rid of the energies, although that is helpful and can be done at any time.  What I am trying to say is that it is our relationship with God, Christ and their love that protects us from harm and keeps us in harmony with life. If we are not protected by them then we are serving ourselves and we leave ourselves wide open to the dark side.

When one gets used to feeling the energies one learns to communicate in different ways other than speaking as in this physical world. Sometimes it is with images. Images actually seem to be a much more effective and faster way of communication on other levels. There is also less room for misunderstanding someone with images. Sometimes it is "knowing." Thoughts have energy as well. People have different energetic "signatures." Sometimes I "feel" what is being said in my body. Sometimes it is only His love that heals and clears things out for me and this is where I have to stop and let Him speak instead of me talking all of the time. One can then communicate with plants, animals and other beings when one can feel or see what is happening. Even smell has a place since people smell different. Illness has a smell and death has a smell as well. "Higher" or different versions of our own six senses exist.

The hardest thing for me to do is to shut up and listen.

Take it slow....have patience.

I don't have to "work" at all anymore as all of this is a normal part of my day now. This energy and clearing work does however, stir things up a bit. It becomes a bit like the domino effect and then the energies start to eventually surface on their own without much effort. This took a while though. Now I can let it all flow through the day with virtually no effort unless I want to focus on something specific or a part of my body all by itself. I still don't know all of the answers nor do I even try. I just take it one day at a time.

Sometimes, most times, I think I don't know anything about it at all.

The heart is the key. Clear your heart of the old energies, including fear, sadness, depression, pain, and grief and fill it with love and you have miracles waiting to happen. Share this love with your Creator and the two forces combined in your heart generate love and life. At the very least you have joy, strength and love in your heart. This is where real strength and safety are to be found in connection with ourselves and with God. Let this love fill your whole body and your whole being.
That, my friends, is spirit.


 Patten, Leslie with Patten, Terry, Biocircuits, Amazing New Tools for Energy Health, Tiburon, CA, H.J. Kramer, Inc., 1988. 
The Importance of keeping the aura or energy field of the body clean and tidy, and some ways to cleanse and energize your energy field.    
This article by Charles R. Kelley, Ph.D., discusses orgone energy but on page 13 it also has a very good discussion of the energetic “armor” that we put on or carry and how this affects our body and the flow of energy.


Do your own testing:

 Read the articles and then check out the vibration of love [not like the real deal] on the following videos:

 “528 Hz, The ‘Love’ Frequency.”

“More conversation on 528 Hz, The Love’ frequency, Part 2.”


                                                                                                                       "432 Hz – Jamie Buturff videos.”

            “Le frequenze della vita - 528 Hz (reparazione e armonizzazione DNA)” by zeeb100.

                                                “...528 Hz Emerald Heart Ascendance” by mountainmystic9.


Nobody can give a vibration a personality or feeling or stuff like that and there is no way that I could make up some of my experiences. This being knows more about me than I know.

God FEELS like more than just a vibration of energy to me. I FEEL love, comfort, communication, safety, strength and many other facets of being from this energy of love which is God.  Explain that if God is not real. I need no further explanation other than what I have experienced. Explain its intelligence. The only way you will ever know Him in this way is if you dare to go there.


For the doctors to consider:  this is not meant to be tried by any person. These are only questions I am posing to health care professionals.

What about brain injury TBI and getting rid of the energy surrounding the injury?

Might releasing the energy relieve some of the pressure and help prevent further injury?

What about seizures – are they a way of releasing trauma or some other forms of energy and shaking off that energy or are they something that we should continue to suppress? How many babies, small children or adults have seizures or convulsions after being physically traumatized?

What about Alzheimer's? What if the energy blockages in the heart could be removed so that the life force can continue to flow up into the head and brain? Any connection between patients with heart difficulties and Alzheimers? I know that when my trauma fear and fear of dying released from the heart that my life force energy started to flow upward again and into the head area as well. My cognitive abilities are not perfect but they are better than they were before. Maybe this is something to consider.


In my own life, energetic releases came in many forms such as gross motor shaking, uncontrollable laughter, crying, sounds, fine shaking and feeling like Rice Crispies@ are popping in my head and body, ripples of energy, vomiting, shaking limbs and other forms of energy releasing. When I first started doing the energy work my shaking was like my body convulsing, like the polar bear in the video below. As long as I let my body shake out the fear or anger or get the energy out in some way it subsided after a time usually leaving me calm and relaxed. The release may only take once or it can happen in layers over weeks, months or years as I integrate everything into my psyche in a slow, natural manner. 
“Trauma, Somatic Experiencing and Peter A. Levine PhD” by drpeterpal.

“Polar Bear Tremoring after a stressful event” by jonlir.


