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An Open Letter to All

                                                                                                        There is something that you can do ...

This letter was written to a local paper but it could be to anyone really.

Could I please offer you some suggestions about how to address mental illness and violence in our society as well as some examples of what might help coming from the point of view of a person who has suffered from “mental” illness most of my life.

I recognize that there are some very sick people out there and I realize that something needs to be done but I truly disagree with the view that forced outpatient treatment and drugging is the best answer or the only answer that you could offer to your readers. Perhaps this might address a few people who are truly in need of assisted care, but what about the rest and what about how to really solve the issue of violence and the loss of innocent lives? How about helping to treat the causes of why people are mentally ill in the first place?  

I have suffered from severe depression, panic and ptsd (undiagnosed for years) most of my life. After at least ten to fifteen years on psych meds and at least ten years of research into methods of recovery outside of medication, I discovered that it was not my mind that was ill, it was my spirit. Yes, perhaps the illness was reflected in my mind or my thinking but it was not an illness that was “cured” by medication. It was an illness that was corrected and improved by supporting my spirit, love and learning new skills. I included in that recovery time eighteen months in an outpatient program.  I have seen the results and damage inflicted on others as a result of abuse, trauma and other events. I have heard people's stories, shared my own and learned new skills that would have made so much of a difference in my life and theirs if we had learned them from our parents or at school. How about helping us all to love and support ourselves emotionally and mentally as well as physically.  It is a lack of love that does so much damage and an abundance of love and compassion that makes healing possible.

Like so many others in the world today I was suffering the effects of a world and a society that no longer knows how to address the whole person and especially the spirit or is abusive to it in so many ways. By this I mean the ability to be fully ourselves, to have healthy relationships with others as well as to have a connection with God . We are bombarded daily with fear, violence, murder, material goods, sex, celebrities and the like but it is really our persons, our spirits and our souls that are suffering so much in this world today. I ask you to take a look at this letter and my web site and then see if you can find a way to help others learn some better skills, as well as how to be more comfortable emotionally with themselves and others in this world. Many who have “normal” lives or healthy mental functions and relationships have absolutely no understanding of what it is like to see the world from a different or unhealthy point of view.  Indeed, my own views have changed as a result of all that I have learned over the years.

Perhaps, as leaders in the community, as well as a conduit to the rest of the world, you could try to help others to see things from the point of view of someone who was ill and what I needed to help me get better. I am someone who is trying to help you understand how and why I became ill as well as what can be done to help others who are suffering, including some of those who violently harm and kill innocent others and themselves. I started a local nonprofit last year but given that some of my family members would like me to keep my name out the public eye as much as possible, please do not use my name anywhere. You may use my company name or my web site.

Two months ago I sent information about my web site to one of your editors asking for assistance in making my non-profit known in an effort to reach people and maybe raise some money to help me get started. My email was ignored by an employee of your newspaper. As a person who has walked through my own depression, panic and ptsd, among other things, I have a whole web site devoted to helping others get to the real causes of mental illness. I have been struggling since I was a teenager so I’m pretty sure I have a very good understanding of “mental [spiritual] illness.”  I am not drugged up, stupid or crazy. I received a college degree. I also received my paralegal certificate in college and I worked in the legal field for about 15 years.

How about recognizing that we are the solution as well as part of the problem and why these things happen. We as individuals and as a society allow negative, fearful, murderous, neglectful, abusive, demeaning and violent things into our lives and thus into society. We cannot be blind and say that these things have no effect on us or our children. Therefore, we are all responsible and it is up to us to make the changes. I am not an advocate of censorship or control of people’s lives. We cannot make or force others to change but we can promote better and healthier ways of living and help to educate the public.  Your company could do this with articles and news or reporting those locations where people can get help.

Here are some possible examples of information that might be helpful, from my point of view and some of what I used in my recovery: (1) many people depressed, ill, addicted or abusive come from homes where those behaviors are the norm and while not normal or healthy those people know of no better way to behave so learning new skills or behaviors would help; (2) how about helping people learn how to manage their anger; (3) instead of publishing an article about psychics, who speak to demons and the dead, how about publishing an article about how to have a personal relationship with God?; (4) many people don’t know what emotional neglect is and so help them learn what neglect is and how to support ourselves instead and handle unhealthy relationships better; (5) help others to learn what physical or emotional abuse are and also help them learn what is healthy behavior because they don’t know; or (6) help them learn better coping skills; or (7) better communication skills.  Many facilities or programs currently available are too expensive for the average individual or family so until we can get low cost facilities or perhaps offer programs in schools, churches or other places for free, your company could help get the word out.  People can start their own groups in connection with a counselor as another possible way of starting to make changes and maybe even can chip in to cover the cost. This effort involves all of us. Maybe support groups could have a counselor sit in with them and help. There are many possibilities.

