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Last Temptation of Ego..

EGO = Easing God Out
            (I don't know where this came from. I heard it on television on an Oprah's Lifeclass program with Iyanla Vanzant.)

HAH!!! - and I thought I could or had to do it all by myself.

Basically, ego is anything in us that distances or separates us from God and others, such as fear, anger, rage, jealousy, pride in so many of its forms, greed, isolation, depression, abuse, control and other emotions and states of mind. I wish I could explain it better but I cannot at this time. One could study the Buddhist beliefs on ego and attachment as well as many, many other sources. This study might not be a bad idea because actually learned a great deal about myself and others by studying this topic. This is especially true in how the ego creates suffering and how it relates to attachment to something and how that creates suffering. I'll see if I can find some info for you to access here.

ego drawing if you want to see how I see my own ego for an example.

Silly me....I was fooled again by the lies of the serpent...disguised in parts of the New Age movement this time.

I think some parts of the new age are neutral and that there is much truth in what is being said; however, there is a little darkness in there that I experienced which I would like to share with you on this site.

Fooled by the very idea that I could be like a god in my own right.

Silly me...that is all a huge ego and pride the idea of me wanting to be a god or like a god. This would be the biggest way that I could fall away from God. This is ironic, or a twist in life, given that so much of the new age teachings are about the ego and how to overcome it and get back to God.
I thought that I was special in some way by becoming aware of the teachings and the "initiation" requirements and practices of the new age. Well, I am special to GOD and I know that now but in my pride and my desire to be special and have power and control in my life I got myself into trouble by following some the teachings of the new age and more specifically the Bailey and Prophet books and the ascended masters. It was my pride that got me into trouble and led me right into the trap because I thought that I had access to some "special" knowledge that others didn't have, or all others anyways. That should have been my first clue in that the teachings left lots of other people out. I thought that I had found something different that set me apart and made me feel special. I think that is the biggest trap since it appealed to my pride. I felt special for the first time in my life in the new age and I felt that I finally belonged. God loves all His children equally and  He gives His love freely to everyone and we do not need the new age practices to go home. I just needed to follow His son.

These teachings appealed to my desire to belong to a family of sorts among other things, to my desire for knowledge, to my desire to be strong instead of helpless, to be able to connect with others, to feel supported and loved and to belong, among other things.

Geez, what I really wanted to do was to go HOME and I thought some of the ways they were teaching 
would be a way to get there...Well, I got there eventually, but I got trapped on the way by these teachings of the false gods who would use lots of knowledge to try to get home. Well, they might be like gods and they might be immortal, but they are gods of and in hell, not children in Heaven. They are the gods in charge of this hell-fraught little world and would like nothing better than the children of God to join them or to take us away from God.

It was so cleverly packaged this time...channeled material, readings, teachings in books containing much truth but lies as well.

I DO NOT want to be a god or God or have God's responsibilities for the whole universe.

I am not God. I am not Christ.                 I am a child of God just like you.


I get to have free will and have someone bigger to guide me and give me support. I don't have to try to do it all by myself. Whew!

More to come here from the book and on other pages in this site but this gives you the idea of what I mean. I was trapped by the biggest appeal to the ego which to me is a desire to be like a god or God. Is that not the lie of the serpent in the garden all over again? Maybe there is some truth to what is being said but do we not need to learn from a parent first before we can be all grown up?

Also, the teachings are so supportive and helpful when one wants to do good in this world. They show you how to be a better person, how to help make this world a better place, how to eat better, how to be a better disciple, scientific methods and how to get home in a practical way, among other things. The teachings make so much sense and they contain so much truth but they are cleverly disguised and they conceal some deceit but just enough to trap us. Of course I had unknowingly invited evil and darkness into my life by following some teachings that I thought would lead me home to God.

I was trapped by desire for God, desire for love, selfishness, fear and a desire for safety, among other things. Be wary of these traps as they can keep you stuck in the astral plane and allow you to be influenced by not so nice beings. Go beyond the fear and the desires and such and look for the place where these do not exist. It appears to me that no ego exists where God is to be found. Strangely enough, I was helped out of the mud once. Then, my own selfish desire for love and for God got me trapped again, like the snake chasing its own tail, and then I finally realized what happened and how selfish I actually was being that helped me realize that my own desires were trapping me for the most part. God is real to me but not in the place of selfish desire, even for him and for love. I realize that I need to do something differently and learn to help others if I want to really be in closer touch with God and my own spirit. Still, I grow stronger every day and even getting trapped again has helped me to purge my desires further and realize that I was being selfish. This is where all of this helps me to get stronger and more aware of what is happening around me and in my life. Lessons learned once again and help is always available even if I have to learn my lessons the hard way sometimes. Just take note how the desires and ego can trap you in the astral plane and allow others to influence you. Be aware.