Fear from the ptsd is lodged in my brain, spinal cord and nervous system as it branches out from the central nervous system. The energy discharges and releases as I let Christ soothe my pain and fear away with His love. Perhaps you could remove this energy on your own but it would not be the same, or nearly as nice, as sharing love to soothe it away. Besides, Christ is the life and the love that God sends to us for healing and protection. Without this love and protection, we are open to the dark forces and the fallen angels.

The energy from other physical traumas also surfaces and is partially released. This includes
(1) me being hit in the head by a thrown baseball bat when I was four; (2) having my head slammed between the car door and the car by my ex; and (3) having my car window broken violently by my ex-boyfriend while I was sitting in the car and having the glass cut my face. Just the energy of the window shattering right next to me when he hit the window with his fist was enough to cause trauma because I feel that energy release as well. These are the energies from physical trauma, not emotional trauma that are being released. Side note is that my left eye is visually worse than my right and I can feel the energetic damage and constriction in the physical tissues. I do feel that this energy and constriction can eventually be released as I let love soothe the energy away. Indeed, much energy has released from the area since I started many years ago. It just takes time.

1/7/13 - Just the other morning, I woke up to a chilly presence. I was very, very tired and letting go of energy from the head area. As I am learning, they like to come around in the early morning hours, in the dark, and when I am tired or struggling with energy or struggling to stay awake. I have noticed lately that there is a pattern when I am releasing energy from my body and I am having difficulty. They seem to know where the weak spots are and thus attack me there. Last time it was energy from the heart that I was releasing. This time it was from my head. Anyways, the point of this is to tell you that they can influence our minds when they are weak, if the energy fields are low or we are not strong, if we are releasing trauma or holding on to trauma in our bodies. Since that particular part of my brain was weaker at the moment because of energy I am holding in, I noticed that it was able to get too close to me for comfort. I noticed that if I did nothing then my thoughts started to become confused. My thoughts and my speech started to become slower and more difficult to process. It was quite interesting actually to see the effects and I started to understand just how much of an influence that these beings can have on us if we are not walking with God or our energy fields have been weakened by trauma, drugs, alcohol, stress, injury, unhealthy foods and the like. They are able to get very, very close to us if we have let them in in any way. If they can get too close to me then it means that I am still holding on to something like pain, anger, grief or the like that I have not surrendered to love or to God.

What I did in this instance was to start working on the web site and adding some new info as well as reading the Bible to strengthen my mind and put God's word into my head so that it was unable to influence me. Just lying down and focusing on God was not enough because it was able to get too close to the lower vibrational energy of pain that is in my head. I had to get up and actually do some things so that it could not get to my mind. Usually, if they see that they cannot affect you or that you are not afraid, then they leave. It is always a different challenge or test in some way but it does help me to see my weak spots and it helps me to be stronger. Just thought you might like to know this. I learn something new all the time and I felt that this was important.


Am I glad that I learned to feel energy and to feel my feelings?  -- YES.

It truly became so much more than that and, while it is very hard at times, I would do it again. I couldn't feel anything before and that was so much more painful.

I don't know that you should be overly scared when working with energy but I do feel that we should be cautious at times and be aware that there is some danger around us from the other dimensions. Based upon what I have seen and felt, I do feel that our best protection is letting God or Christ be our strength and our refuge. We can be strong with them in our lives and in our bodily temple but be aware that there are not so nice beings that are in this world that can harm us if we are not protected and shielded by God. Faith alone will make the difference but for some of those who may have lost all faith in this world or in other people, maybe this going inside will help you find some answers and some relief. It is not always an easy go though so know that ahead of time.

I wanted to let love into my life and that trying to let everything in is how I got tricked because I thought only God could show love if invisible. The ocean is nice but there are still sharks out there. I got so very confused trying to figure out some of the energies and who was who and what was what and what was safe that I finally just decided to focus on going inside of myself and making the connection with God and Christ that way and helping that connection to be strong. I wanted to let love in and not be afraid but I discovered that the things not of this world are a whole different ball game in some ways. So that is why I advise the going within. Whether by faith or by this technique, focus on letting God or Christ be strong in you and helping you inside, not by trying to be God or a god. That is where your protection will be found in expanding beyond the physical into the spiritual realm. I don't even know if this expansion is needed. It's just the way that I did it. I find that I enjoy the "larger" and closer relationship but it is not without its challenges and difficulties at times.

Until you are absolutely sure of what you are doing, consider all energies outside of you suspect in some way. The beings in the other dimensions can show love and they will try to trick you if you are trying to increase your connection to yourself and to God. Go within and connect with the spark of God within yourself. This work is not without its tests and difficulties because you will have to learn to tell the difference between different energies. For those of us that have played with the dark side there can be entities in our energy fields which need to be removed. Just keep this in mind. I learned slowly over the years and I did make mistakes, the biggest of which was being fooled by outside energies and those that showed up in my mind's eye. I think most get tricked by what they see so this is a challenge but not one that cannot be overcome. It is like learning a whole new set of spiritual skills and there is an enemy and danger so just be aware of this. I don't have all the answers but it's like learning to be smart in battle and teaching our spirits to be strong.