I feel that by teaching emotional life skills to ourselves and to our kids, as well as supporting our spirits, we could help prevent many murders, rapes, domestic violence, sexual abuse, physical abuse, addiction and the like and save us lots of money. I know that for me personally, I get emotionally stronger every day as a result of what I have done over the years. I know that I will never be severely depressed like I was before for so many years. I will never suffer the emotional neglect, sexual abuse and violence that happened to me earlier in my life because I can now stand up for myself, state my feelings and opinions and set personal boundaries. I will never smoke again. I will not drink again. I will never do any drugs again. I will never take psych meds again. I do not have any cravings for drugs, alcohol or cigarettes. I am no longer full of fear, hurt and rage. I eat better. I'm not perfect in any sense but I do take better care of myself and I have more respect for myself and others. I may not be able to prevent horrible things from happening because I cannot control other people but if something does happen I will be able to deal with it better and in a healthier way without resorting to substance abuse, including psych meds. I do know that many of the problems that I had in my earlier life will never happen again. I will no longer pass those unhealthy habits on to children or to others. I have broken the cycle in my own life. We can do the same in society but it will take some effort.

I do feel that violent video games, some television programs, fear promoted by the media, certain news programs that incite people to anger, reality shows and the like have a definite influence on us and our children whether we want to admit it or not. Sensationalism sells but WE allow these things into our lives. Based upon my own experience, I also feel that a desire for things that are not healthy for us will naturally fall away as we connect with our own spirits, others and our Creator in a meaningful way. So, if one does not want to confront these people or organizations promoting “negative” things and such directly, then our desire for these things will naturally fall away as we heal our souls, learn healthier ways of living and being around others. Of course, not everyone will do this and horrible things will still happen because there is true evil and some people like being “evil.” I do feel that most people who are suffering would like to do things differently given a chance or would do better if they learned from day one how to live healthier in all ways.

Try to see a different point of view and you might see some new solutions that have not been considered yet. This, all coming from someone who has pretty much healed herself over the years and who has actually walked the walk that so many with mental illness are struggling with today. To those who have never suffered or had any experience with mental illness or emotional suffering, this journey is hard to comprehend or understand. Mental illness makes NO sense to healthy people. People do not need more medication. People do not need to be ignored by families. People do not need to be locked away for the most part. People do not need forced treatment. So many want to treat the end cause and perhaps that is justified and sometimes necessary in our now so violent society. We used to put people in mental institutions or give them lobotomies. Now they are just drugged into oblivion, put in jail or become homeless. Some are in group homes and that is very helpful for those who need assistance but what about out in society as a whole?

FORCED treatment – how would you feel?  These people have probably already been forcibly raped or sodomized, burnt with cigarettes, locked in closets, sexually abused, physically abused and traumatized in so many other ways and this is one more indignity and lack of respect, love and support. Many of them were once innocent children just as innocent as the ones in Newtown that were so violently killed. Psych medications are toxic and damage the brain even further. They “work” by shutting down the higher brain functions without providing any real cure. They do not provide a cure nor give the ill the love, emotional support and skills that most family members do not have the time or energy to give to them to help them really heal. To be sure, I don’t know that anyone except for God has the time and the love necessary to heal those who have been traumatized so badly. It took me years to help myself recover and I am not 100% but I am a whole lot better. It is an either drug them until they cannot function or get them out of our hair because we don’t know what to do for them.  Is that not tragic and violent to the soul and to the person?

What makes people think that God made us with something wrong with us? He didn’t. Illness, even “mental” illness, is a way of showing us that something is wrong or not working in our lives and we have more control over that than we know or have been told.

There is no proven chemical imbalance theory as a basis for mental illness. It is a guess and an excuse by the pharmaceutical industry and by doctors who did not know what to do for us. Take a look at some of the research on medications on my site. Even legal drugs are an easy way out for those who don’t know how to deal with their emotional lives. Next we will have Brave New World and a drug for everything. I also see a weaker society because there will be no personal responsibility for our lives if we continue to buy into the notions that there is a pill for everything and that we have no choices and no responsibility for our own mental, physical and emotional health. Society helped to create these problems and so I see that it has a responsibility to help fix it but not by the locking away or forced drugging of people. These are human beings and they were innocent children once just like those that lost their lives recently. Thousands of innocent children are being emotionally and spiritually ignored and we are all seeing the consequences.

