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Depression as a blessing

I had some pieces of the puzzle already.

I did feel a lot like "Humpty Dumpty" except I was able to put myself back together again by taking responsiblity for my own physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health.

..But I was still missing at least one spirituality...the real me had gotten lost somewhere along the way...

Actually, me getting really sick was a blessing in disguise and one of the best things that has ever happened for me.

Maybe a nervous breakdown could be a good thing...


Sargeant (sp?) had a theory on brainwashing … Sargeant had read about one of Pavlov’s experiments when he tried to remove his dog’s conditioning. …He [Pavlov] had induced nervous breakdowns [emphasis added] in his dogs and found that this rapidly and dramatically removed the conditioned behavior he had so painstakingly created. Pavlov concluded that during the breakdown established connections in the dog’s brains were lost. When the brain rewired itself it made new connections leading to dramatic changes in behavior.

[1], The Secret History of Mind Control, 18:11 - 18:56 minutes.

Try looking at these articles or sites:
“Nervous breakdown: A spiritual perspective (opinion).”
“Brene Brown: The power of vulnerability” by TEDtalksDirector.
“Breakdown = spiritual awakening” – Brene Brown.

I will add more later so check back.

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