I am sure that if we have clean and healthy bodies physically, sound minds, strength of heart and a strong connection with God and with Christ that our lives could be much different in so many ways. The healthier we are in all ways, the easier it is to talk to God and to hear what He is saying. Unhealthy and unclean bodies, minds and hearts all work to make the link with God so much harder that it really has to be. Following His laws, His dietary guidelines and the like will help us to be stronger in that connection. Eating cleaner foods and following a vegetarian or vegan diet really helps the link to be stronger but so does cleaning your heart, your body and your mind of fear, rage, grief and other emotions not of love. Confusion comes in when we are not clear or clean in any way and this allows for error. This "work" can be a huge strain on the energetic bodies, the physical body and the mind so know that ahead of time. You will need the love, guidance and support that God has to offer to be sure. Besides, sharing love and friendship with God and Christ are just as nice and rewarding as love and friendship in this world, if not better because it heals the soul. What could be better than love? Then it is no longer work. It is fun, challenging, difficult, heartbreaking, passionate, rewarding and quite possibly, one of the best things that you could ever do for yourself.


It seems that it would be best to learn to be comfortable with all of our feelings for any little opening or crack, deep desire or fear, opens the door to their influence.

Let me not be shy about telling you that this is difficult work at times. Yes, it is interesting and fascinating at the same time to learn so much about oneself and other beings, but at the same time, it is not without its dangers.

There is much to be said for having FAITH that God is real and having the fear to follow His laws and what He has set forth for us to do in His holy books. That said, there are those of us who are more curious, more skeptical and want to know more. That is where I went but know that it is not without danger. I don't feel that this should prevent us from having a bigger relationship with ourself, with God and with our world, but things are not all nice out there in the lower dimensions. These fallen angels and demons will use every trick in their books to fool you. They will use your deepest fears and your deepest desires, as well as ANY weakness in your bodies, to gain any inroad into your body, mind or soul. Thus, the more comfortable I get with my feelings so that my feelings and emotions do not rule me, the easier it becomes and the less likely I am to be fooled.

Make no mistake everyone about the danger for these fallen angels were made by God out of His love and they can show love. They might have fallen but they did not forget. God is real to be sure, in my opinion, but so are they. It requires some learning, some practice and learning how to be cunning, smart and how the other side works to navigate these worlds and these places around us. I have learned much over the years and I learn every day. I was also fooled by love and my fears. God and Christ did save me but they do not do it all for me nor do they tell me how to do everything, even if they are the rulers in my life. They expect me to do much for myself as well and they do not want control over my whole being. Part of it seems to be learning the rules now that I took a bite out of the apple. I must take back every bit of ground that I gave up unknowingly. I must resist. I must learn how to fight back. I must learn how to stand up for myself. I have to learn how to resist and no longer give in. It helps me be stronger. Still, I find much joy, much strength, wholeness and certainly no lack of ways to test my strength and find my weaknesses. I am never bored, tested daily and live and love more than ever. It seems to be about getting the dirt out of my own eyes but in fellowship with God and Christ, not apart from them.


Spiritual blindness, or dirt in the eyes, seems to me to be about faith and about learning to depend upon God and Christ first and not worry about seeing what is around you. Learn to listen to them and to depend upon them first. Let them be strong in you and you will see when you are able and when you are granted that ability by God.


It’s very easy to get caught up in the glamor or attraction of the astral plane, what is around you and what you see in your mind’s eye. These are of this world and are distractions from the real God. Keep your focus in the heart and keep you connection with God and Christ focused in the heart and not on things from outside of your body. Until your connection with God is strong it is easy to be distracted by the things of this world and the god of this world. What you see in your mind’s eye is not always what it seems to be. Holes in your energetic fields can allow you to be influenced by other entities and they appear as beings of light to trick you so help yourself be strong, close up those holes, close all doors to lower vibrational things and increase the connection with God and Christ in the heart. Don’t be so gullible.  Never forget that darkness and the god of the world will never stop nipping at your heels and trying to confuse and trick you. This can be a trap or it can also be something that helps drive you closer to God. It’s not all bad and there is much joy in the reunion of your spirit with the Creator.


