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Getting to the Causes...

A few statistics:


It doesn't take more than four or five seconds to injure a tiny brain seriously, and as many as 1,400 babies die each year from this devastating form of child abuse.



Between 600,000 and 6 million women are victims of domestic violence each year, and between 100,000 and 6 million men, depending on the type of survey used to obtain the data. ….

Nearly 2.2 million people called a domestic violence crisis or hot line in 2004 to escape crisis situations, seek advice, or assist someone they thought might be victims. ….

The health-related costs of intimate partner violence exceed $5.8 billion each year. Of that amount, nearly $4.1 billion are for direct medical and mental health care services, and nearly $1.8 billion are for the indirect costs of lost productivity or wages. ….

Annually in the United States, 503,485 women are stalked by an intimate partner.



  • Every 2 minutes, someone in the U.S. is sexually assaulted
  • There is an average of 207,754 victims (age 12 or older) of sexual assault each year

More than five children die every day [in the United States] as a result of child abuse.

I am saddened by the situation in Newtown, as well as many other locations, where so many innocent lives were lost. I would like to make a few comments about some of the things that we could do in our society to help prevent these tragedies from happening.

As someone who has dealt with “mental” illness most of my life I offer the following tips and insight to all. After many years of effort to recover I discovered that what I needed the most was not psych meds but love, emotional support, better coping, communication and emotional life skills and most importantly, a connection with our Creator. It was my spirit that was suffering so badly in this world and healing myself is what I needed the most.

I know that this rage and violence makes no sense to those who have never faced severe emotional pain. Emotional pain is horrible but to those who don’t know of it in their own mind, it makes no sense. If you have never suffered from any kind of emotional pain it is impossible to understand how it might affect someone. Many people don't understand it at all let alone even begin to know how to get rid of it or help those in pain. It is literally brutal at times and one gets caught in an endless loop of pain, anger or hate because they know of no way to make it stop. The overwhelming pain, loneliness, anger or rage can eventually cause people to kill themselves and others, sometimes violently, because they do not know how to deal with it in a healthy way. This sometimes results in suicides and murders as well as tragedy and the loss of innocent lives.

Psych meds are not the answer because it is our spirits and souls that are hurting, not our bodies. Psych meds can themselves cause their own difficulties and affect the mental state in a negative way. Psych medications are toxic and they can cause hallucinations, psychosis, suicides and homicidal behavior. There is no proven chemical imbalance as the pharmaceutical companies have told us and these meds damage the brain. Interestingly enough, I found that there was no chemical imbalance in my brain after over twenty years of suffering or at least I do not feel that I have any kind of chemical imbalance. If medication is supposed to correct some kind of imbalance then how come I only continued to get worse over the years instead of better?

As for the shooter, who many choose to see as a monster instead of a human being and someone’s child, any form of autism makes it very difficult for people to communicate their feelings and thoughts in this world. They see and feel the world differently. We do not know what else was going on in this person's mind and nobody ever will. I am not trying to make light of what happened or make excuses but there are many in this world who need help that they are unable to afford or even to find. Mental illness is still very misunderstood in many ways. There is a serious lack of low-cost help but plenty of very expensive help.
Evil and free will also exist so there are no guarantees that it won’t happen again.

All of the innocent victims as well as the young man and his mother should be a statement of what needs to change in our system. Every individual life lost every day in this country to violence should be a statement that we need to get to the real causes. Unfortunately, every day an innocent child is killed somewhere. Every day a child is beaten by a drunken parent. Every day a child is sexually abused. Every day a new person reaches for a legal or illegal drug to drown out feelings that they don't know how to handle. Every day a mother loses a child to violence. Every day someone shakes a baby or small child because they do not know how to handle frustration or anger. Every day at least five children die due to child abuse and every year about 1,400 children die from being shaken. Every day a child loses a parent. Every day a man or woman beats their spouse or child. Another person learns to smoke. Another takes psych meds. Another...

By supporting my own spirit in many ways and developing a personal relationship with God as well as learning better coping and communication skills, I was able to be less frustrated and depressed. This included skills such as learning how to deal with conflict and anger and set boundaries, as well as how to deal with life and others in a healthier way. By going inside to find the living water my soul was healed. Until I found the connection with God and His love, nothing else really made a difference. Until then, it didn’t really matter how many other material or negative things I removed from my life. Learning these things took time but they are what worked for me and I had to help myself because I did not get what I needed at home or in school.