I found that it is God's love and our relationship with Him that protects us from evil, as well as us not inviting it into our lives in any way, at least that is how it worked out for me. That is why I feel that everyone should go directly to God and/or Christ in their own life and leave out ALL of the middlemen. Only there can one be sure that you are getting the truth and the whole truth. I was brought up with the belief that one must go through Christ and I did but I also know that there are those who do not feel the same way. I think that most of us believe in God in our hearts and so, go to Him directly, and He will show you the way.

If one has invited evil and darkness into their lives, knowingly or unknowingly, they can be removed with God's help.

Don't call me for help. Call Father and/or Christ.

Anyways... if this world was such a great place, none of us would ever want to leave and go to our real home. We would be content to stay here because we would be happy. We see examples of good and evil all around us every day and that gives us an ability to see the difference and to choose which side we want to be on. Personally, I'm tired of this hamster wheel. I want off and I want to go Home.

Maybe that is why we are so depressed. We know something is wrong. We have lost that connection to ourselves, to others and to God in a very important and fundamental way. We need these connections but perhaps the depression and living in some kind of hell serve a higher purpose.  Perhaps that purpose is to let us know that something is wrong and to show us the way out if we will but listen to what our spirits are trying to tell us.

The things of darkness are appealing to those who do not have any family support or emotional connections. They appeal to those who are looking for a "family" in some way. They appeal to those who want to do good. They appeal to those looking for love and support and a way in this world.

They appeal to those who are disillusioned with the religions of this world. For me, it was Catholicism and the way that I felt guilty and afraid. To me, it made God seem to be angry and judgmental instead of friendly.  It felt stiff and suppressing of my spirit instead of encouraging and friendly to me. It didn't answer my questions. I liked going to church before I understood everything they were trying to tell me and I started to feel guilty and afraid of God. I still believed in God but I didn't know where to find him anymore after I Ieft the church. I got trapped by truth because I thought I had finally found some realistic, practical ways to get Home, little knowing that all I had to do was go directly to Him in my life.

I was scared and I didn't know how to connect with myself or others in an emotional way. I didn't know how to set boundaries, discuss conflict, deal with anger, work out problems. I didn't have much self-esteem and I felt unloved and unsupported. I was afraid. I wanted to be able to take care of myself and not get hurt anymore. I also thought that I had to do everything by myself. My pride got the better of me. I wanted help and love and support but I thought that I had to do it by myself. I thought that I was supposed to do it by myself. I wanted to be able to keep myself safe from harm and I didn't know how to find God so the teachings about how we could be better and stronger appealed to me. I didn't know how to ask anyone for help. I thought that I would not have to be so afraid anymore if I was in control. I was scared of men and I was also scared of God and so I turned to myself and to science for answers instead of God. Not that science is evil but in my fear I was unable to turn to others for help and love for fear of being hurt or killed and so I didn't have much love, if any really, in my life.  I was tricked and deceived in the process by beings that I thought were of God or from God because of the way that they presented themselves and I almost lost my life in the process.

I think that learning new skills helped me to be stronger and to do better in my relationships but as far as finding out that God was real, I only needed love. God did not seem to care whether or not I knew a lot of the things that I studied over the years. He seemed only to care what was in my heart and if I wanted to share with Him and put Him first in my life. That's all I ever wanted. I knew that He didn't make me wrong or defective and I was looking for Him because I knew that was the best place that I could be. It seems that God wants only to share love with His children.

I know that some of you might laugh at me but I don't care. God's love seems to be available to everyone and He is real. We have so much evil in the world and there is so much love as well. Lots of us have just been knocked around and we have lost contact with that love in so many ways. I just went looking for it in a different way because I couldn't find what I needed so badly here. I put more effort into my relationship with God because that is where I wanted and needed to be. I put Him first instead of a boyfriend or a spouse. I'm glad I did. Any one of you can do the same thing if you desire to do so. It's a matter of where you want to be in your life. You get to choose where you want to be. I made my choice already.

