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Crucified for Us

Photo taken at St. Francis of Assisi Church in Bakersfield, CA.

So, take a look at this photo and meditate on it for a bit. 

            Look at the details.

                        What do you see?
                                            What do you feel?

                                                        See how His cross is above the cross of the world on top of the world.

                                                                            What about the shadow? What do you see or feel about the shadow?

Sometimes the shadows in our lives have much to teach us if we will look at them.

Many times we forget about them.

They are there and perhaps, seen from a different point of view, can enlighten us a bit about our own lives.


Do you see and feel the suffering of Christ?

Do you see and feel the sin in the shadow?

                Do you see in the shadow as well as the body of Christ just how much Yeshua/Jesus suffered for each and every one of us?

Another photo from a different direction:



                             Christ is risen but I saw that He still carries a wound for each one of us that heals when we come home to God?

                                                 A wound in the body of Christ heals every time a son or daughter of God comes home.

Here is another photo from the same church:

                    Great intimacy comes from sharing great suffering. 

                                                                                                                Great joy also comes out of great suffering and great loving.

                             Back a little        
                                                            St. Francis and the stigmata or wounds of Christ

Here is the full panel as the sun rises in the East:

                                        I Exalt Thee -Chris Quilala / Jesus Culture


Amazing Grace - Rhema 7yr old Gospel singer plz "Share"


One thing remains

             Your love never fails

                             It never gives up

                                       It never runs out on me …



                                      Joy is grinning from the inside.
                                                                                                   Fortune Cookie






Alive - Kim Walker-Smith w/ Lyrics
                                                    The grave is empty now ... 

Happy Day (Live)

                        the empty cross, the empty grave ...

           Break Every Chain by Jesus Culture Lyrics

 There's an army rising up ... To break every chain, to break every chain, to break every chain. There is power in the name of Jesus...



Iz ~ Hokule'a Star of Gladness


                            Kari Jobe - Forever (Live)


                                    In Christ Alone..Passion 2013..Great Christian Song


Christian churches often have at least one lamp continually burning before the tabernacle, not only as an ornament of the altar, but for the purpose of worship. The General Instruction of the Roman Missal in the Catholic Church, for instance, states (in 316): "In accordance with traditional custom, near the tabernacle a special lamp, fueled by oil or wax, should be kept alight to indicate and honor the presence of Christ." The sanctuary lamp, also called a chancel lamp, is placed before the tabernacle or aumbry in Roman Catholic, Old Catholic, and Anglican churches as a sign that the Blessed Sacrament is reserved or stored. It is also found in the chancel of Lutheran and Methodist churches to indicate the presence of Christ in the sanctuary, as well as a belief in the Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist.[3][4] The sanctuary lamp may also be seen in Eastern Orthodox Churches. Other Christian denominations burn the lamp to show that the light of Christ always burns in a sin-darkened world. With influence from Judaism in the Old Testament, God told Moses that a lamp filled with the pure oil should perpetually burn in the Tabernacle (Ex 27:20-21). This is the precedent for the Catholic Church’s custom of burning a candle (at all times) before the tabernacle – the gold house where the Eucharistic Body of Christ is reserved under lock and key. In Jewish practice, this Altar lamp is known for its Hebrew name, ner tamid (Hebrew: נֵר תָּמִיד).[5]


Lent 2016

                                              Passion of Christ

                                                        Your Name Is Glorious – Jesus Culture
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