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Dedicated to helping you get in touch with your spirit and with life again.
Dedicated to promoting wellness and a sense of being whole in all areas of our lives.
Dedicated to helping people live their lives joyfully, strongly, fully and freely.

Become whole. Become who you are in the here and now.
Become who you were created to be - a reflection of love.
   Heal your body.      Heal your mind.      Heal your soul.

God's grace ...

God's grace feels a lot like the covering on this pearl to me.

Without God's grace in my life, I am like the grain of sand at the center of the pearl - rough and uneven, but as I go to Him, God covers me with His grace like the oyster covers the grain of sand with mother of pearl - and slowly turns me into a pearl.

As if the oyster is a little treasure chest, it seems as though something God might hold with great tenderness and care in the palm of His hand. How very small I seem, yet I feel loved so very much by our Heavenly Father.

The oyster opens like a little treasure chest and can contain something of great value. It can be hard to get open at times and is rough on the outside but smooth on the inside, among other things. I live and thrive in the ocean of God's love and wonder and amazement at the beauty of something so simple yet so profound are so very close.

                                                                                    Thank you Father ...

I feel this tenderness and treasure as I hold the Holy Eucharist, which is the body of Christ, in my hand at mass. As God fed his children manna every day in the desert after the Exodus, so God feeds me every day with the bread of life. He does this literally as the host is transmuted by God into the body of Christ. I feel the presence of Jesus in this holy bread and in my heart in the love that I feel and this becomes part of my spiritual food. He gives me His grace in His body every time I receive communion with Him in this sacrament. I feel His love and His presence in this tiny symbol of love and life that I hold gently as a treasure in my hand as I receive Him in the host and in my heart.


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                              Chris Tomlin - Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone)

                                                 Amazing Grace -



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