Here is some basic information:                                    A discussion of “ye are gods…”

When I saw Christ I didn't see any other gods or goddesses with Him. I saw Christ as bigger than this world and as the guardian of this world. The only other being I felt was GOD and I didn't see Him. I  felt His presence.

This is a painting of what I saw and although it was done by another person, it is a direct view of what I saw myself:


As a former new ager I can say that I definitely felt this way:

Even though New Agers--in the fallenness of their human pride--declare their equality with God, deep within them remains a realization that they are not capable of bearing the burden of freedom they so arrogantly claim. Subconsciously they long for a Savior-God, a God like the God of the Bible. Like little children who have thrown a tantrum and run away from home, they find that the world is a much greater and more dangerous place …

I definitely felt this way when I learned God was real and when He saved me from the fallen angels. Whew! I do not have to do this all by myself. Thank God, literally, that there is someone bigger than myself.


Gods and goddesses - such as Zeus, Helios, Vesta, Anubis, Horus, Ra, Quetzlcoatal, Kulkulcan, the one represented by the statues on Easter Island, The Great Architect of Freemasonry and many others - are all Lucifer or the fallen angels in disguise.

All the different teachings for secret societies and organizations seem to stem from the same gods and ancient teachings. The most familiar to me is the Egyptian mystery school teachings which seem only to be wearing a different set of clothes but are essentially the same as Masonry, Rosicrucianism and others. All of them blended into one but remained mostly Egyptian in nature and all done on another plane as well as an inner state of mind. Can't prove this to you in any way other than me telling you of my experiences. One would have to do it for himself or herself to know. Just trying to put the pieces of the puzzle together for others so we can all figure out what is happening.

***********       “The Kingdom of God is within you.”

        And I often do this. I find a delight in it, and whenever I can relax from my necessary duties
         I have recourse to this pleasure. [I experience] a state of feeling which is quite unlike anything 
         to which I am used — a kind of sweet delight which, if I could only remain permanently in that 
         state, would be something not of this world, not of this life. But my sad weight makes me fall 
         back again; I am swallowed up by normality. 

                                                                                            St. Augustine
“The Ego 1 Introduction.wmv” by mcarthurthedave.                                                                          
“Ego – Thich Nhat Hanh PL” by rohatsu.

For more information please see Fallen Angel. This page does contain a photograph which may disturb some people so if you feel that this will be too much for you, please do not go to this page.


There seems to be some concern that feelings or a healthy sense of self are not okay or not of God. This seems to go hand-in-hand with the belief that we are all miserable sinners or something like that and that we should not have any self-esteem or anything like that in our lives. Perhaps we are sinners but maybe we are just children learning like in a school.  I disagree with the idea that we need to be weak in spirit always except maybe when we surrender to God in our helplessness. I know that I went to God in my brokenness and lack of strength but He has also helped me to grow up spiritually since that time and to be stronger in my own spirit as well as walking with Him. This feeling is based upon my experiences and personal research.  I think that there are two separate ideas which are (1) the ego; and (2) a healthy sense of self vs. an unhealthy sense of self.  I think there is such a thing as being able to have a healthy sense of self-esteem but not have a big ego. A big ego is not in harmony with God and that means a person who is controlled by anger, desire for power, greed, lust and wanting to exert power or control over others, among other things. On the other hand, a healthy sense of self-esteem, renewed confidence, an ability to protect myself, stand up for myself and others and healthier communication skills, have made me less controlling, less angry, less fearful and more compassionate towards people.

Having a healthy sense of my own self, surrendering to God's will instead of my own, and with my strength coming from Christ and Father, as well as my own spirit, makes me a better warrior in this battle. I would never have done any of this without a connection with God or being able to handle myself better in situations with other people or beings. I know where my strength comes from and I know just how incapable I am of protecting myself against those other beings without God. Having a strong sense of self makes it easier for me to surrender to God's will even though I still struggle. A weak sense of self and a big ego meant that I fought Him every step of the way. I did fight Him just about every step of the way. One of the most recent energies that came up was my hate and my anger, including towards God, for what happened in my life, the hurt, the lost years, all of it. I fought Him hard  because of my hurt and anger and most of the time I wasn't aware that I was feeling that way. I did manage to come to an understanding and resolution as well as perhaps seeing part of His side of the what happened and why. Understanding and talking to Him then, helped me resolve my life, find forgiveness, find acceptance and to move forward, stronger in the relationship.