It is so very confusing sometimes and yes, there are times when I wish that I never would have gone where I did. I was only looking for God and I only wanted Him to be real. I wanted Him to soothe my pain and I feel that I did something wrong sometimes because He lets them get to me. The head energies are the worst because they can get way too close to me. I don’t know if it is because I let them in so close, the energies that I carry in my head, the medications that I took, the emotional pain or exactly why I have such trouble at times. I know that I let these beings who do not follow God into my life and I recognize that I have to yield every bit of ground to God that I gave to the fallen angels, even if I didn’t know who they were. This is very painful, very distressing and very confusing at times. I do know however, that if it gets to be too much for me, all I have to do is ask and every time, when I wake in the morning, the strain of the previous night and the threat of insanity is gone.

This is why being clean in all ways of our lives is of such great importance. This is why it is necessary to have a clean physical body, a clean emotional body, a clean mental body and to follow God’s rules. It is much less painful to have a connection with God if one has never “sinned” so to speak. As much as I love being closer to God, there are times when I wish that I had never gone where I did by trying to redeem my energies with anyone other than Christ or Father. I cannot stop how I feel or what is happening if I tried. I like feeling too much but I know of no way to stop it without  resorting to drugs, alcohol or oblivion of some kind. I don’t want to go there for I enjoy the connection with God too much. However, sometimes it is too much for me and I wish I would have kept myself to the holy book. Unfortunately, for many reasons, it was no longer enough for me in this world. Fortunately, it brought me to a greater connection with myself and with our Father.

The energies of the head, mind and brain seem to be the most difficult to release and heal. There are many times that I find myself on the verge of insanity due to the strain of the energies. I am not crazy but this is very hard work at times and not easy by any stretch of the imagination. Much of my difficulty comes from fear and specifically, from the fear of love created when someone that I loved once attacked me several times, stalked me and tried to kill me. This creates a lot of difficulty because the very energy of God is love and thus it brings up my fear. There is also the ability of those fallen angels that I let into my life to get too close to me because I let them in and one is attached to that fear. If I can get rid of the fear and give authority to God over this entity then I think it can be permanently removed. This is an ongoing issue and area of battle for me but it is getting better as time passes.

It is entirely up to you whether or not to increase your connection to God or keep it as it is and at the level of FAITH and following God’s teachings as given in His book and the example of Christ. It is much easier to be sure. Not as fulfilling in my personal opinion but easier. Just know this ahead of time if you decide to want to increase the connection for you will have to give back to God every bit of ground that you gave up to sin if you choose to go this route. Perhaps that is why it is so very hard for me at times. Maybe I am the example to show you not to fall away and follow false teachings and other gods. Sometimes it is so very hard to tell what love is from God and what love is from the fallen angels for they are the same or very, very close. Too close to tell sometimes but I recognize that my own fear plays a part in this happening. Usually God and Christ win but not without a huge battle with me in the middle. Then I am calm. Once you start this it will be a lifetime and you probably won’t be able to turn it off. The strain is huge and when working in the head, the chances for insanity are very real. Mostly for me I think because of the ground I gave away to evil but also because it is very much a strain on a mind weakened by toxic psych drugs, illegal drugs, alcohol and just the very nature of the energy work. Someone not weakened by all of these things and with a willingness to surrender their life to God will probably have an easier time.


If you are in a situation where you can just remove the energy and be done with it – please stop and remember that if you just get rid of the energy without looking at the situation or your feelings, then this is not really getting in touch with your spirit and listening to what it is trying to tell you. This is, in essence, if done consistently, no better than drugs or medications that simply remove the symptoms without addressing the cause.  Try to bring awareness to what you are doing and what is really happening and what your spirit or your body is trying to tell you with the symptoms you are having or experiencing.

It really is much more fun when you share life and love with the Creator.


One of the benefits of the darkness “prodding” me in this world is to help me improve myself, to continue to explore and to “raise” my vibration. In so doing, they are able to not get as close to me, but at the same time, the challenges become bigger and harder. Definitely a learning experience and an expansion experience. Frustrating some days. Wonderful on others but surely, never dull or boring. Amazing all of the time.

It’s like the difference between regular and 3D to say the least. Utterly amazing. Wouldn’t change a thing.


As one clears out the old, lower vibrational energies out of the body one will be able to more and more tell the difference between the different energies, the different entities, which god one is really dealing with, the Christ life, GOD vs. god of this world, become aware of other life forms, become aware of the life of plants, air, water, earth, different realms and so on. I don’t pretend to know much but I do know that the closer my vibration to God and the higher my vibration towards love, then there is more healing, more understanding, more awareness, more life, more being awake, more everything. Dreams begin to have much more meaning. They become warnings at times or messages. Your heart will start to register other energies, other people, other feelings, other forms of communication and the ability to communicate with other forms of life such as plants, animals, other humans and other beings will happen. Scary at times. Fascinating and amazing at others. Wonderful as well. It literally adds another dimension, or two or three to the mix of this world.


