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Christ Crucified for Us

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Israel, the slave community, enters history when it finds its voice. Their initial utterance, after a long, unbearable silence, is the raw, unrestrained, undifferentiated shriek of pain. The cry is not aimed at anyone; it is not addressed anywhere. It is the most elemental human insistence, the rawest bottom-line sense of entitlement that is given "airtime" for all to hear. "The Israelites ...cried,...their cry...rose up to God." The slaves did not raise up a cry to God. But the cry had its own intentionality. The cry knew, all on its own, that it was precisely addressed to "God." Yahweh is like a magnet that draws such cries, for it is Yahweh who receives, is affected by, and responds to the cry of those uncredentialed nobodies that now begin their history.

                                                                                                                                Walter Brueggemann
                                                                                                                                 Old Testament Theology













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