There seems to be confusion between an ego or person that is concerned only about the self or serving themselves vs. a person who chooses to serve God and others as well as one’s own spirit. One can freely choose to serve either themselves or others and God. The choice lies with the individual always.

Children are humble and faithful and loyal and exuberant and they have no sense that they are sinners. They are loving, happy and a good example of how we could be in going to our Father. The healthier my sense of self, the easier it is for me to let Father and Christ take the lead and to let them guide me. When I was sick and I had very unhealthy self-esteem I had a very hard time letting them into my life because of fear, distrust and my desire to control as much as I could. Feeling strong inside makes it easier to surrender and makes me a better person and to have less ego since I am secure instead of insecure.

Here is some more info about some of the new age teachings:


They teach one to be like Christ, to have their own Christ self, while God teaches that we accept His son and follow Christ.  Christ and the Christ life/spirit is in each of us if we so choose. Do you see somewhat how very similar the teachings are and why people are confused and drawn to the teachings.  These teachings appeal to our ego and desire to be powerful and in control but they lead to death and not life.

Big difference though even though the teachings are very similar. Big deception. Very confusing. There is a difference. If you want to be with God, then one must accept Christ as the savior first, not want to be their own Christ, have their own Christ self or be their own god or god first. One will be strong with the son of God as a partner and will live, not die. I don't know all the ins and outs of this but Father showed me Christ and how important he was to me and to life. I know that I cannot do any of this without Jesus Christ. Without him I am helpless as a drowning person at sea without a raft or a lifejacket, floundering in the waves.

Unconditional love and service to others are keys. Serving God before yourself is another key.

If you take the Luciferic initiation of the new age, you will align yourself with fallen angels, demons and death not "Christ" as they tell you. It is their "office of the Christ" and it sounds real good, but it is a trap.

I learned a very hard way that Jesus/Yeshua is the way and to follow him. As long as I listen to God I feel that I am doing okay. I think that our Father takes into consideration all of the different peoples, faiths and beliefs in this world but this is what happened to me. If I can offer any advice it would be to say to be obedient to God, everything I needed was/is in the Bible and that I realize that no matter where I was in my life, God never left me and was always present in my life helping me, turning to good or for good all that I had done.

Please pay attention here - if you are trying to have your own christ self (small c because you are trying to do it yourself) instead of going to God or Christ as the savior and messiah, then you might very well be very much in danger. This is the tricky part and where I got in trouble trying to do it all by myself instead of being obedient to God. For me, Jesus Christ is the high priest and the way, the truth and the life.

This is being revised at the moment 2/2016 because of new revelations. There is a Master Jesus in the ascended master teachings and Jesus and God were always present - I got into trouble trying to do it myself so I think God is always present and helps us but just be aware of where some confusion might be. Jesus was present always but in my fear and trying to get back to God all by myself I got into trouble. It was Jesus and Father that got me out of that mess.

I have seen both sides, not intentionally because I had I known I never would have gone there, but I still made a mistake. I don't know everything nor do I pretend to know it all. I can only tell you what I have seen and let you decide for yourself. I was deceived by the teachings of Lucifer disguised in the ascended master teachings. I  felt myself dying as a result of their "teaching" and being connected with them and the initiation process.  I have also seen and felt the life that God gives to those who accept His son. I'll take God and the real Christ any day. Jesus/Christ/Yeshua is the High Priest and way to God, at least in my own personal experience. They were the ones that saved my life.

The choice is yours, always, but all I am saying is to know where you are going as you make it.



"Clearly the Lucifer of this movement that wants to unite all religions is the basis of operation for theosophy, Masonry, Rosicrucianism, Bahai and numerous other false philosophies. It is a fact if one goes through Lucifer to experience the Christhood he is offering if they come out they are scarred. Lucifer does not give man freedom but slavery by blinding them with the light of initiation into darkness."


Many have been fooled ------ because their hearts are not evil. There are many who have followed the teachings in secret societies such as Freemasonry who have never really been told what is going on or who they are actually following. Anything done in secret or set above everyone else or the masses is not of God for He gives His love freely to all and withholds nothing from His children. It's never too late to get out. God and Christ are there for you but you have to ask them for help. I was fooled but I got out. Others have gotten out. You can also get out if you want to get out.

