Save Our Spirits

Dedicated to helping you get in touch with your spirit and with life again.
Dedicated to promoting wellness and a sense of being whole in all areas of our lives.
Dedicated to helping people live their lives joyfully, strongly, fully and freely.

Become whole. Become who you are in the here and now.
Become who you were created to be - a reflection of love.
   Heal your body.      Heal your mind.      Heal your soul.

For the very desperate


NATIONAL HOTLINE         1-800-273-8255 (TALK)


This site has some very helpful hints.


  • Know that you are not alone.  Help is available if you ask.  God is always with you.  Always.

  • Seek immediate medical attention and emotional support, preferably from a mental health facility or a hospital specializing in mental disorders.  The people at a mental health facility are trained in mental health disorders and are better equipped to handle your suffering than a regular hospital. Get yourself anywhere that you can be stabilized and supported.

  • If you can’t get to a hospital or mental health facility right away, call someone or a suicide hotline. Sometimes just talking to someone will get you through the rough spot so that you can get help afterwards. Talk to God. He is always there for you.

  • Get yourself stabilized and out of danger first.

  • Do not give up. There are ways out of emotional pain.

  • Once you are stabilized take a look at the resources on this site as a place to start.  There are many resources listed where you can find information, help and support. The resources are set up so that you can learn and do research from a computer at home, at school, a library or other facility at little to no cost to yourself.  A few sites charge a fee for courses or downloads but most do not.

  • Know that there is hope.

  • Know that you can stop or ease the suffering and pain by learning new skills and healthier ways of believing, communicating and behaving. What we grew up with might be normal to us but it doesn’t mean that it was the healthiest environment to grow up in or that it promotes healthy relationships. There are better ways if what you are doing is not working.

  • Know that I survived and I made it out of severe emotional pain, panic attacks, depression, drug and alcohol addiction, post-traumatic stress disorder and suicidal thoughts. 

  • You can survive and life can get better and happier.


“Suicide is not chosen;
it happens when pain exceeds resources for coping with pain.”






                Break Every Chain by Jesus Culture [with] Lyrics



 Want some sweetness in your life - GOD is the great jar of honey. 

                     His love makes me able to bear all things...                                                                       


My God, people do not know you! If they did, you would be loved far more than you are. If people only knew your wisdom, power, goodness, beauty, and all your divine attributes, they would all have become seraphim consumed with the fire of your divine love. This is my aim: to make you known, so that you may be loved and served by all. O my God and my Father, may I know you and make you known; love you and make you loved; serve you and make you served; praise you and make all creatures praise you. Grant, my Father, that all sinners be converted, all the just persevere in grace, and all of us attain to eternal glory.

                                                                                                                                                                    St. Anthony Claret


   Heard yesterday at the AFSP (American Foundation for Suicide Prevention) Out of the Darkness walk.

Somewhere over the Rainbow (50 FIRST DATES SOUNDTRACK)

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