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Hello Everyone

I am a person who suffered from "mental [spiritual] illness" and who has recovered for the most part using a mind, body and spirit approach. I suffered from severe depression, anxiety, panic disorder and post traumatic stress injury (formerly disorder). I also had a three year addiction to drugs and alcohol. I took medication, including anti-depressants and tranquilizers for many, many years with not much success. I even got much worse. As a result, I decided to look for other ways to recover from my depression and other problems.

It has taken me the better part of fifteen years to research, test and explore many different options of recovering from my illnesses. Along the way I discovered that my illnesses and symptoms were not the result of any brain disorder, chemical imbalance or brain dysfunction. The symptoms were my spirit trying to warn me that something was terribly wrong and the symptoms were my warning system and the protective mechanism of my mind. This system was functioning quite well. I just did not know how to handle those symptoms or the pain at the time. Finally, when the pain got so bad I decided to try to listen to my spirit. I was desperate and I couldn't think of nor did I know of anything else to do for myself so I started to try to learn how to feel again first. I thought if I could feel so much fear and pain then surely I could feel God's love for me. I was right.

Because I listened to my spirit I have recovered my life. I am free from anti-depressants and tranquilizers and I do not feel that I have any chemical imbalance at all despite a lack of medication.  I am able to live a much happier and peaceful life now and I feel normal again, like I used to before everything got so overwhelming.  Hopefully I am a little wiser for the wear and tear. I still have some physical issues and some fear to address but otherwise everything is going okay.

It took me so long because I had to research and explore many different options and I was unable to find the information that I have put in my book for you all in one place. I had to do a lot of research, reading, testing and exploring of the different alternative and natural methods that could help with my recovery. I learned how to put together my own program that worked for me as a unique individual. because the traditional methods of using only counseling and medication were not working for me.

It is my intent to give you some of those options and choices that I discovered that you may not even realize are available in one place so that you might be able to help yourself recover in a quicker and easier manner than myself. Mostly though, it depends upon how badly you want to get better and how much effort you put into your own recovery. Nobody else can do this for you. Recovery is very much about you.

Please do not give up hope. It is possible to get rid of or reduce the emotional pain and suffering with some new methods of treatment, learning new skills, lots of love and a personal connection with God, however that works for you. The upcoming book and guide are designed in a way so that you can, with some basic guidelines and perhaps some professional assistance, set up a program that will work for you as an individual. These methods  can be used in addition to more traditional methods of treatment.

Good luck and best wishes to you all.


        “When allowed to give up its secrets,

the mind can heal itself.”[1]

This site is about education and not blame. We cannot change the past but we can move forward. This site is about helping others to find their strength and their connection with their hearts, their spirits and to God again. It is about helping ourselves to make better choices in our lives and healthier choices in their lives of our children and future generations.

Coming out of the dark

[1] “Multiple Personality Disorder: Documentary” by HaikaiMansor.

My personal opinion and experience is that every part of the body, mind and spirit can heal if allowed to give up its secrets and the energies held inside. These energies released are replaced with the energy of love instead of fear, anger, rage, sorrow, grief and other energies. Love is the force that provides for the healing and the recovery of the spirit.

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