The God or TGA/The Great Architect of Freemasonry - is Lucifer.

Ask him yourself. Of course, if you aren't doing any work on another plane or inside yourself and have never met the guy with the rod of initiation on another level then you wouldn't know what I was talking about. Still, he is the one that is present whether you know it or not. Sorry but you should find out more since your life is at stake.

These initiations and such are based upon the same rites as the Egyptian mystery school teachings, as well as others. Based upon my own personal experiences and seeing the difference between TGA and GOD, they are different. One does not have YOUR best interests at heart and one does. You decide. Ask him who he is.

       To put the ghost controversy in perspective, it's important to understand the Bible's teaching on life after death.         
       Scripture says when people die, their spirit and soul immediately go to heaven or hell. We do not wander about
       the earth: (2 Corinthians 5:8, NLT)

So-called ghosts are demons posing as dead people. Satan and his followers are liars, intent on spreading confusion, fear,
and distrust of God. If they can convince mediums, like the woman at Endor, that they actually
communicate with the dead,
those demons can lure many away from the true God:

I read an article the other day about a psychic wanting to be called a “spiritual teacher.” Since when do those who speak to the dead, really demons in disguise, become our spiritual teachers? These entities that psychics speak to are really fallen angels and demons posing as ghosts of the dead. If the psychics could really see who they are speaking to they would run for their daddy. These demons and fallen angels speak much truth because they know the truth and they use it to try to get you to follow yourself and them instead of Christ and God.

Like many people out there, I was fooled because I just believed the image that they presented to me out of trust and goodness of heart. I never thought anyone would try to fool me. I never asked them who they were and it got me into a whole lot of trouble. Just ask them who they really are and they have to show you what they really look like. It isn't all nice and wonderful. These are evil, cold, heartless beings that are only trying to deceive us. We cannot see this because we are too trusting and we do not know the ways of darkness. We can learn and we can be strong and we can defeat them in connection with God and Christ.



NO laughing matter. I have personally seen what involvement with the occult, some new age practices and teachings, psychics, those who channel/mediums and deceit by fallen angels can do to a person. These forces hide very well until you try to toss them out of your life and until you let Christ help you. Christ is the only one, besides God, who can help you get rid of them and they are relentless if you have invited them into your life in any way. The key is letting Christ into your life. This stuff is nothing to be taken lightly. If you can learn to have a personal relationship with God and yourself without putting others in the middle it might serve you better.

            Especially in cases of occult involvement, confession must be specific. …The power of occult subjection will not be broken 
            unless the specific sin is singled out and confessed: “Father, I confess my sin of consulting a medium, playing with a Ouija 
            board, having my horoscope made, and having my fortune told.”….They [satanic powers] enforce their claims even upon 
            descendants who are completely unaware of the fact of hereditary complicity…no contact themselves.

            Merrill F. Unger, What Demons Can Do To Saints, Chicago, IL, Moody Press, 1991, pp. 193-194.



            When it all came full circle and down to the wire, I never wanted to be God.

                                I never wanted to be BIG.

                                            I was only looking for love, to belong and to share love with someone.

I was tricked along the way but not because I was evil. I was simply a child looking for love in this crazy world. I thought if I was big I would be safer but I was not. I almost lost my life and my soul. In the end, God was much, much bigger than all of it and I just need to share a hug and love with Him. It's that simple for me and doesn't get any bigger than that. I'm glad that I could turn my journey and my life into something bigger that will hopefully help others but the small me only wanted love and to belong somewhere.


Without any judgment or criticism or glory or anything else - just ask yourself honestly why you do the things you do --- and then listen for the answer. It might surprise you.


Actually, deceit is found in many places and not only in the New Age, as well as much truth. If this world is a blend of God, man and fallen angels and demons, then where is the truth?

Look within yourself and to God in the heart. Clear your heart of anger, rage, jealousy, sadness, grief, fear and everything but love and there you will find God and yourself. Love will clear out the energies of the lower emotions and allow you to connect with love. It is in the space of love that you will find the truth. The lower emotions veil or cloud the truth and they are filters by which the truth may pass through. Only in pure love will the truth be seen.

It seems that the key question is: who do you serve? Do you serve yourself or do you serve God and others? Love God and love everyone including yourself.


Here is some more information about the ego:

            Self-importance is man's greatest enemy. What weakens him is feeling offended by the deeds and 
            misdeeds of his fellow men. Self-importance requires that one spend most of one's life offended by
            something or someone.