More security, getting rid of guns, video games, material goods and the like will not make a big difference either. When we get tired of the craziness of the world and our spirits and souls are healed by love of all of the fear, pain and loss by a connection to ourselves, others and our Creator then the violence, killings and other horrible things will naturally fall away. When we start to talk and listen to each other and support ourselves emotionally and spiritually, then we will begin to heal. We we begin to teach our children and ourselves better communication, emotional life and spiritual skills and find peace inside, things will start to change and heal. Teaching our children that life is special and not something to be easily thrown away will help.

Focusing on an easy fix like more security or armed guards might make us feel safer and might prevent some tragedies
for a time but even those things will not stop these events from happening because the actual causes are not being addressed in any way. If people who want to kill others or themselves don't have a gun they will find another way. If they cannot get to a school then they will find another way or another place to hurt others. Where do you draw the line and do you put a guard on every corner everywhere? What then? Instead of just popping a pill, hiding away, denying or ignoring reality or just getting rid of the “problems” to make uncomfortable things go away we can take a deep breath and face these challenges. It is the only way we can begin to make changes. When we ignore problems they will only get worse if we do not fix what is causing the problem. When we get to the real causes then we will begin to heal this world and stop the madness. Healthy, happy people do not have a desire to hurt themselves or others.

This nation was founded with courage, strength and freedom in mind. So, let us once again find those qualities as beings made in the image of God, take a deep breath and make the necessary changes.

God bless you all. 


Once again, a tragedy visits itself upon us, not only as a small portion of the world where something horrific has happened, but in a world that is growing increasingly confusing and crazy as time goes by. Once again, we are confronted with tragedy and once again the debate over gun ownership will come. Once again, we fail to look at the actual causes of why these tragedies are happening and instead want to focus on the problem instead of the causes.  Once again, we want to make more laws to get rid of the problem instead of focusing on the real causes of why these things happen and why people do some of the things that they do with tragic consequences and loss of life. I think that many do not understand why these things happen and I would do my best to shed some light on the subject of “mental [spiritual] illness” in my own personal way if that will help anyone find answers or help others in any way.

It seems that most of the people that kill others, especially many others, and then themselves are mentally ill in some way. But why? That seems to be an unanswered question and one which I hope to provide at least a few answers for you. Society sees the outward manifestation but do we really stop to question further why or how someone got so sick at all. Just give them medication to stop them from any further damage to themselves or others and be done with it seems to be the instant response. Many of these individuals might have grown up in poverty, in sexually and physically abusive situations, with alcoholic parents, neglectful parents, or they have been isolated, bullied or traumatized in other ways in life. These things have a definite effect on a child and can scar them in so many ways. If they are isolated and neglected emotionally then the problems can get worse. Medications can also make the problems worse by side effects and damage to the brain
.Of course many factors are involved and nobody but the person ultimately knows why they do what they do or did. I feel that we can begin however, to address some of the causes of why people kill others and themselves in such tragic ways.

Perhaps there will always be tragedies that cannot be prevented but perhaps there are ways to help reduce the likelihood of these tragedies happening. There is so much pain and suffering in this world and so many ways in which the world needs help or changes. It is a dangerous and sad world when it takes many, many people losing their lives to get our attention. Even one unnecessary death is a tragedy to those who lose a loved one but that no longer seems to get our attention unless it hits close to home. Many seem to care about the mentally ill when tragedy strikes but not so much about them otherwise. Many do not want to really put out any effort to help those innocent children beaten every day by alcoholic parents, neglected and unfed by drug addicted parents, those sexually abused and raped by parents and others or so many more other innocents. Yet when one of these neglected, abused kids kills others and themselves then they take notice. How about addressing some of the issues and teaching emotional life skils to help these innocents deal with their lives better?

Perhaps we cannot see other solutions or possibilities yet. Perhaps we could have more hope if we knew of other possible solutions. Perhaps we might not be able to totally eradicate murders, terrorism and senseless killings but maybe, just maybe, we could prevent many of them from happening in the first place with some simple changes.

As someone who has spent pretty much my whole life, and at the very least, the last ten to fifteen years looking into the causes of my own mental health issues, including depression and PTSD, I would like to offer some new possibilities for you to consider that could possibly help prevent more situations like from happening. At the very least, maybe what I have done in my life and presented on my web site could shed some light on some possible reasons why these things are happening. I would offer all of you my web site for some insight into some possible reasons why things are so confusing and crazy these days, as well as for some possible solutions to the problems. It is only the story of one person but I think that the underlying causes and issues are the same for many suffering so badly in the world today.