 Look within yourself and to God in the heart. Clear your heart of anger, rage, jealousy, sadness, grief, fear and everything but love and there you will find God and yourself. Love will clear out the energies of the lower emotions and allow you to connect with love in a more powerful way. It is in the space of love that you will find the truth. The lower emotions veil or cloud the truth and they are filters by which the truth may pass through and then we see dimly or darkly through the glass. Only in a place of pure love will the truth be seen. A personal relationship with yourself and with God will help you clear out the lower energies because that is what sharing love does.


As I understand it, being a vegetarian or a vegan (no animal products), will make this process a lot easier and safer.

I'm not being unreasonable here. It's just that this information is from the more hidden teachings. Nothing to be scared of but if we are talking about evolution to a higher way of living and cleaning our physical bodies out so that connection with ourselves and with the Creator can be bigger or stronger, then at the very least,
cut meat and dairy out of your diet.
  Eating any kind of animal products including meat will lower the vibration of your body. It's that simple. The higher that our bodies are vibrating then the closer to God we can become. Animal products lower your energetic vibration. Eat clean and get those physical bodies in shape because they will be unable to handle the strain of working with the energies well. I know this from my own experiences. Just note this info and do the best you can. That is what I did. It worked for me but I do know that I could use some improvements in places.

On the subject of the spiritual development/energetic bodies:

According to Max Heindel's Rosicrucian writings,[6] the etheric body, composed of four ethers, is called the "Vital Body" since the ether is the way of ingress for vital force from the Sun and the field of agencies in nature which promote such vital activities as assimilation, growth, and propagation. It is an exact counterpart of our physical body, molecule for molecule, and organ for organ, but it is of the opposite polarity. It is slightly larger, extending about one and one-half inches beyond the periphery of the physical body.



"Lucifer is connected with the experience of breathing, of the in-breathing and the out-breathing. The relationship between a man's breathing and the functioning of his organism as a whole must be absolutely regular and normal. The moment the breathing process is in any way disturbed, instead of remaining the unconscious operation to which no attention need be paid, it becomes a conscious process, of which we are more or less dreamily aware. And when, to put it briefly, the breathing process becomes too forceful, when it makes greater claims on the organism than the organism can meet, then it is possible for Lucifer (not he himself but the hosts belonging to him) to enter with the breath into the organism. "

Maybe this is why they promote smoking, air pollution, etc

"The basic tendency of our Fifth Post-Atlantean epoch is different. The trend of evolution has been such that the ether-body has contracted and is far less prone to diffusion or expansion. The ether-body, instead of being too large, is too small, and this will become more marked as evolution proceeds. … The more human beings are led by materialism to disdain the Spiritual, the more will the ether-body contract and wither. …the physical body too will always tend to dry up, to wither, if the contraction of the ether-body is excessive; …"

There seems to be some truth in what this person is saying in that I have experienced my energetic body growing stronger and more whole as time passes. As I gain strength through skills, a growing spirituality and a connection with myself and something bigger than me (“God”) then my energetic or etheric body seems to be getting stronger and more formed. I actually felt like I was disappearing and that I did not have enough “definition” to myself or my energetic body. Thus, without some firm boundaries to my energetic body, I felt that I was open to influence from other sources, including those of the other dimensions. I feel that influence less and less as times passes and I feel much stronger now as well as more protected.


Try to look at this information from a scientific and a spiritual point of view. Please don’t rule anything out because of your personal beliefs. Test this information and test the energetic bodies of mankind and see what happens for yourself to the energetic bodies under certain stressors and tests, as well as with a person connected to him/her own self as well as something bigger.

Since the shape of the physical body depends upon the energy of the etheric body then what effects will different tests and different energies have on the etheric body?

"In an ether-body that has been parched by materialism, Mephistopheles will be able to dwell.


just as it was the task of the Greek, through the development of conscious Egohood, to conquer the Sphinx, so we, in our age, must get the better of Mephistopheles by enriching the Ego with the wisdom that can be born only from knowledge and investigation of the spiritual world, from Spiritual Science."


Knowledge is part of this world, like science. So, use science and other things to help develop our spiritual side. Only don’t forget about the Creator for this being gives us life and can also take it away at any time if we choose only to be for ourselves. These worlds seem to fit with math, science, physics and other methods of this world but I don’t feel that they alone can help us find what we are searching for in this life. I used science and knowledge to help me find my way home and I do feel that if we study the energetic bodies of mankind and the effects of various items upon those energetic bodies that we can come to a much larger understanding of ourselves, our medical systems, our school systems, societal values and such. I do feel that we can combine science and spirituality to help make us more whole, to heal people, to heal the world and come to a larger understanding of ourselves, of “God” or the Creator and the world and other worlds around us.