                                                                                                     --Don Juan


Ego and self-importance quotes.


Denial is the psychological process by which human beings protect themselves from things which threaten them by blocking knowledge of those things from their awareness. It is a defense which distorts reality; it keeps us from feeling the pain and uncomfortable truth about things we do not want to face. If we cannot feel or see the consequences of our actions, then everything is fine and we can continue to live without making any changes.                                                                                                                               


            The truth that makes men free is for the most part the truth which men prefer not to hear. 

Herbert Agar


            It doesn't matter what one reveals or what one keeps to oneself. Everything we do, everything we are, rests on our 
            personal power. If we don't have enough personal power the most magnificent piece of wisdom can be revealed to us
            and it won't make a damn bit of difference.

Don Juan (Carlos Castaneda)

*******************     quotes about the ego




Taken directly from a psychic’s web site.

“Unlike some pseudo-psychics who tell people that their problems are caused by curses, evil entities, demons, or karmic retribution neither ==== nor ---- will blame the negative occurrences on your life on these things, and each of them feel it is important to advise their clients to not believe in such things. They do not exist.”

This psychic told a family that a missing loved one was dead. This loved one was found to be alive years later. Perhaps her family might not have given up looking for her if they thought she was still alive. This young woman could have been spared years of torture and sexual abuse.



While I personally do not feel that demonic entities and such are responsible for many of the negative things or illnesses or accidents that happen in our lives, I do feel that these evil, darkness and demonic entities are real. Based upon my own personal experience God and evil are both real and those who tell you differently are lying to you.

A psychic “working for God” personally led me into contact with demonic entities and the false god who is known as Ra or Lucifer. I was fooled by those beings of light and what I saw. I didn’t ask them who they were and took what I saw as true without going any deeper and it almost cost me my life and my soul. Be VERY careful. There are psychics who might know exactly what is out there but many are being fooled because they think that there is nothing evil out there that will hurt them.  That is why we are warned in our holy books. Is it worth your life or your soul for what truth or comfort you MIGHT get from them for that is how the entities will hook you and get you to invite them into your life. They are just waiting for an invitation to come into your life.


Would you not like to learn to talk to the LIVING god instead of the dead for advice and comfort. Leave the dead to go on with their journey. Their time here is done and they are not in the astral realms if they were close to God. The only thing one finds in the astral realms, which seems to be where most psychics are working from, are the remnants or shells of criminals, drug and alcohol abusers, murders, rapists and other unsavory characters. In my experience, only God and Lucifer have access to the souls of the dead and most people do not go through these channels to get to the “dead.” Along the same lines, any entities contacted with a Ouija board are NOT nice people. These things in the astral plane are DEAD, very DEAD and dark so leave them to be that way without inviting them into your life. This plane is where nightmarish things happen so best to leave it alone. They will tell you much, much truth and you may find comfort from what is said but it is a trap. Leave it be. Try to learn to talk to God instead of the dead.


Based upon my own person experiences with the dark side, people and psychics who tell you that evil, darkness, demonic forces and such do not exist are not doing you any favors and they are lying to you. Evil is very, very real and it likes to trap those who are hurting and do not suspect that they are being fooled. Dark forces can and do imitate those who are alive and dead and I have had this personally happen to me. I have been fooled by the “dead” and those who would imitate those alive as well and when I told a living person what happened they kindly pointed out to me that I was being fooled. It was apparently not him that I was talking to when I thought that I was and this happened on more than one occasion. This was told to me by someone who can see very clearly in the other dimensions. I myself have seen into the astral plane and other dimensions at times and some of what is out there is VERY disturbing and not so nice and loving or angelic. I know that God and Christ are real because they are the ones that had to help me get out of that mess. So, do you still want to believe the “dead” whether they be dead persons, astral shells of those who have died or demonic entities. What does your own heart tell you about these things?

I really do not want to confuse anyone here but I also want to help people to be safe with God and protected from harm. Please know that many of us have had experiences with the dead and I think we are helped by God. I have felt so much love at a funeral when a person passing has been reunited with a loved one so as to be almost overwhelmed. This was in a church and was overseen by God, and not me trying to do it on my own. Just be careful please.