How about giving people some hope that things can change for the better? How about helping them to see that there are different or healthier ways for society rather than making more rules? How about no longer ignoring the causes of the problem altogether which might be one of the real reasons that people are killing themselves and others?

How about we all start to get to the real causes of why these horrible tragedies happen, instead of once again wanting to put a band-aid over the wound or skirt what I see as the real issue by addressing the issue of guns instead of people. Perhaps we can address tighter restrictions or the availability of assault style guns to anyone; however, I see that we still need to address the issue of why people kill others. Some of these causes may be emotional difficulties, anger, rage, isolation, abuse, neglect , fear, illness, financial reasons and others. Even psych medications, in some instances, are the real causes. While we may not be able to prevent all incidents of tragedy, perhaps we can start to make some changes in the world at large as far as violence, murders and killings, especially of innocents by looking at the issue in a different way.

This site
is my effort to help others in an area of life where I feel that many need help but they are unable to find it, afford it or who may not know some of these choices are available. It is for all kinds of people suffering and in an area of life that I feel needs attention very much. Please try to give what I have to say a chance since I think many rarely hear this perspective. Maybe you might not care for my web site because there is too much new information or the information is controversial or scary even. Maybe you think I am crazy. Maybe what I have to say will be uncomfortable for many. Maybe you might not like or agree with everything that I have to say but perhaps there is some pretty good information on my site if you will take the time to look at what I have to say. Maybe we can start to make some changes in this world if you find anything useful on my site. Maybe we can start to make some changes that will really help us to solve some of our issues that will result in long-lasting changes that get to the real causes of some of our troubles.

Maybe just knowing the possibility that God is real might give us all hope. I see science and religion starting to come together and to prove that God is real. I see nothing wrong with wanting facts or evidence.

How about standing up to those persons and institutions that continue to promote fear, violence, killing, materialistic ways of living, greed, evil and other ways of living that are harmful to our souls and spirits? While we all have free choice about how to live our lives without unnecessary censorship we can all make personal choices about what we want in our own world. Hollywood has admitted that the movies and products they produce can have a detrimental effect on our lives and on our children but they will not stop making products that produce money for them. So, it is up to us what kinds of things we will allow into our lives. How about not buying their products, watching their shows or demanding that some changes be made? How about recognizing that we all have so much more power in our lives that we are putting into effect? How about realizing that we all have so much more control over our physical, emotional and mental health that we have been led to believe? How about we explore some new possibilities? How about we teach others to have more and more responsibility over their lives instead of helping them to be weak? How about we start helping others to have healthier emotional and spiritual lives instead of snuffing out these parts of us?

How about getting the sensationalism out of our news and other forms of media? I feel that the "newscasters” and such as on television actually incite and provoke people to anger and other views with their antics on television on a daily basis? How about addressing the causes for the decay of our society and the people instead of just getting rid of the problem? More security? Do you think that will solve the problem? How about our lack of caring and how we have been desensitized  to all sorts of things as violence increases over the years?

How about getting to the real causes instead of putting more people on medication or in prison or taking away guns? How about considering that there might be other, healthier ways of resolving some of our problems or that there might be other ways of preventing or reducing tragedies such as what happened in Connecticut or Columbine or Virginia Tech or Norway or…but it will require effort on our part to make these changes.

Maybe helping to educate others about the dangers of psych meds might be helpful. In some instances, these killings have been done by souls on psych meds that are very much in pain in their own way. If you have never been in any kind of emotional pain, there is no way that you can understand what is happening and how excruciating it really is at times. Brutal is an excellent word to describe it. Unfortunately, people tend to blame the “crazy” person instead of also maybe considering that these psych medications are very dangerous, that they can cause psychosis, hallucinations, suicides, violent behavior and other problems. We also fail many times to take into consideration the factors in society or in the home that can contribute to these events. While traumatized, mentally ill people will always exist, along with the possibility of these things happening, how about helping to reduce emotional suffering and rage in this world? It is telling that the young man in Connecticut killed his own mother first before killing himself and others. How about letting people know that we have been lied to by the pharmaceutical companies about the psych drug studies and that these drugs can themselves cause violent behavior, including murder? How about taking into consideration the huge conflicts of interest between the drug companies, the universities, the government, the FDA and the doctors who all working with each other to make billions at the cost of public health instead of promoting more practical and long-term solutions? Does anyone think it could make a difference in the reliability of the drug studies when they are all in each others’ pockets, so to speak?