BLEND ... science and spirituality if you must to help this world and its people. Only try not to leave out the spirituality and the Creator for in leaving out the spirits and the souls of people or disconnecting them from the source of life then a tremendous disservice is perhaps done to all of us, including yourselves. Medicine and such are about healing and curing and not just getting rid of the symptoms. If we can heal our current ills then maybe we could move on to different frontiers in many other areas. I feel that there is much to be discovered if we could only expand our view in different directions.


Someday, after we have mastered the winds, the waves, the tides and gravity, we will harness for God the energies of love and then, for the second time in the history of the world, man will have discovered fire!

                                                                                                     --Pierre Teilhard de Chardin



The Secret Life of Plants

"It means even on the lower levels of life, there is a profound consciousness or awareness that bonds all things together. Published in 1973, The Secret Life of Plants was written by Peter Tompkins and Christopher Bird. It is described as “A fascinating account of the physical, emotional, and spiritual relations between plants and man.” Essentially, the subject of the book is the idea that plants may be sentient, despite their lack of a nervous system and a brain. ....

That said, this book is about much more than just plants; it delves quite deeply into such topics as the aura, psychophysics, orgone, radionics, kirlian photography, magnetism/magnetotropism, bioelectrics, dowsing, and the history of science."


Look at the difference in these people's faces and their eyes and feel the difference in their energy:

Soldiers' portraits before, during and after war

Photographer Lalage Snow's powerful series of triptychs titled We Are The Not Dead depict the faces of British servicemen before, during and after (left to right) their deployment to Afghanistan, spanning a period of seven months. The images are as striking as they are revealing, highlighting not only the physical transformations but the emotional ones, as well.


That feeling of slipping into another dimension so many years ago --- I recognize now that my body was so full of fear that I was literally slipping into a hell of some sort and into a different vibration. That is what fear, grief, terror and all those other feelings held in can do to someone. So, if you feel like you are in hell --- climb out as fast and as best you can. Raise your energy vibration and contact with the love that is our Father and our Creator and our first, best love in life. Connect with that which will make you whole. God is who helped me to get out of hell and stay alive.

******************                PBS Video – “What Plants Talk About.”



Evil has a smell as well. 

One last night smelled like raw sewage. Dreams sometimes warn me of their approach. They are not around all of the time. Like sharks in the ocean, they come and go. It is just like life. Most of the time life is pretty quiet but they do come around from time to time like cycles in life and rough spots. There are many relaxing, quiet and other times full of fun and love as well.


Each person has a unique energy signature and a unique smell as well.

***********            subtle bodies        planes of existence


I was trapped by desire for God, desire for love, selfishness, fear and a desire for safety, among other things. Be wary of these traps as they can keep you stuck in the astral plane and allow you to be influenced by not so nice beings. Go beyond the fear and the desires and such and look for the place where these do not exist. It appears to me that no ego exists where God is to be found. Strangely enough, I was helped out of the mud once. Then, my own selfish desire for love and for God got me trapped again, like the snake chasing its own tail, and then I finally realized what happened and how selfish I actually was being that helped me realize that my own desires were trapping me for the most part. God is real to me but not in the place of selfish desire, even for him and for love. I realize that I need to do something differently and learn to help others if I want to really be in closer touch with God and my own spirit. Still, I grow stronger every day and even getting trapped again has helped me to purge my desires further and realize that I was being selfish. This is where all of this helps me to get stronger and more aware of what is happening around me and in my life. Lessons learned once again and help is always available even if I have to learn my lessons the hard way sometimes. Just take note how the desires and ego can trap you in the astral plane and allow others to influence you. Be aware.


Take note of this: because I was seeking love it was very easy to get trapped by the illusions and the beings that live on the astral plane. This includes the fallen angels because it is where they live. I got trapped in the love and the support there because they gave me everything that I ever wanted. Just know this and try to stay within because the astral is a dangerous place to be and you can lose your soul and your life if you get trapped by them. God is real and I did find love by going within but the lure of the astral and how it is soothing is still something that I have to deal with constantly. Pay attention to where your energies are focused and if you are in the higher, heart and above chakras, as opposed to the lower ones. I am still learning above love all of the time so I don’t know all the ins and outs but just be aware that my desire for love was what helped me to get this far and find that love within but that it was also a trap on the astral plane when I went outside of myself in seeking that love.




According to Dr. Royal R. Rife, every disease has a frequency. He found that certain frequencies can prevent the development of disease and that others would destroy disease. Substances with higher frequency will destroy diseases of a lower frequency. The study of frequencies raises an important question, concerning the frequencies of substances we eat, breathe and absorb. Many pollutants lower healthy frequency. Processed/canned food has a frequency of zero. Fresh produce has up to 15 Hz, dried herbs from 12 to 22 Hz and fresh herbs from 20 to 27 Hz.

Essential oils start at 52 Hz and go as high as 320 Hz, which is the frequency of rose oil. Clinical research shows that therapeutic grade essential oils have the highest frequency of any natural substance known to man, creating an environment in which disease, bacteria, virus, fungus, etc., cannot live.