Talking to psychics and others who do not know exactly who they are working with, who cannot see into the other dimensions clearly, who are not working with God’s protection (even if they say that they are) and do not believe in evil, is just an open invitation for these things to come into your life. That is all that they need. Is this really what you want hanging around you.



If this is true as some teach - As I understand it, and I don’t understand much yet, there are different levels to the different planes of existence. The astral planes(s) are lowest to the earth with heaven “above” or in a higher vibration than the astral plane. On the lowest astral planes seem to be the most unsavory characters such as murders, rapists, sexual abusers, pedophiles, addicts, drunks, warmongers, demonic forces, fallen angels and such. I don’t know exactly what happens in the other levels of the astral plane. I do understand that one has to pass through the astral plane to get to heaven and that one of the energetic bodies is discarded at that time. This is the reason for the “shells” of dead people floating around in this dimension. One then passes to heaven if deserved I suppose or perhaps stays on a higher level of the astral plane. I don’t know all of it. I have seen some of it in a near death experience and from working in another energetic body or dimension. I do feel though that many people are being deceived by what is on the astral plane and that it is dangerous if one does not know what is going on.

To be safe, try to go directly to God or Christ.  This is not something to be taken lightly. You are very much in danger of losing your life, becoming open to influence from dark forces or possession even without their help. Many people have no idea what is happening out there and the astral is the plane of illusion. It is very much the plane of illusions, fantasy, desire, and relentless urges for those who die addicted and such and are thus earthbound. It is the home of those who are “evil” on earth as they do not pass to the higher realms or heaven. These things are who many psychics are really talking to and not the spirits of our loved ones. Satanic practices are in contact with the lower dimensions and the nasty things that reside there.





The psychic who led me to the false god was a "walk-in” who took over the body of another person. This was supposedly done to help others, and granted she does, but she is also leading people to the false god and into danger of losing their souls. She thinks that she works for God but she works for Ra who is also Lucifer. She calls God Ra but she doesn't make the connection and does not realize that the Creator is not Ra. Lucifer/Ra is only the god of this world.

Sadly, many are being deceived because their hearts are not evil.


                    Come out of Egypt.


What I felt that I was told that we have to do, more or less, at least in the religion that I grew up in:
Believe and have faith.
That Christ did it for us.
To accept Christ as our savior .
Follow the rules (10 commandments) God gave us.

I feel that I was let down by religion and by life and that is why I was so spiritually devastated and heartbroken. I for one, did not feel prepared for this world by either the church or by society or by how I was brought up without any skills in communication, protecting myself, working with others, etc. I never felt a connection with God through the church really except when I was too little to understand the teachings. I could feel God and that felt very nice and comforting and that was all that mattered to me.

I even went to Catholic school. I don't remember studying the Bible. I don't remember being warned about the dangers out there. I don't remember being prepared for any kind of serious spiritual life. I got a great education as far as schoolwork but what happened to the rest? What happened to real development of the spiritual side of my life? I received the sacraments and studied for confirmation but what about all the other years. I went to church just about every Sunday and the priest read the gospels and other things and gave the sermon but I don't know about any really hands-on study of some things and I feel that this could have been or can be done better. Why were we never taught how to really have a personal relationship with Christ and God?

What I feel that I needed to do personally to break the bonds of earth. I am not perfect in any sense and I struggle every day but these are my feelings.
Surrender to God. In my uttermost brokenness this is where I found my soul soothed.
Repent, apologize and ask for forgiveness. I was forgiven. This allows me to move forward and get out of bondage.
Love God and put Him first and have a personal relationship with God. This gives me strength and purpose as well.
Accept Christ into my life as savior.
Study His words to help to know Him better.
Follow Christ and His example of how to overcome.
Follow God’s rules as best I can even if I am not perfect.
Surrender my will to the will [love] of God - there is a difference between humility and letting people walk all over me.
Overcome the personal demons inside of me – fear, anger, lust, greed, pride, laziness, envy, hate …. and I work on this daily.
Stand up to evil in my own way by speaking or writing about my experiences and about God in my life. The strength to do this
comes from my relationship with God.
Living a life based on the rules given to us and a faith in God. Living every moment of my life to the best of my ability by following
God and not just on Sunday. Church is any place and any time I am connected to God.
There is real strength to be found in the example of the cross, learning from our suffering, facing our difficulties finding understanding in why life happens the way that it does sometimes. Much, much joy can come out of the ashes of a life of hardship and suffering.