I recognize that I am very outspoken about the things that I feel need to be addressed which my research has revealed to me. Someone has to be outspoken. Someone has to take a look at some of the issues in society that are hurting us. Someone who has walked a mile in those shoes has to stand up for those that cannot stand or speak for themselves.  Nobody else understands as well and can voice what would help those who are suffering as much as someone who understands. I got really sick of doctors who just wanted to give me only medication so I went looking for other ways to recover.  If medication is supposed to correct some chemical imbalance, then how come I continued to get worse over the years instead of better? My family was no help emotionally. They gave me plenty of physical support but were unable to give me what I needed because they did not know how. They just wanted to ignore the problem and make it go away instead of dealing with the real issues or give me emotional support or teach me skills which could have helped to prevent the problems in the first place.

I recognize that you may not want to acknowledge me or my web site because there are many who do not want to create any conflict or address controversial issues. That’s okay. Just start to help make some changes and help make people aware that there are things that they can do in their lives to help. Unfortunately, I found that most do not really want to make a whole lot of effort. That’s part of the problem as I see it today. Many don’t want to work hard or put out any effort to make changes because of fear or the pain of confronting their pain. They just want uncomfortable things to go away. There will always be a few that will make the effort to help change themselves and so change the world we live in but that is all that it takes – a few to start to make some positive changes. Help to make people stronger instead of weaker from day one and we will all benefit.

Nobody really wants to confront issues of importance or controversy for fear of losing money, readers, parishioners or whatever it is they don’t want to lose and so we become silent. Still, there are many ways to use positions of responsibility and being in the public eye to promote healthier ways of living. If we stay silent about the important things then we allow the destructive to enter as well and then we become responsible as well as those who came before and allowed the cycle to continue. We should be encouraged to take responsibility as individuals and as a whole for the way our world is today. Sadly, most do not want to speak up for many reasons but we are responsible, just as in generations past, if we do nothing to help make positive changes or speak up.

One of the answers would be stopping some of the causes of mental illness such as physical and sexual abuse, rape, emotional neglect, physical neglect, alcoholism, parents abusing and beating their kids and the like by helping ourselves and our children learn better emotional life skills. Psych medications are not the final answer because they do not address the causes. How about supporting people and not just the pharmaceutical companies? Unfortunately, it has been my experience that few people really want to make some serious changes and put out the effort required. They talk a lot but they do very little, perhaps because they know of no other way. Perhaps they do not want to confront their own pain.  I am offering some new views on how to treat people with dignity and respect. We could have a much healthier world if we would look at the real causes. I have not seen a single politician address the real causes of so-called “mental” illness yet.  

Go ahead and help get yet another law passed.  You will feel like you have done something. Meanwhile, some of the real causes of why people suffer from mental illness, some severely, will continue to happen every day.  Every day, another innocent child will be beaten by a drunken parent. Every day, another innocent child will be abused or neglected physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Another innocent child will be burnt with cigarettes. Another innocent child will be sexually abused and raped repeatedly before she is old enough to get away. Another child will be put on psych meds because the parent(s) don’t know how to deal with either the child or themselves emotionally. Another will grow up angry and full of rage as a result of not a single person caring about his or her life. Another murder will happen. Another person will beat their spouse or child. Another parent will lose a child or a child a parent. Another person will become addicted to a legal or illegal drug. Another will start to smoke. Another will deal drugs. Another person will give up and lose hope that life can ever change. Another will commit suicide. Another….

What kind of effects do you think that all of this abuse and neglect has on these children? Do you think that all of them grow up to be healthy and happy people? How many of these abused and neglected children do you think grow up to be "crazy" or "mentally ill" or addicts later in life? How many do you think have respect for life when nobody has shown them respect for their life or cared about them? Don't you think that many are angry and scared? Don't you think that this can show up as anger and lack of caring for others even to the point of killing? What do you think could help them to get better and to get well besides medication? What do you think we could do better as a society to help those who are suffering? What things do you feel would help to change the current situation in society? After all, they were innocent children once and it was not their fault they were abused. Even their parents were innocent children who were abused by their parents. What can we all do to break the cycle and heal the wounds of violence?

As a way of getting important information out to the public at large, what are you going to do to help make the needed changes and help stop some of the reasons why many are so ill in society today? That is what I want to see and read. If you don’t want to help or speak out, maybe you could help me raise money so that I can continue my efforts to help those in need.

Thank you for your time and your consideration of my letter and web site. I am grateful for any help that you can all give to this suffering world.

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