“In every culture and in every medical tradition before ours, healing was accomplished by moving energy." - Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, Nobel Laureate in Medicine (1937) What Rife proved is that every health disorder has a frequency, which in turn responds (resonates) to a specific (optimal) frequency for its dissolving/healing in the body.


When you connect with your own spirit and the Creator, His love will naturally clear out your body if you yield to Him. Don’t force any energy through your body because there is wisdom to the movement. Let the energy in your body flow naturally and it will clear itself in the best way possible. Have a relationship with God.


Dr. Gerson once stated that more human beings die of panic than from cancer. The body involves but one part of the illness. When the sickness also produces fear, the combination causes a systemic accumulation of more and more toxins in the body and a quickening of physiological deterioration. A better understanding of fear and other negative emotions and what they do to someone on the mend is essential.

Gerson, Charlotte and Walker, Morton, The Gerson Therapy: The Proven Nutritional Program for Cancer and Other Illnesses, New York, NY, Kensington Publishing Group, 2006, pg. 258.


    If you feel yourself on the verge of insanity, in addition to asking God for help, recognize that you might be out of balance. Try to bring in more love into your life or let God love you more or share with others. Anything you can do to let more love into your life will help balance out the fear and selfishness and help you be more stable. FEAR was and is my worst enemy or adversary.



Sometimes our depression, sorrow, fear, grief or pain can be like a prison cell but it can also be our way to freedom if we can go through it. 


Here are a few notes about the energy of the PTSD.

As a result of this trauma, there was a torn or broken "bridge" between the solar plexus and the heart that had to be healed. This energy surfaced after I was able to let more love back into my life. It initially surfaced with severe pain in the lower part of the heart as well as the solar plexus area. See, love brings all of this to the surface and helps clear anything that is of a vibration lower than love to the surface for healing. This can be done slower in life, and most of us do resolve our issues slower, but I chose to try to deal with it in a faster way. How you do it is up to you but I hope all of this gives you a little insight into how things that happen to us can affect us on a much deeper level than we realize.

Because of weeks and weeks of being stalked and hurt on more than one occasion, I discovered during an energy release and working with my energy, that my mind or mental body shatter from the trauma and the fear and constant stress. I didn't know that this happenedc but right now, the next day, my mind feels fractured and my head and brain feel full of pieces of energy that feel like shattered glass and it is sharp and painful. This makes a lot of sense to me. This can be healed now.

This guy was the first guy that I loved and all that happened broke my heart and shattered my mind. I couldn't understand why he would want to hurt me so badly. I didn't abuse him. I left him and this is how he took out his pain on me. He blamed me and he wouldn't take any responsibility for anything that he had done. I went through weeks and weeks of being stalked, being punched in the stomach, having my home broken into and attacked, my head slammed into the car, being run off of the freeway, finding him outside my home and work, being hunted by him everywhere that I went, him coming to a friend's house with a gun while he was looking for me. He came after me again and again and again and again and this obviously was too much. This resulted in a fracturing of my mind and mental body.

There is a huge demonic entity attached to this fear and pain - the kind that makes people's eyes go black. I feel this entity and I see it as well. It was affecting my heart and my head at the same time. What happened si that the stalking and such created so much fear and pain that this thing was able to attach to me and I think even more so as a result of the fracturing. This is the demonic that "got my eyes" because after that I didn't want to see so much in the world or what it had to offer. I could see only pain and hurt and fear at that point. It had suddenly become a very, very scary place to be and I didn't have the skills to be able to deal with this kind of situation, among others, in my life. It became so hard to let anyone into my life after that trauma ande the fear got worse and worse as a result. I was never really comfortable with sharing feelings or talking aobut life or having anyone there to talk to me. Love can trigger the fear and it does but it also helps me to release it and God never leaves my side.


The more I clean out my body by clearing the energy, a personal relationship with God and eating better, the easier I can tell where my body or organs are hurting or in distress. Before, there was so much clogged energy and everything else, toxins from fear, toxins in the body, clogged lymph system and such, that I could hardly tell where to start. Almost every part of my body was in distress. Now, I can actually feel the parts where my body’s energy is clear and where there is distress. I can now start to go to individual organs, the brain and other parts of the body to see if I can heal them directly. My heart feelS stronger and pumps with a vigor that I do not think I have ever felt. My chest is free of most of the fear and other energies and allowing God and love into my life has helped to heal my heart as well.


I think that if we start out clear and develop awareness of our energetic and physical bodies as we grow, then we could catch any disease as it starts in the energetic bodies and the physical body before it becomes serious. I think we would be able to notice immediately where our energy was blocked or had the potential to create disease. We could then start to pull out the karma and carryover atoms from previous lives for clearing. This all of course, assumes a very close connection with ourselves and the Creator as well. He is intimately involved in our lives and I don’t feel that true healing is possible without divine help because that is where our life force starts.