It does cost something to be a real Christian, according to the standard of the Bible. There are enemies to be
overcome, battles to be fought, sacrifices to be made, an Egypt to be forsaken, a wilderness to be passed through,
a cross to be carried, a race to be run. The consequence of not counting the cost at the beginning is that people will
fall away… or they are in danger of giving up in a spiritual battle for which they are not prepared.

This is why I found the new age teachings, some of them anyways, so appealing. Even if they were leading me to the wrong god, I felt that I was actually getting instruction on how to be a better person, how to be a better disciple of "Christ," how to serve God better, how to serve humanity better, how to eat better to have a stronger connection to God, how to love better, how many things. The teachings actually told me that I had to do something to get home besides just believing. While I do not feel that we have to do all that they say, I do feel that I had to put out some effort and make some changes instead of just a few token practices in my life. The new age books were teaching me the things that I felt that I should have been taught but wasn't in the church and in school. That is why I liked the teachings so much. There is much, much truth in what they are saying. The danger is that it leads in the wrong direction because of the source and some of the information opens you up to demonic forces and fallen angels.

Where did our churches mislead us and what happened? Why do they not teach us practical things about how to do things better? Answer that you guys. I heard the same gospels year after year. While those are needed and practical how about more. What about how to overcome the small self and serve God and others. We could use some more practical help. You wonder why you are losing people to the new age. You wonder why they are suffering so much spiritually. These are some of the reasons why. Even our churches need to wake up for the most part. I don't speak about all but there are obviously some problems and reasons why people are seeking so many answers in so many different spiritual formats these days. They want to have a connection with God and they want to have a deeper spiritual life. They are looking for answers and they have not found them in their own faiths. They are looking for a connection to their own spirits and to life and to love.


All I needed to do was to go to God and learn to have a relationship with Him. Everything else would come about as a result of that relationship. I also needed to follow His son, not myself. 

I grew up thinking that I had to do it all myself and that I wasn't supposed to ask anyone for help. I could not have been more incorrect. I like being able to go to God for help and support and guidance. Makes my life a whole lot easier in so many ways.


What if loving our enemy or adversary is not giving them what they want?

What if we can help Lucifer and the fallen angels? What if, by changing our own behavior and becoming more like God, we can help them? I mean by this, if we stop feeding them with fame, fortune, celebrity, power, control, authority, pollution, us being angry, victims and other stuff not like God, then maybe they will be the ones who are suffering and will then turn to God for redemption or salvation or help? What if … What do you think?


       Seems like the hardest thing that I do every day ... is get myself out of the way.


Hi everyone - just making some revisions on a few pages in reconsidering some events so please take note. Thanks.

I learned a very hard way that Jesus/Yeshua is the way and to follow him. As long as I listen to God I feel that I am doing okay. I think that our Father takes into consideration all of the different peoples, faiths and beliefs in this world but this is what happened to me. If I can offer any advice it would be to say to be obedient to God, everything I needed was/is in the Bible and that I realize that no matter where I was in my life, God never left me and was always present in my life helping me, turning to good or for good all that I had done.

Please pay attention here - if you are trying to have your own christ self (small c because you are trying to do it yourself) instead of going to God or Christ as the savior and messiah, then you might very well be very much in danger. This is the tricky part and where I got in trouble trying to do it all by myself instead of being obedient to God. For me, Jesus Christ/Yeshua is the high priest and the way, the truth and the life.

This is being revised at the moment 2/2016 because of new revelations and looking for some clarity in how to present some of what I learned in the ascended master teachings. There is a Master Jesus in the ascended master teachings and Jesus and God were always present  so please know that but I got into trouble trying to do it myself so I think God was and is always present and helps us but just be aware of where some confusion might be. Jesus was present always but in my fear and trying to get back to God all by myself by using the teachings I got into trouble. It was Jesus/Yeshua and Father that got me out of that mess. There seems to be much truth in the teachings but now in looking back, I realize even more than it is obedience to God and letting Him be in charge that is so very important. It is surrendering to His will and not trying to do it myself. I don't want to bash anyone else's beliefs and I think that God takes care of us wherever we are at and shows us the way in so many ways in this world. We are not all the same and He knows that and I found that if I put Him first and listened to Him that He showed me all that I needed to know. So, if you are confused, try putting Him first and learned to listen closely to Him. That is where I found my confusion leaving because I find no confusion in God. 











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