How about taking into consideration that the oversexualization of children, a focus on material goods and the way people look physically instead of the whole person is damaging. How about taking into consideration the violence on television and in video games and even cartoons? These venues in many ways show us that dangerous actions and even killing seem to make life a matter of no consequence and that life matters not at all in this day and age. What about our movies that glorify killing, blood and gore? How do those make our lives better? How does so much fear in the media make our lives better? Are we so desensitized to these things that only more pain and more fear and more killing are the only things that are getting our attention these days?

In general – and this doesn’t mean everyone - How does continuing to take a pill for everything that ails us making our society stronger? I personally feel that it makes our society weaker, a slave to medications and to the idea that something is wrong with us, instead of seeing ourselves as children of God who are made in His image and given life by Him.  I see us all, with examples like Christ to follow, as being able to be strong, loving, compassionate, healthy and unafraid, among other things, instead of fearful, violent, uncaring and materialistic. I then see us also as being responsible, caring and able to live our lives in a healthier manner than relying on drugs and doctors to fix problems that we could fix ourselves.

I see that continuing to take a pill to make our depression and whatever ails us just go away instead of really dealing with the causes, as one of the reasons we are becoming weaker every day. Is this any way to teach others, and especially our children, to handle their emotional problems and their relationships? Why are we so surprised then, when a person full of rage takes out their rage on others and themselves instead of handling it in a healthy manner. We then want to control guns and make more rules when those actions will never get to the real causes of why people kill others and themselves very violently sometimes. They are venting rage or other feelings that for them they can find no healthy outlet and making a statement to a world that no longer cares for its children or human beings in so many ways.

We have stuffed them and their feelings down, as well as our own. Many children have no guidelines or discipline when growing up. Many children do not have anybody to really talk to and support them emotionally. We plop them in front of the television as a babysitter and then we wonder why violence is so rampant in our society. We give them reality shows to watch which do not show healthy people for the most part, but instead childish, vindictive and petty people. Are these the best examples of life that we can give to our children? How are children supposed to know differently if they are not shown? We give them violent cartoons, violent video games, movies full of fear, murders and killing and then we wonder why they are so angry and violent.

We try to take away the belief in God in so many ways because nobody seems to be able to prove that He exists. Evolution is taught in schools but not creationism. How about showing people the discoveries of Ron Wyatt so that they can decide for themselves if Noah’s ark is real and if, perhaps, Mt. Sinai is really in Saudi Arabia instead of the Sinai peninsula? How about letting them know these things instead of covering them up? How about telling us the truth instead of lies or what the powers that be want us to hear?  The media is full of fear so how about presenting people with some new options and choices? There is no guarantee that people will want to hear other choices since sensationalism makes money but how about giving it a try? How about tabloids taking more responsibility for the garbage that they put out into the world? What happened to truth in journalism and where is the responsibility for what truth or trash is fed to society?

We as a society are responsible for everything which we allow into our lives with each and every choice that we make. By our silence and our free will choice and by allowing practices and products and other harmful things to continue we allow decay into our society. We are also part of the solution.

How about actually having some kind of moral code instead of continuing to let our society degenerate into a place where everything goes and one is considered hateful and discriminatory for simply voicing an opinion that disagrees with anyone else?

I feel that if we help ourselves to be healthier emotionally and spiritually then we will naturally take better care of ourselves physically and we could have a much healthier world as a result. Maybe we might save some money in healthcare costs as well.

How about talking to our children and supporting them and ourselves in all ways instead just pushing away uncomfortable things or medicating them away for the most part? While this is not true in all instances, it happens a lot more than many would like to admit. Mostly I think it happens because people do not know a better way to deal with their feelings or with life. That can change.

I ask you to help make the public aware of some of the consequences of living with the feeling and spiritual side of life stuffed away and what happens as a result. I ask some of you to play these violent video games and then tell me that it makes no difference in how we or our children see others. I ask you to look with honesty and an open mind at some of the issues and what I have presented on my web site. I ask each and every one of you to help me get rid of some of the fear, the rage and the spiritual distress in this world.

I feel that unless we all stand together and start to make some changes I fear that we are facing some very difficult times ahead. If we remain lukewarm and silent then no changes will ever be made. If we continue to avoid the real causes because we are uncomfortable then I feel that things will only continue to get worse until we eventually cannot stand it any longer or we are forced to deal with the issue when it comes knocking on our door as it did sadly for all of those whose lives have been affected by violence. We will then be forced to stand up for our lives and our beliefs. The choice belongs to each one individually and to all of us as a world about how we would like to proceed. I don’t know what is going to happen to and in this world but I do feel that now is the time to make a choice about how to proceed.