          The energy of fear creates poison in the body.
             It damages the tissues and hurts the heart.


Might cancer be a disease of selfishness in some instances or in society as a whole or a reflection of this materialistic world? Not in all, but maybe in some it has that energy.



It works!                                            

  Wanna know how I feel about all of this and how it works. Watch the Kon-Tiki movie and especially the ending. I know just how he feels.


                    Anger, as well as fear, creates a dangerous chemical in the body.

It hurts the heart and creates a kind of poison in the body.



We know we are afraid but can we see it. I can’t but I can sure feel it. We feel cold spots and shiver sometimes but do we know what it is? Evil and darkness do exist and they can influence us in many ways but many times we cannot see them. They actually can be seen by many. Sometimes I can see them but mostly I feel them. They are very real. I do at times see this dark black stuff clinging to me energetically and this is an old pattern of negative energy that can be removed. I cannot look at someone at see this energy but I have seen it on myself and I have felt it being removed.

You can call some energies negative energies, spirits or demons. Sometimes it feels just like a collection or a blob of negative energy. Sometimes it feels like it has a definite identity and sometimes you know who it is. I have felt the different energies of the different emotions come out of me. Sometimes it feels like a bad wind and sometimes it felt like a demon is influencing me. I had quite a lot of fear and negative emotions come out of me over the years. Please do not be afraid if I say demons because they do exist. We do let them into our bodies and our lives by drug and alcohol use, the seven deadly sins, what we eat, what we think, fear, rage, horror, war, physical and sexual abuse, Satanic practices, false gods, how we live and sometimes by invitation, even if unknowingly since they are good deceivers. Be not afraid though. They are more afraid of you, of love and of God and Christ than anything else. You are so much stronger than them when you walk with God. It was scary for me at first but as time passes I get stronger and stronger and they are less frightening. The only one I can feel now that is left is the fear. he is quite comfortable but not for long. Little by little I chip away at him by letting love into my life and getting rid of my other fears and negative emotions. If you want to ignore that these things exist, fine by me, but I feel that to do so would be ignore a part of life that can affect us. Even Christ cast out demons so they do exist. Just because we cannot see something does not mean it does not exist. Take love for example. We feel love but we cannot see it for the most part. Energetically one can see love. It has color, pinkish, but can most of us really see what we are feeling.


Like a child, God literally dresses me every morning, every day. He energetically and very lovingly dresses me and gives me His love and grace sufficient for each day.

Thank you Father.


Energetically speaking - life begins at conception

Life is a gift from God whether it seems like it or not at the time. When we have an abortion, these are not just bits and pieces of tissue that we are removing from our bodies and our lives. Everything that I have seen from working with the energies in my body tells me and shows me that from the moment of conception when life is created and God grants life and gives life to creation, there is a soul alive in that small child in the womb. There is a soul in children from the moment of conception and an abortion takes the life of a human soul. No easy way to say this at all and I apologize but ... abortion takes a life. It is killing a child. For years afterwards there was a darkness and depression in the womb area of my body and a sadness in my heart and my life that never went away. As I released the energy from my body I felt the energies come out of my body and the tiny soul struggling so desperately for life in the womb as he was being torn out by the surgeon's instruments. As that tiny life left my body, death entered because I had chosen death instead of life, going against God and His love for us.

When I think or do something that goes against love or against God, I have keenly felt the vibrations in my own body. This would be like earthquakes in this world as the vibration of the world is affected by us and our thoughts and action.

Our hearts and what is in them are very powerful. Father and Jesus/Yeshua have shown me very clearly what kinds of thoughts are for love and against love and mostly selfish and thinking of others. The selfish ones can rock your world and take you away from God very quickly. Thoughts are very powerful and an energetic vibration.

I cannot do anything without God's help but they have clearly shown me the differences between selfish and others, fear and love and what the different feelings and emotions can do.

So, if the earthquakes and chaos are increasing- what might this say about our thoughts or what is in our hearts?


This killing of ourselves, of others and unborn children all seems to be very much against God's will for His children. I don't know what happens on the other side of death except for a few experiences of my own, but I do know that in everything I have done and felt, these choices as I might have made or thought them, were or are not in harmony with love or with God. i feel this keenly in my body from thoughts, literature, music, movies or actions not in harmony with God for these kinds of energies set up a very uncomfortable vibration in my body and soul. Even suffering is a choice that brings me or helps bring me closer to God and is not something to be avoided. 

Maybe we could rethink our views on this subject but perhaps most importantly, ask God to show you what His will is for your life, including how suffering might be a part of yours and why. 


Love is what heals and releases pain, for me anyways.

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