If you feel too uncomfortable with what my site has to say, so be it. If you don’t want to acknowledge me or my site, that's okay. Just start to make some changes somewhere, in any way that you can, even if it is only in your little corner of the world. Start to talk and listen to your kids and to others. Start to educate others and make them aware of some new possibilities or of the dangers of the psych medications. Help make them aware of the conflict of interests between the drug companies and the public and how we have been lied to about matters of our health. Try to help others learn new coping, communication and emotional life skills for a healthier emotional and spiritual life. Help to make them aware of recent spiritual discoveries. Look at the aspects of healing from a feeling and energetic standpoint on my site. Help people who are suffering to become emotionally stronger or stronger in whatever way they need to be.


Write about these things. Speak about these things. Start a weekly program at your school, your church or in your neighborhood to help yourself and others learn new skills, prevent domestic violence, prevent anger, resolve trauma and eat healthier, among other things. Help kids to learn coping and communication skills in school for free so if their home life is not supporting them then they can learn elsewhere. Help make people aware of some of the issues and discoveries noted on my site in some way. The possibilities are endless and everyone’s help is needed. My own recovery was helped along the way by God and I give my web site freely to everyone if it can help anyone in any way.


People always have free will and rightly so. Perhaps though, we can start to recognize just how much of an effect that some aspects of our lives and our world really have on us. Perhaps if we can see new choices or come to a new understanding in our ways of living then we could make some changes.


Let us stop teaching ourselves and our kids that medication is the way to solve physical and emotional problems. Let us stop stuffing their spirits and our own as well into some kind of closed box or prison into which we put uncomfortable things. Preventing suicide is great but try to get to the causes of why people kill themselves and others. Try to help them learn to deal with life, their feelings and their anger, isolation and rage in a healthier manner. Maybe then, we can have a healthier society all the way around. Maybe then we can have less domestic violence, murders, rapes, physical abuse, sexual abuse, wars and the like. Try to support your own spirit as well as those around you by making some healthier choices and changes. Please try to see that there are other healthier ways and that we can make some changes for the better in this world. It will be difficult but the rewards are there. I do not claim to have all of the answers but I do feel that we definitely need some different ways of looking at what is happening in our world today. I also feel that so many people are suffering spiritually and that is reflected in our emotional health as well as our physical and mental health. The problems are huge but not insurmountable and with little changes here and there we can start to make a difference.

I personally don’t see that we have any hope if we continue to kick God out of the world and our lives. I learned the hard way that I couldn’t live my life without His guidance. Perhaps that is how many of us are learning now. I think that there is much to be said about faith, but maybe that is why science is now starting to prove that God is real and that some of the Bible “stories” are true. This would be especially beneficial for those that require proof. I feel that people could at least be made aware of some things presented on my site so that they can decide for themselves what is true in that regard. I’m all about the uniqueness of each individual as well as the right of every child of God to have a personal relationship with Him.


We are living in dangerous times when many of our children and young adults identify more with the characters from the “Twilight” saga and vampires and werewolves than with family or any kind of a belief in God. Perhaps we should find a way to help them stop their emotional pain,their isolation and their need to identify with these beings and seek love and support in those groups instead of with family. I recognize that it goes deeper than that and we all have a need to belong and fit in somewhere. Instead, those on the fringes of society are most often the ones that have been ignored and abused in life. They then go seeking any kind of comfort that they can find and often it is on the dark side. 

Many people ignore the emotional and spiritual health of themselves and their children for many reasons and they especially want to ignore the issue of “mental [spiritual] illness” because they do not understand it. I am offering others a different way to understand this issue and some ways to help resolve some of the causes so that we can all benefit. I hope that you will find some answers in my effort. I have spent at least ten years, thousands of dollars and thousands of hours doing my research and experimenting on myself in order to promote my recovery. I feel that some of this information may be beneficial and could help make some changes. At the very least maybe it will provide a different point of view and some hope to those who struggle.


Try to give everyone, including yourself, HOPE in a world where hope and our spirits are slowly losing ground. I see so much beauty and so many wonderful people in this world. I also see much pain and spiritual distress. We are the solution.


Thank you for your consideration of what I have to say. I hope that some of what I have to say helps you in some way. Thank you for your assistance in helping others in any way.  God bless all of you.

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